Never Buy a New Car, Unless

Never Buy a New Car, Unless

rev up your engine’s, Joan says scotty
you always say don’t buy a new car, but I’m planning on buying a Tacoma and keep it
forever, should I still go for a new one or should I trying to find a good use
Tacoma instead, I’m a fan of buying used cars, I bought nothing but used cars my
whole life, I’m cheap and I know if a new one costs 30 and I can get a good
used one for five or six when it’s 8 or 10 years old, that’s the way I’m going,
I’ve done that my whole life, but my son last year bought a brand new Tacoma truck,
he wanted me to find him I could use one I started looking around and he said, ah dad
forget it I’m gonna drive the thing for 20-30 year whatever
I’m just going to buy a new one, one the prices of
the used Tacomas are high cuz there’s such well-built trucks and their so
popular, and two if you’re gonna buy a brand new truck, he didn’t buy the v6 one
that was expensive, he bought the basic four cylinder one, he figured if I’m
keeping it for 30 years it’s not costing me that
much each year for paying for it so, sometimes it’s not a bad idea if you
pick a vehicle that’s gonna last a long time like a Toyota Tacoma, and you know
I’m gonna keep that thing for ever, absolutely nothing wrong with doing it
that way, and contrary if you really want to get a car that’s not known as being
all that well, definitely lease it instead of buying it
if you want to get a BMW or a Jaguar, don’t buy one lease it, cuz then you’re only
gonna lose that amount of money and no more, rav 2002 says hello
my wife and I are looking to buy a bigger vehicle and I was thinking an 07
or 08 Yukon Denali all-wheel drive, we live in Michigan that’s why I
want four wheel drive or all-wheel drive, if you have suggestions please help me
yeah well I got lots of suggestions and the first one is, don’t buy that yukon
denali, i got customers bought those things and there were lemons from the
get-go, some of them had transmission problems with less than 40,000 miles on
them, their terrible vehicles as time goes on, the problem is you want something big
and if you buy something big, especially if
it’s american you can’t buy a 07 or 08 you
can’t buy an 11-12 year old vehicle, they just don’t hold up over time, now if you
see any of the Toyotas or any of the Honda’s that are big enough for you, you
can go back in those days, because those things can go 200,300,400,000 miles
they can last a long time, but not in a Yukon, your problem is
if you want something that holds you know a whole bunch of people, you got to
decide how many people you want to hold cuz let’s say you got a regular family, hey
you can always fit them in a Toyota Highlander, that’s a great SUV, I got
customers with them that have 400-500,000 miles
but if you’re looking for something that holds like
seven-eight people, then you’re kind of in a no-man’s land, because the only
people that really make that stuff are the Americans and if you’re gonna do that
at least go forward because they’re a lot
better made than the GM stuff is, big jake big jake says hi Scotty it’s cold
out any concerns about today’s gas blends freezing in a modern car if the
tank is low, I’ve never heard of anyone having frozen gas, even our dads all told
about it, yeah I guess used to freeze in the old days, you get water in
the gas tank and it freezes and freeze up on it, but it’s not something that you
really have to worry about these days for one main reason, next time you buy
gas take a look at the gas pump and it probably says, may contain 10% ethanol, that
means it generally does contain 10% ethanol, ethanol is alcohol
it’s pretty much dried gas, that’s the stuff that we used to put in, so it’s
already added in and you really don’t have to worry about having water in
because that alcohol will absorb any of the water that’s already in the system,
and you won’t have to worry about it for that reason, big boy says Scotty what you
thoughts on Kia being the fifth most reliable car
company and is it even true, here’s the thing about reading that stuff about
reliable cars, you can’t believe what half the people in the world say because
they have ulterior motives, they might be being paid by Kia, they might be an
advertising company that’s just flat-out gonna say whatever the company that’s
paying them to say, or their gonna go do a survey of people that work at Kia
who knows what, they never give you the information, and what does it mean by
reliable, you talking about 10-15 years, are they talking about 10 days of ownership
like initial quality, which means absolutely
nothing that’s a bunch of nonsense, I saw one the other day and they even
were rating cars that I know are absolute trash, Chrysler’s as being well
built cars, I mean a lot of it is just total nonsense, you need to find a guy
like me, a mechanic who’s been working on it for 51 years and works on all
types of cars, so he’ll tell you the truth because like, say you go to a guy and the
only cars that he works on are Jaguars, of course
he’s gonna say Jaguars are good cars, because that’s the only car he works on
that’s how he makes a living, I work on all the cars, there’s some I won’t even work
on cuz they’re so bad and they’re so expensive, that I won’t even work on them
but I work on generally all the different cars out there, I’ll tell you the
truth I’ve got no vested interest in it, be USA, scotty and community I’m dying
to know if I got scammed with a Craigslist car flipper, I bought an 08
Scion tC with 83 thousand miles for forty six hundred dollars cash, the seller
wasn’t the same person on the title, which has $1,800 as the purchase price, well
obviously you got ripped off, if the previous guy only paid $1,800 for the
car and you paid 4600, something is fishing here, what you’d want to do is, well
that’s probably too late now cuz the guy’s long gone, he’s got your cash so
you’ll probably never see the guy again, but for your own peace of mind, do one of
those Carfax type checks and see it’s got the real mileage, when you get the
CARFAX most states allow them to show the state inspection each year, and see
each year what the mileage was to see if it’s a real mileage, see if the thing was
totaled in a wreck cuz if the previous one was
1800 and a scion is a Toyota and they go for top dollar, and if it was ten
years old and it only sold for $1,800 with that mileage, it would be fishy I think
that the title is probably a reconditioned or a flood car, something
like that, so do the CARFAX just for your own thing, and next time you know
look at the title first before you buy it if it says that don’t even buy the
thing, so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  • Scotty, Which Toyota Pickup do you recommend? I am thinking about buying one 1 to 5 years old. With low miles. My wife and son don't drive. So I need something comfortable for three adults. Great videos thanks for sharing them.

