Doing This Will Make Your Car Run Better and Last Longer

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna show you things you can easily do yourself to make your car run better, now when I was a young mechanic in the the sixties hey there was all kinds of stuff you could do to keep your car running cars needed tune ups and the carburetors adjusted […]

Here’s How Car Dealerships are Scamming You

rev up your engines, fun lu says do I have to service a Corolla CVT, dealer says that has lifetime fluid, yeah you got to change that fluid let me tell you something, ask them what they mean by lifetime fluid and they say while the fluid is good for the lifetime of the transmission, […]

Never Buy a New Car, Unless

rev up your engine’s, Joan says scotty you always say don’t buy a new car, but I’m planning on buying a Tacoma and keep it forever, should I still go for a new one or should I trying to find a good use Tacoma instead, I’m a fan of buying used cars, I bought nothing […]

This Toyota Corolla Has a Serious Problem

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna show you how you can change fluid and an automatic transmission that doesn’t have a dipstick and in this case it’s even beyond an automatic transmission it’s a CVT transmission and as I said before sometimes they call this a lifetime fluid and yeah I argued with the […]

This Will Destroy Your Car

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk about things that people used to do to their cars, but they should never do today if they don’t want to damage their expensive car, don’t disconnect your negative battery terminal while the car is running to check to see if the alternator is charging correctly, now […]

Never Let Your Car Idle

rev up your engines, today I’ll give you the ultimate answer of why it’s bad to let your car idle a lot now cars are made to drive you down the road so they’re designed to be moving to have airflow over the engine and transmission they’re not designed to just sit there like say […]

Here’s Why Cars Have Stupid Designs

rev up your engines, Sebastian Dehesa says scotty why did dodge put a battery in front of the driver’s side wheel in a Dodge Avenger, because they could, they wanted to maximize the space for the engine inside the engine compartment, so they stuck it there, just stupid stuff, I mean the first time I […]

The Worst Cars Toyota Ever Made

rev up your engines, today to set things straight, I’m gonna talk about the biggest vehicle mistakes that Toyota has made, I see a lot of naysayers say, Oh Scotty he’s just paid for by Toyota and says how great their cars are, hey I’ve been working on cars for 51 years, I’m not talking […]

Don’t Fall For This Car Scam

rev up your engines, penny says what can I do from keeping my wife’s 2014 cx 9 motor from self-destructing we plan on getting rid of it in a year or two should we get an extended warranty on it, well change the oil regularly on that thing I would change it every three to […]

If You Only Have $1,000, These are the Cheap Cars You Should Buy

rev up your engines, valor and he said hey Scotty what do you think of a 2003 Nissan Pathfinder, we need a cash car for my wife’s commute to her new job and of a budget of a thousand bucks, any other recommendations okay a thousand dollars for car these days is practically nothing, that’s […]