The End of Old School Mechanics (Closing the Repair Shop)

rev up your engines now this is a black view Android phone but they work in conjunction with FLIR which is a big instrument company it’s got an infrared camera built-in with all the software my FLIR will turn it on it’s a full infrared camera as the reading I put it in Fahrenheit let’s […]

Here’s Why Buying a Used Car is So Expensive in the United States

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk about why use cars in the United States are getting to be so expensive, now recently I took a trip to England, and I knew from research and emailing people in England that used cars in England are much cheaper than used cars in the United States […]

5 Mistakes Stupid People Make When Buying a Car

rev up your engines today I’m going to show you five signs that tells you not to buy a used car that you’re looking at now yes if you’ve been watching me anytime you know I’m a big proponent of buying used cars cuz you could save a whole bunch of money new rule always […]

WARNING: Don’t Let The Dealership Steal From You – Used Car Buying Tips

I Just Bought My Dream Car

rev up your engines today I’m gonna tell you why buying this 65 Mustang GT maybe a better idea than buying even a new one it’s got that 289 Ford v8 engine even though it’s a v8 look at the working room there’s all kinds of working room on this thing you check out a […]

If You Buy This Car You’re Stupid

rev up your engines Marissa says Scotty I’m new to your channel I’m in the market for my first car saw a 2005 Nissan Altima 2.5 s 118 thousand miles for 2400 clean thanks for your videos I’ve learned a lot okay we’re gonna learn even more now don’t buy that car those are absolute […]

How to Buy a Car!

Mike & Emma: Hey! Emma: And vroom, vroom, let’s talk about how to buy a car. Part 1: Budget. Mike: Unfortunately, first-time car buyers tend to have to pay more for their car financing and insurance, but there are some ways to lessen the ouch. Emma: While paying in cash might be ideal, most of […]

Here’s Why Mechanics Don’t Want You to Buy This Car

rev up your engines today I’m gonna explain why this 2012 Camry with the 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine may be the best used car on a planet to buy and why well the reasons are under the hood because this has the newer design 2.5 liter 4-cylinder engine it’s called the 2AR Fe and in […]

I Can’t Believe This Car is $300

rev up your engines Tyler Wallace says Scotty is an 08 Saab 9-3 worth buying for 300 bucks runs and drives well what the hack 300 bucks is nothing and if it runs and drives go ahead just realize the Saab 9-3 was one of the cars that really drove Saab completely into bankruptcy I’ve […]

Craigslist Car Scams

rev up your engines McKenzie says how do I not get scammed buying cars on Craigslist watch my video how to buy used cars so you can check them out yourself but the first thing is say is it a clean title they got to tell you yes or no then you say it’s the […]