Lamborghini Urus: Lambo SUV bockt auf! (2018)

Ja, er wird kommen! Lamborghini will den Markt für Geländewagen aufmischen. Vorstandschef Stefan Winkelmann hat angekündigt, 2018 ein Luxus-SUV zu bringen. Erstmals wurde der Geländewagen von Lamborghini 2012 als Studie mit dem Namen Urus auf der Automesse in China vorgestellt. Lamborghini rechnet mit einem jährlichen Verkakuf von rund 3000 Exemplaren. Damit würde sich der Absatz […]

How to Repair a Leak in Your Car’s A/C with Super Seal

You have a serious problem. See, it’s 95 degrees outside, and your vehicle’s A/C is blowing hot air. So, over these next few minutes, I’m going to walk you through a step-by-step on how you can repair your vehicle’s A/C. It’s quick and easy to seal those typical system leaks with the A/C Pro Superseal. […]

Replacing Toyota Car Battery–QUICK AND EASY!!!

Today we’re going to be replacing a battery on a 2000 Toyota Camry. Now this is a fairly simple procedure, you just need a couple of really simple tools to get the job done, and I have them right here. Habib the Mechanic has a 10mm Socket Wrench, and I also have a big pair […]

Car Wash Business Profit Centers

Hi. Welcome to SONNY’S The Car Wash Factory. In this video, maximizing car wash profits, we’re going to talk about ways to increase revenue by adding services, growing volume training and motivating managers and greeters and adding fleet accounts, just to name a few. Maximizing profits, without increasing expenses is the tricky part. After all, […]

Car Wash Business Risk Management

Hi. I’m Anthony Analetto with SONNY’S The Car Wash Factory Today, we’re going to discuss accident prevention, customer liability, insurance policy coverage, and customer satisfaction. We’re going to solicit the help of Mike Benmosche, a leading insurance professional within the car wash industry. Mike will profile elements of establishing within the car wash industry. Mike […]

Car Wash Business Financial Overview

Hi. Welcome to SONNY’S The Car Wash Factory. In this video, carwash financial information we’re going to go over one of the most important tasks for a new investor getting into the carwash business: how to analyze the projected cashflow for your proposed location. You’ll learn how to determine if your site format, location and […]

Car Wash Business Construction

Ok so you’re ready to build your new car wash. you decided what type of wash you want to operate & you found a site figured out how to pay for it, you know who’s gonna help you with the process, now we’re ready to start construction. This video will bring you through the process […]

Car Wash Case Study – Tidalwave Car Wash

Express washes, yeah i’ve owned a retail business for 25 years, I was looking for something that didn’t require as much of my hands on management, I didn’t want to do that. I think if somebody’s going to be hands on operating it themselves you can probably make more money doing a full serve. Everything […]

Car Wash Case Study – Champion Car Wash

Strap your boots on cause we’re going to Nashville. This area is home to country music, the Grand Ole Opry and a great new format for self service car washes, Champion Car Wash. Hi welcome to Sonny’s The Car Wash Factory. I’m Anthony Analetto and today we’re visiting with Tim Jones the owner of Champion […]

PRE Painting Prep – Clean Parts for Paint – from Eastwood

PRE Paint Prep If you are looking for the perfect way to remove silicone, wax, grease and dirt, use Eastwood’s pre-paint prep. Just spray it on and wipe it off. It helps promote paint adhesion and should always be the final step in metal and autobody paint prep. It is also great for cleaning parts […]