Mini Car Battery JumpStarter TEST from Pushidun. Test on 6 cyl and 4 cyl. Did it Work?

Mini Car Battery JumpStarter TEST from Pushidun.  Test on 6 cyl and 4 cyl.  Did it Work?

How’s it going Jake here today what we’re gonna. Do is we’re gonna test that one of these battery jumpstarters I had a friend of mine that told me to get one of these things I don’t know anything about them. All I know is they’re really small I’m gonna open this thing up real fast I just got it in the mail. I bought it on Amazon And I’m actually gonna see what this thing is all about By the way guys if you’ve not subscribed please subscribe we’ve got a lot of cool videos coming up ahead Okay, this is a this is pretty small. This is called the PUSHIDUN Battery jump starter and where’s my phone? I just want to show you guys something real fast. This thing is small This here is a Galaxy Note 8 and this is going to start my car maybe I’m a very skeptical person by nature, so I just want to show you guys the size of this thing. It’s it’s virtually Exactly the same width as my phone shorter than my phone and just a hair fatter in my phone and You know how many amps it takes to start a car I Have my doubts about this thing, but let’s go let’s just see how it works Let me see here’s a way to test it actually has a little USB and they’re a little light I guess you can use it as a flashlight. How do you turn the flashlight on and it actually asked right here? I’m not sure if you guys can see that a Little meter to tell you how much power is in this thing now I’m not going to go ahead and just try to start my car up with it right away I’m actually going to give it a fair shot, and I’m gonna charge this thing. I’m gonna plug it in charge it and Then we’re gonna do it with a full charge before I do that Let’s see what else is in this box See what else they give you oh Here we go You definitely gonna need these So Your positive and your negative battery Clamps, and I guess this is gonna plug into here like that Actually pretty solid too This is pretty solid. It’s not like it’s uh. It’s shaky or flimsy, this is a pretty solid piece of Equipment here, and there’s like this is probably my my charging cable Alright, let’s go take a look. Uh has a button on the side, and it has a little light here So let me see how you turn that light on so you press it oh And hold it like that And I guess this also functions as a fat Flashlight if you’re I guess under your hood at night in the dark, and you got a charge or give you a car a jumpstart So that way you can see what you’re doing interesting Alright, let’s turn it off alright What I’m gonna. Do is I’m gonna charge this thing. I’m going to show you how we charge it and Once I get this thing charged up like I said I’m gonna jumpstart my car. Let me see if it actually works Alright I went in the house, and I got my samsung charger for my my galaxy phone here and Know if this one is gonna be yep This is the one for the Samsung or for the for the Android phone, and that’s the one that’s gonna hook plug into here So I’m gonna go ahead and just plug this thing in I’m gonna use this. I just need some electric and Without unraveling that I’m just gonna plug it right in here And we’re gonna let it charge for a while And you can see right there, it’s flashing some lights Which tells me that it’s charging, and I’m assuming that once it flashes all the way on a hundred percent Then it’s full and then we’re gonna see what this baby can do Okay, so it took about two hours to charge this thing and see right here. It shows that there is Four little lights there it says a hundred percent. I’m not sure if you can see that but Let’s go ahead and disconnect it and I just want you guys to realize that a typical Battery jump starter car jump starter is much bigger than that Alright, so this is typically what we use to start a car this thing as a hundred amps Alright so Let’s go ahead, and show you what we’re going to be trying to start today now If anybody’s interested this basically is a high compression engine. It’s not a typical Volkswagen engine. It’s actually a 2.4. Liter it’s a 2387 with high-compression pistons In here so if you take a look right here I had to get a high torque starter Because every other starter that I put in here would actually burn out very quickly. It’s a very difficult engine to turn over All right, so what we did was we couldn’t get a debt. We couldn’t find a dead battery, so we do here. We’re simply just disconnecting the lead wire From the negative, and we’re just going to go ahead and we’re going to try this thing out to see if it starts this car with no battery connected to it at all and Let’s see exactly what happens here Amazing this thing Kill it kill it kill it started it started this thing Just started my car like a champ with absolutely no battery at all connected to it I was not expecting that at all Or you know that I’m gonna have to try this on my Highlander. Also. This is a v6 3.0 liter Highlander and I’m gonna do the same thing I’m gonna disconnect the battery on this thing and I’m going to connect this jump starter to the battery without any battery connected I’m going to see if I can get this car started and Based on the way it started up my other car. I’m actually feeling a little better about this now I didn’t expect it to start that car so easily, so let’s go ahead and just disconnect this battery we’re going to disconnect the negative terminal and Once we get the negative terminal disconnected. We’re going to go ahead and see what happens Tell me what you’re doing with this signal you have to press a button on that thing and Are you pressed a little silver button on the side? Make sure this doesn’t matter, okay, go inside. I’m gonna keep this thing on here Absolutely incredible Absolutely incredible kill it kill it kill it kill it kill it turn it off. I Can’t believe it. Just started this car no battery it all connected This thing right here Again is a little bit larger in Thickness than my cell phone, and I just started two cars with this thing on one charge Okay I Have to tell you guys. This is probably the best thirty bucks. I think I’ve ever spent. I’m not kidding I got this thing on Amazon. I’m gonna put the link in the description. I’m super impressed with this thing super impressed There’s a couple of other things this particular unit is only listed for a 2.5 liter engine. I just started a 3.0 and And my dune buggy has a high compression engine 2.4 2387 so it started that thing no problem high compression engine and It started my v6 Highlander as well and look at this thing. Can you believe this? Unbelievable guys Listen if you want an awesome starter This is no joke this is no joke this is a serious starter get this thing you’re not going to be disappointed

12 thoughts on “Mini Car Battery JumpStarter TEST from Pushidun. Test on 6 cyl and 4 cyl. Did it Work?

  • Do not crank the engine for more than 3 times. Allow the jump starter to cool down for at least 30 seconds after each jump-start. It will be safety and durable.

  • i just ordered one for hunting season this year to carry around in truck and on side by side wile at deer lease ..same brand but one that is a bit larger and cost $62 on amazon ….excellent demonstration of it ability Thanks

  • I'm not understanding this, you had the positive terminal to battery still connected? Wouldn't it still be pulling power from the car battery? Why didn't you just hook the car starter pack to the pos and neg leads from the car and take the car battery totally out of the mix?

  • I just want to know for info. You just disconnect the negative cable. why did't try with the two cable disconnected red and the black?

  • A neighbor just gave me one of these Pushidun jumpstarters. I think mine is a little newer than the one in your video. It has 2 USB terminals and even a compass on it. I have an older Prius and although my big and 12V batteries are not very old, my car has some issue with them talking to each other so if I let the car sit too long, I need a jump start. Until I can get to the dealer, this mini jump starter is much better than having to depend on other people to get me going. This thing is even great for charging my cell which is soon going to need replacing, too.

    Thanks for this review. Validates my own impression of this great product!

  • We use these at work It’s good for the price, but you get what you pay for. Starting cars it will probably work only 10 times then it’s toast, we use them to power lights, they only last a year. But hey, for emergencies it’s good, but don’t plan on it working for ever

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