How Long Can a Car Really Last

How Long Can a Car Really Last

rev up your engines today I’m gonna help
you answer the question should I buy a used Acura now Acuras being fancy
Honda’s the pretty well made cars but like any other car they have a certain
lifespan to them and in the case of this 1999 Acura CL it led a pretty tough life
now this car was just purchased it’s got the paper tags on it originally this was
over a twenty six thousand dollar car back in 1999 it’s a two-door sports
version not the four-door and out of the hood it’s got the v6 engine and as you
can see and here still got a lot of metal this isn’t plastic this is all
metal they were certainly more solid built back in the day and all the
plastic ripped of modern cars have on it now this version does have the automatic
transmission but truth be told back in 1999 the Acura automatic transmissions
were pretty reliable I had customers get hundreds of thousands of miles on
but don’t soda shoes one has 150,000 miles on it the seats are in pretty good shape but the leather armrest has seen better days and the windshield’s got a giant crack in it and someone tried to make it look race spiffy with this matte black
paint but look at the wheels so they just spray-painted these things but the old
chrome is underneath it’s pretty beat up but from far away it looks ok to get
close it’s pretty crappy and when you look closer here you can tell the things been
in numerous wrecks body panels don’t fit that well anymore you can see overspray
from when they sprayed it now it was such a bizarre paint job the first thing
you want to check is what was the original color and they always say on
the door nh592p is the exterior color look it up in your phone for acura paint colors it’s a metallic black at least it was a black car this isn’t
the original black but at least it’s black from my advice never buy a car
that was one color and was repainted another cuz they end up looking like
crap every time somebody dings a door rock hits something the old paint y’all
sue and it looks horrible at least it was black it’s a different
color black now but at least it started out is black too and even though it’s
obviously been wrecked a few times you can see that the a/c condenser is
straight it’s not bent for massive racks and the radiator part goes pretty good
but you notice this he has new radiator fans and both of them are brand new when you see stuff like that on a used car you want to take it for a good long road
test both for 10 20 minutes in traffic stop and go and on a highway and if you
see any where you drive the temperature gauge starts to rise higher don’t buy
the car it’s got an overheating problem somebody tried putting new fans and to
fix it that didn’t fix it so anytime you see something like that make sure you
road test it for quite some time to see if it has any overheating problems
because it does you don’t want to buy now in this case the customer didn’t pay
that much money for the vehicle it’s not like he’s gonna lose a whole bunch of
money he didn’t pay anything he paid less than one twentieth of the
original sticker price of this car and sure it’s got a lousy paint job I mean
they painted over everything with the black they didn’t mask it all this is
supposed to be chrome here and they painted the wheels over with the
differences black look basically at one time luxurious sports sedan has turned
into a rat sports sedan it’s not something you’re just gonna buy and then
drive from Texas to California back it’s a red car but that’s sad it’s a pretty
luxurious red car how much longer is it gonna last 21 years old
that’s 150 thousand miles well it depends on how you take care of it it
isn’t accurate after all made by Honda it’s not a car you’re gonna be doing
burnouts in your Burnie and you know you’re burning the transmission out but
if you drive it conservatively change the oil regularly hey I’ve seen these
things with two hundred thousand miles on and realized this particular model
it’s got a rubber timing belt and these are interference engines if the belt
breaks Pistons will hit the valves the first thing I’d advise doing is if
you don’t have records for a car this old this many miles change the timing
belt in the water pump because if they break you can say goodbye engine now
I’ve had customs are bought these things originally and had them for 25 years
just gamble and say Scotty I’ve had this car for 25 years I want to spend
that kind of money changing the timing belt the water pump and all this stuff
I’ll just drive it until it drops and sometimes they still golf few more years
and when the belt eventually breaks then they just junk the car because in the
case of this rat Acura it would cost him more to have the timing belt and
water pump and and puller replaced than he paid for the car which is why if you’re
looking at this particular car or any used Acura you want to give it a good
road test first and if it runs good it’s just good and it’s a cheap price then
you want to gamble with hey maybe I’ll get some time out of it it’s a fun car
to drive go right ahead just don’t go out and buy one of these
like one of my customers high school kids did and thought oh he’s going to
make a drifter car out of it and then blow the thing up and a few months
after buy because being an Acura with a big old v6 engine they will go even when
they’re old but then they go until they blow now this particular one is a pretty
honest rat car you look at it you can see hey it’s got a rat paint job it’s
not a wolf in sheep’s clothing you can see that it’s a red car and it didn’t
cost much money but don’t make the mistake of buying one of these cars to
think you’re gonna turn it into a like brand-new car
put on a $3,000 paint job soup it all up it’s a rat car it’s made as a rat car drive
is a rat car don’t throw a whole bunch of money into it because it’s not worth
it basically you’re getting a luxury sports car at a very low price if you
can get even a year or two out of it of good use and drive it conservatively hey
it could be a fun car but if after a while it turns into a nightmare car with
the engine starting to go or the transmission
don’t throw money into it then you just said wow that was fun while it lasted
get rid of it realize that you can buy 20 of these things for the price of a
new one so just think of each one only lasted a
year you got 20 years of cars and you get to drive a different car all the
time so now you know the truth about old used Acura luxury cars when you should
buy them and when you should just say nah I’ll look for a different one,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

