Boris Johnson says he makes models of buses to relax

What do you do to relax? What do you do to switch off? I like to paint. Oh I make things. I like to … – What do you make? – I make, I have a thing where I make models of, when I was mayor of London, we built beautiful … I make buses. […]

리틀 보리스트 -2부- ㅣ Doggo The Tractor Driver Challenges Herself To Drive A Forklift

Came to see the mudflat~ Bori’s mom : Bori hehehehe Did you catch any crabs? Did you bite em? A bucket full~ The Cocker Spaniel family can’t lose Attacks fearlessly Dog shook af Do you know the taste of crabs? Lucy joins in Crabs gone wild hahahaha Flings it and throws Oh lol Proud walk […]

How to Slav your car – How to be slav

Is your car as Boring as Potato from Last Season? slav=rtrt Does your car look like you borrowed it from Grandmama and forgot to give it back? Do you need more Slavness in your life? And just a bit more hardbasss? Well no problem! Boris is here to help! Here is 10 Simple ways how […]