If You Buy These Car Parts You’re Stupid

rev up your engines today I’m gonna talk about how you don’t always have to buy the most expensive parts for your car now of course we all want our cars to last as long as possible we don’t want to use junky parts on our cars but on the other hand we don’t want […]

Project GTI: Paintless Dent Removal

hello and welcome to another episode of project GTI today we’re going to repair this dent we made our dent and now we have to fix it so weve come down to the the experts so we’re here with Morris and the DentPro pro team and they want to fix the car for us. While […]

When You Need Car Parts Yesterday!

even the right part can be the wrong fit if you can’t find it at the right price at GMPartsdNow.com 65,000 genuine GM auto parts new old and performance are up to thirty percent off regular price our easy-to-use site makes searching for parts three-way simple and because we ship same day you get the […]

How To: Replace Brake Hose and Line (Flaring AND Bending)

Hey everybody… Pepe here from O’Reilly Auto Parts to show you how to replace brake line and brake hose. Brake lines are steel or copper tubing that carry brake fluid from the master cylinder to ABS units, equalization valves, calipers and wheel cylinders. Rubber brake hoses have the same function, but are flexible to allow […]

Renault Parts – Cheap Car Parts from Car Parts to Car Accessories and more

Malaga Car Parts 952 53 28 62 http://malagacarparts.com Malaga Car Parts stocks car parts for hundreds of vehicle makes and models. We stock both mechanical and electrical parts from brake pads and batteries to fuel pumps and filters, suspension arms, water pumps and wheel bearings. The variety of spares equipped by Malaga Car Parts include […]

Automania Automotive Car Parts

The Automotive store houses a wide range of vehicle parts, ranging from performance parts over car care products to tools and equipment for cars, lorries and even motorhomes. The Automotive store also offers helpful tools and refinements that will help you find the parts that fit your vehicle. Online shopping for Automotive from a great […]

Car Parts & Safety : Are Wheel Adapters Safe?

Today, we’re talking about, are wheel adapters safe? In my opinion, they are. If you buy a quality wheel adapter, you’ll have a good safe wheel adapter. Some are made out of aluminum. They all have the studs in them. You bolt it on the wheel here,and you bolt your wheel on here, so this […]

This Man Turned a Car Into a Motorbike to Escape the Desert

– [Man] Imagine you’re driving through the hot, Moroccan desert. Your car breaks down (metal crunches) and the nearest village is 20 miles away. Would you panic? Would you give up? Or would you convert your car into a motorbike in a lengthy process that might get you killed? Meet Emile Leray, the mechanical magician […]

Car Parts & Safety : What Is the Purpose of a Brake Rotor?

Today’s topic is what is the purpose of a brake rotor? A brake rotor is used just as a brake drum to stop your car. There are many different types of brake rotors. This brake rotor is a standard brake rotor. There are some that have wider with holes in them to let air through, […]