Burning Man vlog #4 | Getting a Mutant Car License

We are having our first breakfast, before making everyone else breakfast Our task today is to make breakkie for 50 people in our camp Okay what you want to do first Maybe we should take all the stuff to the car cause its going to get boiling here for sure laptops Good Morning breakfast team […]

Iran Travel Mashhad City Tour By Bus BRTS Traveling Middle East 2019

I am Traveling in Iran In This Video Mashhad City Tour by BRTS Bus Mashhad is the second largest city With more than 3 Million population It is a holy city in Iran as the home of Iran’s largest religious Shrine The Holy Shrine of Imam Raza

Let’s drive Fiat 1300 Dt Super (ENG.SUBS) [FHD][GoPro]

Hi everyone, in this video I want to show you how the gearbox and the other commands work on the Fiat 1300 DT Super Let’s jump in! Since there’s no cab, I’ll save the gearbox for later otherwise you wouldn’t hear a thing Here on the right we can find the commands for the hydraulic […]


Buses, f**k off! No seriously, I hate buses. I mean there are good things about them… They’re a good use of transport if you can’t get a car or a train or anything. And I guess in comparison to cars they’re better for the environment. But I have never had a good bus journey unless […]

New Peugeot 5008 SUV review

More and more people are looking for an active urban lifestyle. With an active lifestyle you need a 5008 SUV. Or crossover. Van. What? The MPV is dead. It’s over and done with the MPV. Less and less are being sold. People want something that shows an active lifestyle, stands high on its feet, has […]

Interlaken Bus Ride l Switzerland

We are at the Interlaken East station This is the main station The other one is Interlaken West All the hustle-bustle and the markets are located in between these two stations The corridor in which we are walking right now is of Interlaken East railway station The best way to explore a city is through […]

IAA Frankfurt: International Car Show, “DRIVING TOMORROW”, Check the Cars of Tomorrow Today!

We got lucky, that in Frankfurt there’s an International Car Show. So it’s the last day. We choose to come here rather than turning around town. To check out the brand new cars. I feel like i’m doing a car show, but that’s not the aim. We are going to make a turn and see […]

Jeep Grand Cherokee my-2005-2011- buyers review

Jeep has a strong name. They only make off-roaders. This Grand Cherokee feels like the original, like a Range Rover and Land Rover. They’ve been around for some time. Other brands made their SUVs later. It has more than plenty originality and character. The off-road capacity is very good as well. It can haul large […]

How to Inspect Your Car’s Coolant Hoses and Junctions | Allstate Insurance

Hey everyone, its Charles from HumbleMechanic.com, and today I’m going to give you some tips on inspecting your coolant hoses. In a modern car the quality of coolant hose is actually better than it’s ever been. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t free of problems. Today, I’m going to show you a few things to […]

Car Wash!

– [Woman] Get him, get Daddy, get Daddy! (shouting) (laughter) (rhythmic clapping) – Good morning, I decided to do a smoothie for breakfast, and I saw a video recently where you use a straw with strawberries. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but I decided to try it, so here we go. ‘kay, kids, […]