Yuasa’s Always Check The Battery Guide for workshops

Hi, I’m Ian Newham GS Yuasa’s Training Manager and I am here to tell you more about the Yuasa Always Check The Battery Scheme. The scheme is a preventative maintenance programme designed to help garages improve customer service prevent customer inconvenience and increase battery revenue. Last year, Yuasa conducted a major field trial that showed […]

The Truth about Hydrogen

This episode of Real Engineering is brought to you by Skillshare, home to over twenty thousand classes that could teach you a new life skill. As the world grapples to eliminate fossil fuels from our energy diet, electric cars have seen an incredible boom over the past few years. Last year, over one million electric […]

Dead battery? Testing JXIANG portable car jump starter

I was always wondering if device like this can actually start your car. Hey guys! Today we are testing a jump starter from BangGood. This device should start your car even if the battery is completely flat and of course you can use it as a power bank for all your other devices. So let’s […]

How to Replace a Car Battery | Mitre 10 Easy As

If your car’s cranking slowly or not at all, then it’s probably time for a new battery. It’s an easy job. You can do it yourself. I’ll show you how. The first thing to do is check your car’s owner manual to find out where your battery is. Some are in the boot, but most […]

How to Use a Portable Car Battery Charger

How to Use a Portable Car Battery Charger. If your car battery is dead, your can safely connect it to a charger and get your car running again. You will need Protective clothing Eye protection Owner’s manual Car battery Battery charger and jumper cable or 6-gauge, insulated battery cable. Step 1. Wear protective clothing and […]

How to charge a car battery | Shell Motoring Tips

You’ve turned the key to start your car and it won’t come to life. Sounds like you’ve got a flat battery. Here’s what you’ll need. A car battery charger, some clean rags, and a pair of gloves. Make sure your car it switched off, the handbrake is firmly applied and there is enough space around […]

How To Recondition Electric Forklift Batteries SAVE $6,000.00 by Walt Barrett

This training film is brought to you by the makers Battery Chem™. Today we’re going to show you how to recondition a very old forklift battery. First, we have to do some tests with our voltmeter. Here we are helping our technician to set up to check the overall voltage of the battery. This is […]

Charging a Riding Lawn Mower Battery

Hi, Wayne here from Sears PartsDirect. Today we’re going to talk about how to charge the battery in a riding mower. You may need to charge the battery before starting your mower for the first time in spring. And you should fully charge your battery before storing your mower for the winter. Of course, you […]

How To Remove A Battery On A 2007 – 2014 Dodge Avenger DIY

hey youtube today we’re replacing the battery on a 2010 Dodge Avenger now a lot of people think the battery is under the hood but in this case it’s not I want to show you guys where the battery is it’s located over there and in order to get it it’s really done what these […]

How to Jump-start a Car

Hi there, I’m Mitch and this is David and we’re with Les Schwab Tire Center. Today, we want to show you how to safely jump-start a vehicle with a dead battery. So, before we do the jump-start procedure, you want to make sure that you always remove the key from the ignition and just set […]