How To Remove Rust on Metal Car Part Safely & Quickly

How To Remove Rust on Metal Car Part Safely & Quickly

Hi I’m Rick, I am at the Chrysler show here at Carlisle, and uh….Metal Rescue is going to see if it can rescue my water pump housing, in about 6 to 9 hours and we’ll see what they can do
with it. (Why don’t you hold this way, we’ll get how bad this is. How bad is that rust?) Pretty heavy pretty heavy it’s not it’s
not quick stuff that can just rub off a little scotch brite and (it’s gonna take
a while) all the nooks and crannies and it’s something I wouldn’t want to sand
blast and end up leaving a little sand behind it. (ok) I think we will see what you can do. (we’re gonna put it here here’s a metal rescue, we’re going to do a soak
so got some other parts soaking we’re gonna make room for this water pump housing
we’re going to put in the bath give it a little Metal Rescue bath and
we’ll check back with Rick probably about six hours our guess.) sounds good (alright) Hi I’m Krista here with the Metal Rescue crew, We got this water pump housing about an hour ago now you can see we’re making tremendous
progress with it. I’m going to lift it out show what’s going on. You can see how cloudy this water is getting looking great. I’m going to put it back in here For another couple of hours. (We’re gonna check back with that housing)
Alright and how many hours it has it been? (Two hours) Two hours? When can I see it? (Now, you can go look at it right now) Where am I looking? In the bin? Alot of black water, is that my rust? My hands can go right in there? (Absolutely) Whoa, Holy Shh. Holy mackerel! Wow!!! Way better than sandblasting, Excellent!! Excellent!!
Good time to look for cracks now. (So it’s only been two hours, there’s a little bit of stuff there)
It’s only been two hours and it’s like that? No Shh, kidding i need to bring over my
friends. I wish I would have seen this before. Is it okay to bring over a few guys to check this out? (Absolutely) Maybe I’ll sell them some stuff. (There you go) (We got your video before, that’s why I do it, because people don’t believe it until they see it) So can i put it back in here and finish her off? (Yep) Awesome! And that’s it, I can just wipe my hands off? (Absolutely) No kidding? Excellent! Looking great! Looking great.
(Metal Rescue does it again!) Go back and paint it right now. I think it’s awesome! (That looks really good) How ya doing? Here you go, with her a ssistance, I’m wowed! I really am. Thank you! I saw it on TV like with Billy Mays selling this, I wouldn’t believe it. ( You don’t think I’m as good as Billy Mays?) I could put that out and sell that for more money than before. Very Happy!

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  • 1:02 Nice to see a lady that is not afraid to get her hands dirty :), try getting a valley girl to do that she will say "Ewww that's like gross, I'm like totally not puttin my hands in there!" lol

  • Thanks for the comment astrantia! The answer to your question is yes! Metal Rescue is safe on everything because it's water based and non-acidic. Visit our Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath Facebook Fan Page, we have posted a picture of a motorcycle being dipped in Metal Rescue. How rusty is your bike?

  • Hey 303miles, Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath has to be in continuous contact with the rusty part. With this said, soaking is the best way to use Metal Rescue to ensure that the rusty part gets de-rusted. Some people have used other methods on parts that are too big too to soak. Just keep in mind that Metal Rescue has to be in constant contact with the rusty part. People has used a water pump or hose to apply it using a sort of catch basin to recycle the solution. Did I answer you question?

  • Metal Rescue™ is a water-based rust remover designed for iron & steel. To work, Metal Rescue™ must remain in direct contact with the metal you are working to de-rust. The only obstacle to removing rust from the car doors, panels & trunks you referenced is keeping Metal Rescue™ in contact with the rusted areas. Try applying a smooth, absorbent material soaked in Metal Rescue™ to the rusted area – cover with plastic wrap to minimize evaporation. Keep the area wet to work properly. Good Luck!

  • Robs979, please go to our website workshophero
    Then enter your zipcode in the upper right hand corner of the page. Find the store nearest you that sells Metal Rescue and request a price. Our prices vary, but a ballpark range is $26 per gallon, around $100 for a 5 gallon.