  • I like my cars new, I’ll only buy a used car if it’s a super car or something that I can’t afford new, New is a luxury that I’m willing to over pay for

  • Hull Scotty, I drive a 1992 Nissan March. Moves well. Only challenge is the gear skips once in a while. What could be the problem?

  • re:Scion When most people register a used car at the DMV they always write down a way lesser purchase price that what they actually paid for the car for tax purposes.

  • Hey Scotty, why didn't you suggest Toyota Sequoia for the large SUV? Are they not reliable? I am asking this question because I was in a situation like that too and I decided not to buy an American large SUV and went with 2014 Toyota Sequoia.

  • Any car I've sold in the past when I lived in the Midwest I put 1,500 bucks as the selling price, even if i sold it for WAY more. The reason people do that is to cut down the taxes you have to pay. It doesn't necessarily mean they paid that much, they are just "screwing the system" a bit. The Scion may have been sold for 5-8K but they did not want to pay the taxes on it so they put 1,800. It's a fairly common thing to do in high tax states.

  • My mother bought a 2005 Toyota Corolla brand new. that thing NEVER had a problem. EVER. crazy its not around 150k and never had to repair a thing on it except a suspension part most likely due to a pothole terrible north jersey roads.
    but i am extremely impressed with toyota reliability. my ex girlfriend had a 92 toyota paseo (basically a corolla with sportier body). thing was absolutely die hard. she NEVER had a problem with that car despite being 15 yrs old…
    Now here is the big one.. a friend of mine has a 04 Camry with 500,000 MILES!!! She owned it since almost new, about 40k. So she put well over 400,000 miles on it and guess what?! she NEVER had to get it repaired!!! o Excrept the echaust needed to get fixed (again, due to north jersey winters salt corrodes the exhsuts on cars).

    So that was super impressive…. Toyota is super reliable and to see 500,000 miles on an odometer is crazy! Sad to say that now her transmission is slipping pretty bad, engine is still fairly strong though. But after 500k miles, i think the car deserves a break. lol… So now she drives an 08 Toyota Avalon to begin the mission to 500k. lol
    I think she is going to stick with toyotas now, because the previous car was a mitsubishi and she didnt have a great experience with that one… (she commutes from south jersey to north jersey every day so she puts about 150 miles on the car daily)

  • If you want a true, non-biased car reliability rating check Consumer Reports. They do not accept any advertising and reach out to 10's of thousands of owners each year to learn a car's reliability.

  • We recently got a 2007 toy Sequoia 8 pass with very low miles under 53k a Carfax 1 owner SUV for our growing family. Glad didn't get anything else as these will last past 300k miles.

