How To Mix Clear Coat Using Paint Mixing Cups with Kevin Tetz – Eastwood

How To Mix Clear Coat Using Paint Mixing Cups with Kevin Tetz – Eastwood

hey guys if you’ve ever had questions
about how to mix clear coat while we’re going to show you exactly how to
properly mix a catalyzed clear code system because it’s really important
that you stay within the manufacturer’s recommendations on the mix ratio now the ratio has nothing to do with
volume it’s not about volume it’s about parts so think of it like this two parts to one part the euro clear is
two to one ratio two parts clear one part catalyst here’s how to utilize these mixing cups
they have multiple ratios across the top these cups are fantastic tools and
they’re very very accurate so basically what you do is start at the
top find your ratio and then just like you read a book work your way from left
to right so are two to one ratio is across the top like we said and we know that we want about a half a
quarter clear so here’s our line and the five has nothing to do with the volume
the five is just the number that were chasing so our first column here is our
clear coat before are clear into the mixing Cup up to the five now just like
we read a book left to right our next is the one ratio
two parts clear one part catalyst so we pour the catalyst up to the next five
and that’s it no more mixing into your spray gun you get an accurate mix into
the mixing Cup every time now even though euroclear has a two to
one mix ratio you have the option of an extra part of producer or a whole part
of producer for extra flow out if you’re dealing with hot temperatures high
humidity or if you want to flow coat and have it self level a little bit better that’s just the same thing just like you
read a book left to right go to the next five which is a half part
for up to the five and always stir your components in ready to rock and roll yeah

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  • one think I learned from my instructor is to count up to 2 missipi to make sure the body of the clear paint or sealer was good enough for the surface since we live in arizona….

  • As soon as the hardener lid is opened you are breathing Isocynate vapour which is toxic and corrosive to human tissue. Lungs and eye are pathways. Charcoal filters in half masks do not filter isocynates. Only use 2K paints if you have a professional spray booth, full suit with fed air. This stuff is absolutely lethal. Do your research and protect yourself and others.

  • Once you have it mixed. how long before it needs to be used before it's no good anymore? I'm hoping around an hour or so. this way I could mix on my clear and added to the gun as I need it between coats.

  • I bought fc720 clear coat the site I bought it from and the data sheet says it's urethane but on the back of the can it says acrylic polymer

  • Yeah I've been doing this for 30 years trying this euroclear little different didn't like it at first I used a slower catalyst I got the flow I wanted

  • I just thought somebody had some insight on making this stuff flow nobody would talk about that so I figured out

  • Guess he is going to go spray the flowers now with a perfectly mixed cup of water ๐Ÿ˜‚ Thanks for the info ๐Ÿ‘ After spraying basecoat after basecoat with a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio using only paint and reducer, I swopped the hardener and reducer in mixing the clearcoat ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ Just had to come back to double check myself

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