  • No it doesn't have any side effects micho! Metal Rescue is a one step process to remove rust clean, safe, and easy. It's safe on everything except rust, echo friendly and does not contain any acid or harsh chemicals. Please let us know if you have any more questions.

  • im looking for a way to derust engine cooling system but as you gertting there is impossible ……can this be used to flush the rust out of a cooling system ? will it work on aluminum or atleast not harm it,,,,cause you know how bad acid based rust remover on the aluminum, rubber parts….

  • In order for Metal Rescue™ to work it must remain in direct contact with the metal you are working to de-rust. When sprayed on a surface, Metal Rescue™ will dry before de-rusting can be completed. However, Metal Rescue™ is effective in removing rust if continuously sprayed onto the surface until the rust has been dissolved. Typical operations are continuous spray washers with the Metal Rescue™ fluid being re-circulated. The best method for using Metal Rescue™ is a bath or soak.

  • Metal Rescue™ is designed for iron/steel. To use on your engine cooling system, follow these simple steps: drain coolant; flush the cooling system; add Metal Rescue™ (approx 2 gallons for cars & 4 gallons for trucks); turn car/truck on & allow engine to run long enough to warm or elevate the temperature of the Metal Rescue™** and repeat throughout the process; allow Metal Rescue™ to set in the cooling system for approximately 6-12 hours (depending on severity of rust); remove Metal Rescue™.

  • Velocity, the answer to your questions are yes and yes. Metal Rescue is safe on everything except rust, and by using it with an ultrasonic bath it will speed up the rust removal process. Great question! Let us know how it works out for you! ? Thanks for the question.

  • I'm buying a 1970 Plymouth barracuda and the car has surface rust covering the car. Can I just pour the remover on the car and scrub the rust away?

  • A smooth, absorbent material can be soaked with Metal Rescue™ and applied to the rusted area (the texture of the material is key – do not use a material with a pattern or texture as it could be transferred to the item you are trying to de-rust)). The area will need to be covered with plastic film to prevent evaporation and drying. When the surface is de-rusted, rinse with water and use a brush or sponge if necessary. Let us know if you have any other questions, or visit our FAQ's on our website

  • Here is a video that we just did about removing rust from a large part that cannot be submerged.
    copy this title and paste it in the search box on YouTube.
    "How to remove rust from a large metal part using Metal Rescue"

  • from what i have seen all of the derusting technics still require you to brush them off and remove iron oxide ….why would i pay for a product that i still have to scub off anyways!…best way I found is a needle scalier…. removes everything and you do not have to wait

  • Lawrence, our motto here at Workshop Hero is we take the "work" out of your workshop! Metal Rescue is formulated to remove rust from your rusty parts without any scrubbing or use of harsh chemicals. There isn't a need to scrub or agitate the part during or after using Metal Rescue. It's a simple process, just soak, check, dry/rinse! It really is that easy.

  • Hi Robbie,

    No, Metal Rescue is not modified vinegar. Metal Rescue doesn't have an odor and is non acidic. You can learn more about Metal Rescue on our website, Workshop Hero dot com.

  • We know Reddotinglt! Metal Rescue is amazing! But it's true, Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath is a water based rust remover that is clean, safe, and easy to use!

  • it's really hard to believe, this manifold was really bad, I don't think it's the same piece but I could be wrong. if this is real this liquid should be on the news, I work on cars and ever heard of it, Michigan is full of rusty cars/parts and never seen or heard anyone talking about it.

  • I collect old oil tin cans, some of witch are very rusty. Can this product be use on them without damaging the litho on them?

  • Hello Rui,

    Yes, Metal Rescue is safe on everything except rust. That being said, some old paints contain iron oxide (rust) which Metal Rescue will remove. We suggest soaking a small area first to see if your paint contains any iron oxide. Good luck, please let us know if you have any other questions.

  • No it does not remove black oxide, in fact when items are left in Metal Rescue™ too long it causes black oxide to form. The black oxide is a corrosion inhibiting film that is a more stable state of oxidized iron. It is not detrimental to the metal surface and only cosmetic in nature. Typically the black oxide that forms due to Metal Rescue™ can be removed by simply by rinsing in mild detergent or wiping with a cloth. Metal Rescue will remove other oxides such as bluing and and white rust.

