Seeding California Rice by Plane in this Air Tractor Video!

The day has come! After all these tractor videos, the ground preparation, after the long days and hard work on the rice farm—finally, in this episode of Rice Farming TV we’ll be planting rice by airplane. [music] Yes, that’s right folks! The planes are soaring above our flooded fields. We’re going to learn all about […]

Nope, not a John Deere 7520 Tractor Video: A Rice Farming TV Retrospective!

This is not a John Deere 7520 tractor video. This vintage piece of farm equipment was purchased by my Pops back somewhere in the 1970s. We don’t use the tractor much now-a-days on the farm. Actually we really only use it for a drive-line on one of our deep-well pumps. And we don’t even really […]

Farm Tractors Gone Wild: A Tractor Video NOT for Kids (just kidding)!

these farm tractors have gone wild so wild that this tractor video is not for kids just kidding this tractor video is totally for kids no adults allowed we’ve got tractors everywhere we’ve got tractors on the dirt roads we’ve got tractors in the ditches we’ve got tractors in the weeds the John Deere 7520 […]