2018 Jaguar I-Pace Review – the ultimate all-electric SUV | Autocar

Quiet, isn’t it? you join me inside the Jaguar I-Pace which is what? It’s an electric vehicle, a full battery electric vehicle no range extender no internal combustion of any kind it is the second premium battery electric vehicle I suppose after ‘an Tesla,’ it is the second, Jaguar is the second manufacturer to get […]

Midtronics EXP-1000HD: Farm Tractor Battery Pack Test

(Music) hello, we’re here today to talk about the EXP-1000HD a tool designed for heavy duty equipment for large commercial and industrial vehicles that have one or more batteries and today we’re going to to some testing on these farm implements and give you an idea about what the capabilites are within this tool when […]

How To: Prepare a Vehicle for Winter (Winterize Car, Truck, or SUV)

Hey everybody… Jeremy here from O’Reilly Auto Parts to show you how to prepare your vehicle for winter. A few simple steps can help your car, truck or SUV stay healthy through the cold, so here are some things to consider when the temperatures start to drop. Start by checking your fluid levels. It’s a […]


The first drawing, I show you what not to do! So you have your battery we will call number 1 Then the battery you’ll add the number 2 The negative (less) The positves terminals (most) What he should not do is to connect the batteries in series as in the drawing; For that if you […]

Elon Musk on Tesla Truck and Tesla Sales in 2019 Shareholders Meeting

– Tesla just had their annual shareholder meeting for 2019, and I wanted just to quickly talk about the top takeaways that I heard during the whole presentation, let’s go. (upbeat funk music) First let’s talk about sales and demand. Now if you recall, there were lots of media outlets that were reporting the quarter […]

Battery Location Mercedes ML SUV Series

alright so we’re looking at a two thousand six and up ml350 and what you do when you’re looking for the battery put the seat all the way to the front and then you bring it all the way forward so all the way to the front and then this all the way it could […]

The Truth About The Tesla Semi-Truck

This video was made possible by you, and my Patreon supporters. Without you, this channel would not be possible. Thank you! Last month, Elon Musk unveiled a curiously anticipated Tesla truck. A vehicle that most people will never step inside or drive. Yet it was met with hysterical screaming and cheers. The power of Elon […]

METRO Matters – Battery-electric Bus

[Music] Hello everyone and welcome to METRO Matters, I am Mary Sit. Imagine an electric bus powered by a battery which allows the bus to run for 30 miles without a charge, well METRO is scheduled to test an electric bus built by Proterra. Here to tell us more is Lauren Cochran, Director of Innovation […]

10 BEST Electric Cars 2019

Pininfarina Batista the Pininfarina Batista is a Mahindra owned electric hyper car which is reputed to be even speedier than a Formula one racer this vehicle lives up to its fearsome reputation with 1,900 horsepower and 2300 Newton meters of torque with zero emissions which propels the Bautista to speeds of 100 km/h in less […]

Volvo Trucks – How to stay in power

This is my brand new Volvo FH, a really capable and smart truck. It has loads of new technology, to help me make my trip safer and more comfortable. But for every function or gadget I use, the battery is forced to work harder. So when the engine’s off, I have to be careful, otherwise […]