  • Them Yukon and Tahoe are allover up for sale with 300,000 miles on them. My dad's 2011 Chevy Silverado 4×4 has 491000 all original and he goes down dirt roads town travels ect…

  • Another consideration is Warenenty, small basic cars such as Toyota Yaris, Hyundai accents and Kia Rio's genuinely have high resale value so it's usually not that more expensive to get a new one or one with 1000 miles or less still having a few months shy of their full factory warranty.

    As for larger cars, they deprecate a whole lot more, so best to buy 2 or 3 years old when most of the deprication has hit and sell the car when it's 4 or 5 years old before alot of the mechanical items as well as wear start to really show. That way you get rid of it before you dont have to spend that much money on it and the deprication is quite low compared from new to 2 years or even from 4 to 7+ years.
    If you can also buy a car with long factory warranty, buying at 2 and selling at 4-5 years makes alot of sense

  • Hello sir can you please make a video about the Volkswagen Passat 2013 or 2014 it worth it to buy it used if is low maintenance or not please and thanks

  • I nys lots of people write Bill's of sale for way less then the actual purchase price to avoid paying taxes I have a buddy who bought a 6000 dollar truck from a privet owner and the guy wrote the bill of sale for $600

  • 2000 vw jetta 2.0 transmission isses and cracking sounds after starting only in the morning, but runs fine after any help

  • Whaat?? You don't have Toyotas that hold 8 to 9 people in the US?!.. Never heard of Land cruisers? Seriously?.. here we have land cruiser, prado, Sequoia, fotuner.. they're all toyotas that fit from 7 to 9 people

  • In this case im pretty sure Scotty is wrong. I have a friend trying to sell her TC and when she told me how little she was expecting to get for it I thought there was something wrong with that picture, so I went and did some research and apparently TC's go for pennies on the dollar and dont hold typical Toyota resale.

  • Hello Scotty, i know You don't have a Lot of this Cars un they USA, but i wanted to ask, are fiats good reliable Cars?

  • Scotty what you think about my chevy tahoe 2005 5.3 its this vehicle reliable?
    And what's the best maintenance recommended on it ?

  • Cambiar a español
    please Mr. kilmer, enable the option of subtitles in Spanish so that more people benefit from their skills and teachings, I appreciate your time and effort ….. Knowledge is power

  • Guess I've been Lucky..bokught a 08' Lincoln MKZ with 31k on it in 2010
    It was a 2nd Car to drive mostly during the Winter Up here in Wi. In Summer, Got a Little Zippy Car for around the Resort Lake I live at for Retirement, the wife loves it and we even go on Car Rally's with it> Mazda Miatia-2005.. Park it in the Fal, drive the Lincon thru April.. Ave 8k yr
    Now? Totaling up what I spent on Maintenence? $4,345 for Everything.. and just recently, $avut $1800 of that $4,345 to Rehab it( Brakes/Rotors/Calipers, Pads, New Struts, Tie Rods, Bal Joints, and Narrower and only 17" Wheel /Tires with more Rubber.. Alittle Softer Riding and better Traction in Rain/Snow.. So far so good 10 yrs puts us at about $435 a Yr.. and its Very Fast ! with its V6 and its not a big car..07'-2011 MKZ if have Less than 100k and have good Maintenance Records and for only $5k now? Be a Decent Price..

  • It sht eWealthy and Business that Keep the Auto Industry going
    1- They Buy a new Car, trade it in in 3 yrs
    2- They Lease New Car for Business , do it again in 2-3 yrs
    3- Now Dealers are Shooting themself in the Foot from trying to Con the Middle guy $ man
    Sure they're making $50-$60k yr, but aren't going to drop that On a Suv and sell it/Trade it in , in 3 yrs.. They're keeping them and back to Fixing as much they can themselves.. Even in spite of Them making them alot more Complicated to R&R.. And Ripping the Publkic off for those Tires is a Con Game and they( Mfgs ought to be Put In Jail for what they are getting away with comming out with 18-20" Wheels and Tires with only 3 Inches of Rubber on them btwn the Road and Wheel and sell for $150-$200 Ea? Screw them! Bringing back the Good Old 225x75x15's Micheliens, ave 75k miles on them! and car rides Nice as well..
    and when are they( Gov't) going to stop funding GM? Kick them out of the USA along with Chrysler..No Cars made in America Anymore..Ford Left yrs ago..and who's Nuts enough to Buy a Pick Up Truck for $50k? Unless used for Business? Your a Fool.. SUV's as Well..

