Genesee Valley Chrysler Dodge Jeep & RAM – Your “No-Nonsense” Car Dealer! ®

Any dealer can advertise a ridiculously low price. If they use rebates you won’t qualify for or make you take their bloated financing. At Genesee Valley Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM We’re not just any dealer. We’re Your “No-Nonsense” Car Dealer!® Our non-commissioned salespeople will show you how price, financing, and trade-in value can all come […]

Be an Explorer and Adventurer at Kim’s Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram!

I’m not a kid, I’m an explorer. And an Adventurer! A Weekend Warrior! I am you, And at Kim’s Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. That’s no bull! Kim’s Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram is ready to make your adventure happen. With over $12,000 off 2019 Ram 1500 Crew Cabs, And over $8,000 off Dodge Chargers! Friendly, transparent […]

Electric Vehicles: What You Should Know Before Buying | Westwood Honda

(bright acoustic music) – John Wilson here, general sales manager Westwood Honda here in Port Moody, British Columbia. Here at Westwood we take the environment very seriously. We have lots of initiatives to reduce our environment impact. Honda’s coming out with the all new Clarity, it’s a plug in hybrid. And for those of us […]

Car Buying Tips & Advice – 3 Tips for Shopping at a New Car Dealership | Edmunds

At Edmunds, we hear concerns from many new car shoppers. Don’t worry, guys. We’ve got your back. Edmunds has the following three tips to minimize stress and make it easier to shop at a new car dealership. Tip 1, contact the dealer from home. Find the specific vehicle that most interests you on the dealer’s […]

Here’s How Car Dealerships are Scamming You

rev up your engines, fun lu says do I have to service a Corolla CVT, dealer says that has lifetime fluid, yeah you got to change that fluid let me tell you something, ask them what they mean by lifetime fluid and they say while the fluid is good for the lifetime of the transmission, […]

Never Let the Dealership Do This to Your Car

rev up your engines, ato says what do you think about honda dealer using a flushing machine instead of draining refill for the automatic transmission, no never use a flush machine, i have seen too many people use flush machines and it ruined the automatic transmission, drain and refills is the only thing you should […]

Never Buy a Used Car from the Dealership

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna tell you why you should not buy a used car from a used car lot, numero uno is they just charge too much money for their vehicles, guys that are selling used cars they’re pros they do it for a living they want to squeeze every last dime […]

Car Salesman Scams You Need to Know

rev up your engines today I’m gonna show you have three tricks of car salesmen do when they’re selling the car so they can make more money the first one is they want to shift you to a car that they’re making more profit on especially if it’s a used car lot and not a […]