QuickJack car lift unboxing and setup

hey everybody its Justin welcome back to my pit lane garage today we have a very fun video for you I’m going to be unboxing my brand-new QuickJack that I just received in the mail today obviously still in the boxes we’re going to get this thing unboxed get it set up and hopefully test […]

What Happened To This Car?

On June 7, 1692, the Jamaican city of Port Royal, a notorious pirate haven, sank into its own harbor. This disaster (or blessing, depending on who you ask) was caused by liquefaction of the ground following a major earthquake, and we know it happened at exactly 11:43 am thanks to a pocketwatch that went down […]

Antonia watches Edmundo while cleaning the car | TKB (With Eng Subs)

I saw you last night. Last night, ma’am? Yes. You were leaving the mansion in the middle of the night. You’re hiding something, aren’t you? Do you have a girlfriend in Las Espadas? Is she the reason why you left? Now, I’m feeling jealous. Ma’am, the truth is that… I can’t sleep without drinking a […]