Why Not to Buy a Diesel Car (Diesel vs Gasoline Engine)

rev up your engines! today I’m going to talk about diesel versus gasoline engines in your car, now in the United States, diesel engines generally have been used with big diesel trucks for quite a few reasons, they put on a tremendous amount of torque, so they’re great for pulling things and when they’re added […]

How to Buy a Car!

Mike & Emma: Hey! Emma: And vroom, vroom, let’s talk about how to buy a car. Part 1: Budget. Mike: Unfortunately, first-time car buyers tend to have to pay more for their car financing and insurance, but there are some ways to lessen the ouch. Emma: While paying in cash might be ideal, most of […]

Here’s Why Car Guys Don’t Buy New Cars

rev up your engines today I’m gonna talk about why car guys never buy new cars now of course I never advise people to buy any new car when it’s a new model with new engine new transmission who knows if it’s gonna hold up you never know so that’s a really good reason the […]

How Cars Keep You POOR!

[BREATHES DEEP] Aaaaaah! Don’t you just love that new car smell? Smells like power and freedom! Actually, it smells more like petroleum-based solvents evaporating off vinyl and plastic. Wow, buzzkill. Let’s see if you still like that smell when you find out what it’s really costing you… I’m locking the windows. [SOUND OF WINDOWS ROLLING […]

Here’s How Stupid People Buy Cars

rev up your engines you can buy a cars out of vending machines on the street now in London England company called Auto Trader now has cars sitting inside these glass containers locked in that you can buy with your phone you can get an app put it in and you can buy the car […]

Never Buy a New Car, Unless

rev up your engine’s, Joan says scotty you always say don’t buy a new car, but I’m planning on buying a Tacoma and keep it forever, should I still go for a new one or should I trying to find a good use Tacoma instead, I’m a fan of buying used cars, I bought nothing […]

Why Expensive Cars Aren’t Always Reliable

Hello everyone and welcome we are sitting inside of our Mercedes S560 cabriolet, and this thing is just a technological marvel I mean the amount of technology the amount of features packed into this car is pretty mind-blowing and this kind of brings me to the discussion that I want to have which is about […]