Charge your electric car ANYWHERE!

So incredibly cool! Get a JUICE BOOSTER 2 and charge your electric car anywhere. Haha, hmm okay maybe not everywhere. Just anywhere that has sockets. Simply plug this mobile charging station into your car and any socket you find on the road. You can even use it as an extension cable on other charging stations. […]

TOP 5 Fastest Suv 2017

hey everyone this is the brand new Maserati Levante stunning looking car first attempt of Maserati to make a SUV this will be a sex success I guarantee it looks amazing in person just 430 horsepower 580 Newton meters of torque 0 to 62 and 5.2 seconds the top speed is 264 km/h that’s about […]

🌵🤪🚌 Żuk Party Bus 04 | Definitely Automatic? ( Jednak automat ) 🎬

A few things slowing down my work on the Żuk full time job, home duties and other projects I will show you one of those projects Here is a stove, or rather a kitchenette for a trailer tent, which we bought a few months ago. It required a bit of work: here’s the sink, gas […]

Rain-x Anti Fog – Classic Car Driving In Winter

welcome to VW classic fix I’m Ricky and today we’re going to be looking at rain-x anti-fog and why this can be incredibly handy when it comes to driving your volkswagen and winter rain-x put out a couple of products they’re most famous for the water repellent but this anti-fog stuff is really good first […]

BMW X5 xDrive 30d – 2019 – SUV TEST – ENG SUB – GARAZ.TV – Rasťo Chvála

Hi, you are afraid you could be eaten by these big kidneys, vrrr! These are giga kidneys and they belong to the new X5’s fourth generation which I now drive around Banska Bystrica. Or should you want to hear it in upper river Hron region: “huzam sa na motore” and do have a proper engine […]

The Garage | Car Lovers F&M AUTOS 1st Meeting | London

hi there i’m george from my YT show and in this video we’re gonna go to meet some car lovers and these car lovers asked for me particularly to make a video for them is it the first time in my life in my video making career when someone asks for me to make something […]

Veteran Tractor Plowing in Sweden

You never get tired of driving a tractor. I have been driving tractors since I was 7 years old. We bought the Ferguson over there new in 1964. That is the tractor I learned to drive in. Today we have a veteran tractor plowing day. It is probably around the twelfth year we are doing […]

Dacia Duster 4×4 6M 1,5 dCi – NEW ENG SUB!!! SUV – TEST – GARAZ.TV

The first one was already a villain. The second one is prettier, more up-to-date, better equipped. Expensive SUVs are nervously clenching their brake pads and increasing idle revs. Dacia Duster Keyless system of the new Duster is a first warm welcome It works simply you have this card in your pocket when you near the […]

Cars That Can Hit 1,000,000 Miles

Cars that can hit 1 million miles number 1 1990 BMW 325i this car was actually a test car by mobil oil and it only had one purpose and that was used to collect data the Vehicle was set to run at 85 miles per hour at times for up to four years The BMW […]

Inside the Rings: LA Auto Show / Audi e-tron SUV / 2019 A6 / 2019 A7

Coming up on Inside the Rings… LA buzzes with the newest Audi vehicles. An all-electric future takes shape. Intelligence gets an entirely new physique. An iconic vehicle receives an obsessive upgrade. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ I’m Matt Mostafaei, e-tron and Connected Vehicle Manager here at Audi of America. The e-tron is […]