Changing the fuel filter on a Jeep Grand Cherokee

Okay, so we’re changing the fuel filter on a ’95 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The fuel filter is located probably dead center of the car right above the rear differential. Uh, that’s what it looks like; this guy right here. This one’s pretty old. Um I’ve already taken off the two connectors that go on it. […]

You CAN’T wash your OWN CAR in China!

So there’s no way you can wash your car go to car detailing place. Let’s go. Let me show you how it’s done How much it cost? And what you can expect? You can’t wash your own car in China Sounds ridiculous. I know but there are many reasons why. My car is filthy. I’ve […]

The better way to get genuine GM car parts!

welcome to gm parts now the better place to buy auto parts online we’re standing in the warehouse or sixty eight thousand-square-foot parts facility to demonstrate to you just how many of these things we have in stock and how fast easy and affordable it is to by gm parts online my name is jim […]

O’Reilly Auto Parts – Professional Parts People

O’Reilly Auto Parts has the parts you need at prices you can be sure of. From parts to tools, accessories and more, our Professional Parts People can help you find exactly what you need. Stop by today! ♫ O-O-O-O’Reilly…O’Reilly Auto Parts. Ow! ♫

Car Parts & Safety : Are Wheel Adapters Safe?

Today, we’re talking about, are wheel adapters safe? In my opinion, they are. If you buy a quality wheel adapter, you’ll have a good safe wheel adapter. Some are made out of aluminum. They all have the studs in them. You bolt it on the wheel here,and you bolt your wheel on here, so this […]

Car Parts & Safety : What Is the Purpose of a Brake Rotor?

Today’s topic is what is the purpose of a brake rotor? A brake rotor is used just as a brake drum to stop your car. There are many different types of brake rotors. This brake rotor is a standard brake rotor. There are some that have wider with holes in them to let air through, […]

Who Makes the Worst Car Parts, China or Mexico

rev up your engines, blues driver 62, what do you think Scotty made in China parts versus made in mexico parts, I have to say made in China parts if you get good ones, because I have seen over the past 10 years the parts that were made in Mexico they broke down much more […]

How to Back Flush Your Heater Core by Yourself

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Used Auto Parts Grand Rapids Mi | Auto Parts Grand Rapids MI | Grand Valley Auto Parts | Car Truck

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A-Abco Fridley Used Auto Parts

Need a part to get that trusty car or truck on the road? I got a ’97 Honda. It doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. Not when A-Abco Recycled Auto Parts is around. Hi, what can I help you with? With more than a million parts in two locations, we’ll pull […]