The Deadliest Cars Ever Made

How deadly is your car? Perhaps your current vehicle isn’t the safe and secure ride you think it is and instead, it’s a potential accident waiting to happen. Unfortunately, some cars are deadlier than others, and you could be driving in one of these rolling coffins without even knowing it. In the ’80s, the Yugo […]

Tow truck tricks: Don’t get scammed after an accident (CBC Marketplace)

>>Gill: This is your “Marketplace”.>>Erica: We’re heading to the scene of an accident with the cops in Ottawa. On the lookout for tow truck drivers’ dirty tricks. This accident just happened, but already seven tow trucks have shown up.>>As soon as the police officers arrive, they scatter just like cockroaches.>>Erica: There goes one. Sergeant John […]


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Top 10 Mistakes Car Owners Make

Hey guys ChrisFix here. Today I want to talk about the top ten mistakes people make with their car. Mistake number one: I see people do this all the time they get in their car, they start it up, and they drive right away. That’s not good for the engine. You need to give the […]

A Dirty Little Secret About NY Car Accident Cases & Car Insurance Coverage

I want to share with you a dirty little secret involving accidents as well as medical malpractice and wrongful death matters here in the state of New York. And it involves going after available insurance. Would you like to learn what this is all about? Come join me as I share with you this great […]

How much money can I get for my car accident settlement? Injury attorney answers your questions.

– We’re with John Kelly. John is a personal injury attorney in Phoenix, Arizona. And he’s agreed to answer some online questions related to car accidents. With that said, John, I’m gonna go ahead and get in the first question and we’ll go from there. First question was from Candace. Candace says, I was in […]

Car Accident – Can I sue the insurance company?

Hi, I’m David Henson of HensonFuerst Attorneys, serving all of NC. In the event of a car wreck, drivers in North Carolina are protected by their insurance company, which handles claims against them up to the amount of insurance coverage purchased. This means that if you’re in a wreck, the insurance company is supposed to […]