  • Thanks x66Hawk66x for watching our video! Not sure how much all of the equipment costs for electrolysis, and how much time and effort that application demands. You are right with saying that Metal Rescue™ is the safest way to remove rust from your rusty parts. Also, Metal Rescue™ is easy to use and is a one step process, plus it's reusable! There are multiple ways and techniques to remove rust, all of which will get the job the done, our products are the easy and safe way to remove rust.

  • No problem. Below is our contact in the UK. Please let us know if you have any questions!

    USAutomotive Ltd 19 St. Martin’s Way Bedford MK42 0LF England Mobile. +44 (0) 1234 273155 Fax. +44 (0) 1234 273064
    [email protected]

  • Hi Pencil guy!

    Metal Rescue™ is safe on everything except rust! It's safe on skin, paint, plastics, rubber, chrome, everything except rust. Metal Rescue™ is a water-based rust remover that only removes rust, without any agitation or scrubbing. Visit our website or our Facebook for more information about our products.

  • Hey, I whas just curious wich the chemical principle is for this reaction,… is it a reduction agent or is it acid based?
    Thanks for the info I will definatly buy this in future time.

  • Hi MrMinimalSWN, Metal Rescue is not an acid. It's a chelating agent. Let us know if you have any further questions. You can visit the Workshop Hero website and enter your zip code in the upper right hand corner of the site to find a location near you that carries Metal Rescue.

  • White vinegar and water works exactly the same way. or just vinegar whatever you preference. All your doing is killing the rust. Or like i always use- por15.

  • DALLAScowboysTRUEfan, yes it works great on fuel tanks, check out this step by step video on how to do just that!

    To find a location near you that sells Metal Rescue, visit our website at Workshop Hero dot com and enter you zip code in the upper right hand corner of the page.

  • gregrocks66, yes Metal Rescue works on aluminum! It's safe on everything except rust! Let us know if you have any other questions!

  • Hey I'm rebuilding an old Yamaha engine, it's full of rust and caked on grease, will metal rescue remove both the grime and rust or only the rust? Also is it fine if I leave the rubber hoses on or should I remove them?

  • Hi christian ibarra, to answer you question about your Yamaha engine. Metal Rescue will only remove rust. It doesn't contain acids to penetrate and remove grease and grime. You can use a power washer to clean off the engine. Then Metal Rescue will have no problem removing the rust. Also, Metal Rescue is safe on rubber, paint, chrome, gaskets, aluminum, so your rubber hoses will not be harmed. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  • I wish I could have listened to this because the closed captioning was gibberish. Most of the words were in english, but some words were in other languages. I would guess they're using voice recognition software or the person doing the captions desn't understand the person speaking.

  • Thanks TrueBlogge777 for the kind words. We pride ourselves on making good products that are clean, safe, and easy to use! We are very happy to hear that you had such a good experience with Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath! Please let us know if you ever have any questions about our products. [email protected]

  • I bought a car that has moderate rusting on the lower part of the engine. Any suggestions for removing rust from there?

  • Just wondering if this can be used with a pressure washer and sprayed? or it's best used only with submersion like in the video?

  • Do you have a product that will remove rust from metal (jeep axle knuckles for example) with just a spray on application, without soaking? I have some isolated rust spots that I'd like to get rid of, but they're not bad enough to warrant removing/disassembling and soaking. Thanks in advance!

  • I have an old Farmall cub totally seized can I put it in the cylinder I have heard if left on metal too long it can leave black stain so can I soak cylinders with this product

  • I have two questions:

    1. Does it make the material any weaker after the rust is gone? I'm wondering if it's actually better for the metal or if it's just cosmetic.

    2. Does it protect the metal against future rust? I'm looking to make the material permanently rust proof or at least maybe apply something every couple of years. Do you happen to have a product that does that?

  • This looks good, but the downside is it converts most of the rust to black. and even the good parts of unrusted metal

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