  • Scotty, I enjoy watching your videos and Ive noticed you dont seem to care much about GM. I know alot of their cars are total junk like the Chevy cavalier, and basically anything they make with a 4 cylinder engine. So are their any vehicles from GM that you consider reliable?

  • sorry but why lease bmw/ benz ? i know they are extremely un reliable, but still don’t understand about the leasing strategy u mentioned in several videos

  • Some people lie on the title sale price for buyer to pay less tax. Low previous sale price doesn’t necessarily mean there is something wrong with the car.

  • Please review a 2000 Nissan Frontier 6 cyl 4 door two wheel drive. I am thinking of buying a 2013 Hyundai sonata for 8000.00 please advise?

  • Back in 2002 I had just turned 50 and was doing well, so I decided to buy a new, not newer truck. I bought an F 150 Lariat, then beat myself up for a couple of years for spending so much money. I have taken good care of it, and it runs and almost looks new. One of the dealer mechanics told me every now and then you find a vehicle that just feels more solid, and that is what you got. Long story short I have spent around $400 over the last 17 years on repairs. I intend to drive it until I die. I probably got lucky, but sometimes buying a new vehicle turns out pretty good.

  • Hey Scotty, great videos sir. I have a 2016 Chevy Colorado WT standard 6 speed transmission with 65k miles. What are your thoughts on keeping it long term? I know you say Chevy seems to be slacking with the way they make these vehicles.

  • There's always a poll/study nowadays that can prove any crap. But hey, kia's are not that bad. They are relatively realiable and mostly cheap to fix.

  • I live way up north I use rubbing alcohol to drive my windows squee it on the window rub with a towel and it does not freeze until below – 144 F fast get away Live Free or Die Scott in N.H.

  • I'm in the market for a reliable car./SUV and looking at the Toyota RAV-4. Any thoughts on this vehicle, anyone? Any RAV-4 owners out there?

  • I know alot of folks with GM Suvs (including myself) that are older than 10 and 15 years and they must all be extremely lucky according to you.

  • Don’t care what haters say I probably watch you more than any one else on YT but then again you probably post more videos than any one else. At least you don’t trash my Explorer. Entertaining and just plain straight up.

  • I saw ur video in which u said never buy a used car. Now u r saying never buy a new car. What should i do 😂

  • 4 cyl in a truck? mm i dunno..that feels like a those IS 250s or 200t' you buy a L without the V6

  • It’s common for sellers to put a lower cost on the title to help out the buyer. So at the time you register the vehicle at the DMV, you only pay taxes on 1,800
    Not the 4,600 you actually paid.

  • One issue I have with buying a good used car and driving it forever is that after awhile you might want some modern features—like seat belts and a radio that gets more than AM.

  • BTW – 5:10 – in my state (Michigan) you fill out your own title, and if you’re buying from a private seller most sellers let you put in a cheaper purchase price on the title so you save money when registering it. I just paid 6k for my Honda Accord and the seller let me fill in my own “buy price” so I wouldn’t have to pay 500$ in taxes to the state. That might be it!

  • Also consider the insurance cost. If you finance or lease the insurance will cost you a fortune compared to just liability on one you own.

  • Have had seven or eight Toyota's and all got over 200k miles- sold them only to get a newer model-only But Toyota

  • I bought a new 2002 Toyota Tacoma single cab manual, w/the 2.4 liter 4 cyl, and only had two very minor problems with it until a wildfire consumed my faithful little truck last fall.

  • SCOTTY! Would you say it would be wise to buy a brand new VW up? Or driving in an old car?

    I've done the math, and it would cost me 1000dollars a year owning a vw up instead of keeping my old car alive. (And my old car has driven 180000 miles so far, seat ibiza 1996)

  • This guy shits on GM but my Yukon and Sierra both have over 200k and are still going strong ! Maybe this guy has his own biased


  • I'm to the point where I'm watching EVERY one of these videos, hoping to see the two thumbs down and fart noise come out of Scotty's mouth.

  • Thanks Scotty for all the videos. Been a huge help. Feel the same way your son did. I’m going for a 2019 RAV4 LE (base model), and plan on keeping it forever. I tried looking for a 2-3 year old used Toyota RAV4, but even with mileage on them, they’re going for what only a couple grand cheaper than what I can get a new one for.

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