The first drawing, I show you what not to do! So you have your battery we will call number 1 Then the battery you’ll add the number 2 The negative (less) The positves terminals (most) What he should not do is to connect the batteries in series as in the drawing; For that if you […]

The Truth About The Tesla Semi-Truck

This video was made possible by you, and my Patreon supporters. Without you, this channel would not be possible. Thank you! Last month, Elon Musk unveiled a curiously anticipated Tesla truck. A vehicle that most people will never step inside or drive. Yet it was met with hysterical screaming and cheers. The power of Elon […]

First Ride Inside Mercedes Electric Car!

(dramatic music) – Welcome to the desert in Las Vegas, Nevada. You think it’s always hot in Nevada, but no. We’ve got snow on the mountains up here. I have the Mercedes EQC. This is the car that I was in Stockholm, Sweden about four months ago, and was able to see it come out. […]

Duracell Power Forward’s new truck: The Rugged Responder

Hey it’s Ross from the Duracell Power ForwardTeam and I’m here to introduce the Rugged Responder as the newest member of the Duracell fleet. Starting right at the front of the vehicle we’ve got an incredibly strong bumper from a company called FabFours. They’re out of South Carolina, all their products are made right here […]

How to Change a Car Battery : How to Reconnect Car Battery Terminals

Hi, I’m Aaron Gregory on behalf of Expert Village. And, we’re going to talk about what happens when your car battery dies, how to select a new battery, and how to see what the problem is. Now, it’s time to reconnect the terminals and see if the car has any power. I’m going to start […]

Renault Parts – Cheap Car Parts from Car Parts to Car Accessories and more

Malaga Car Parts 952 53 28 62 Malaga Car Parts stocks car parts for hundreds of vehicle makes and models. We stock both mechanical and electrical parts from brake pads and batteries to fuel pumps and filters, suspension arms, water pumps and wheel bearings. The variety of spares equipped by Malaga Car Parts include […]

Recycling old batteries into solar cells. Recycling one single car battery can power 30 households.

Discarded car batteries are potential source of lead pollution. And, Battery technology is undergoing rapid changes. New type of Batteries such as lithium-ion batteries are replacing the lead-acid batteries. So, over 200 million lead-acid batteries will potentially be retired in the United States, and that could cause a lot of environmental issues. Researchers at MIT […]

Lithium Batteries Dropped in Water

Hey guys, I’m Nate welcome back to the king of random today We’re going to be trying out something a little bit different in that this whole video is going to be one Take. We’re going to show you an experiment from start to finish, without cutting the camera to several different angles We wanted […]

Batteries: A Big Idea That Turned on the World

In America, people buy three billion of these every year. Not double A’s but batteries in general, and without some kind of battery to keep your phones ringing, your laptop searching, your flashlights reading, your cars starting, what would you do? We’re totally dependent on battery technology and even though it’s changed drastically in just […]