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  • I'd rather C3 corvette so I can do burnouts all I want do 150 thousand then rebuild engine or put new 350 and do another

  • That motor can make it to 500k easily. If motor blows, don't act like you cant find a $500 Honda motor in Houston, I'm from Houston, if the original motor blows, put another working one in. The best thing about old Hondas is the important parts are super cheap!

  • Scotty. I have been looking at a 2008 mustang by automatic with 63000 miles. What should I be looking for that might be wrong with the car.

  • My gmc Sierra runs better now at 250k than it did when I got it with 150k…got about 3k worth of parts in it. We'll see.

  • Apparently 300-400k if you’ve got one of those “horrible” Suburbans.
    Over 200k already on my 2002 Durango as well. Pretty long apparently…..even if you don’t have a Corolla. 😆

  • Someone here posted “forever.” True, if you have a Suburban you’re going to want to preserve it longer than a Sentra. Plus, GM is cheap and easy to work on.

  • I've saw more than 1 Chevy, 2 trucks with a 350 and a Corvette with the LS turn over 1 million so I'll stick with chevy

  • 1 person that I meet in Va Beach does have a Mercedes 300 D with 1 million miles & use only deep fry oil to run his car …

  • It's funny, because he's saying how the car looks like crap, but I'm just picturing the owner watching this and going "hey!"

  • I believe in living a thrifty lifestyle and have paid cash for used vehicles. But I'm wondering if you've seen a patern of old age vehicles in which they start to wear out. I have a 2002 7.3 Powerstroke diesel and we've spent several thousand on it in the last two years. Its hard to have a down vehichle and take it to the shop. Not to mention a good diesel shop is 50 mins away. Seems like wiring and plastic bits start wearing out around 15 years or so on vehicles. I'd love to upgrade to a newer SUV, but everything is just so darn expensive. A newer Sequoia is my goal, but I dont have a lot of extra cash laying around. Since the Excursion has all new injectors and pump I'll probably stick with it for another year or two before we upgrade. My next dream vehicle is a Land Cruiser but they're even more expenive. I'm tired of having to squeeze around the Ex in the garage and a shorter wheelbase Sequoia or even smaller TLC would be perfect. Smaller, but still strong enough to pull our 6,000lb ski boat.

  • Scotty I had a Nissan hardbody 1992 with a k24 motor in it I got seven hundred thousand miles out of it before it blew

  • What if….
    You get a Celica, and you only drive about 1,000 miles a year with it? And still do the maintenance 🤔🤔🤔

  • Hey scotty I live in Houston and I would like you to work on my car if there is some way you could could check my car

  • Iv got a 2008 Chrysler Sebring and it’s got 201,000 miles and no engine lights or burning oil, still runs like new

  • nope nope nope to buying a used Honda or acura Automatic transmissions only manuals trans. you'll be screaming at your car transmission repair bills as much as subaru owners with blown headgaskets

  • A car can last practically forever if the owner makes repairs! Scott Kilmer? You would have LOVED to have been here about two years ago!

    A guy pulled up into the parking lot with an 18wheeler from the 70s! This thing was NEAT and the guy kept it in PERFECT condition! Out pops an older gentleman who noticed I was looking it over and we started talking and he said he was the owner of his own private hauling fleet and how he was retiring!

    'Why dont you go get your CDL and do trucking? Shes on sale for 10 grand! Got 2,500,000 miles on her but ive kept her nice and pur-dee!'

    Lmao no thanks but it was an awesome experience!

  • I would pay $300 tops for that. It has a new radiator hose, new battery cables, ruined wheels with the paint, a leaky sun roof, a broken windshield, a burnt hand rest, a rattle can paint job, a missing exhaust tip, an old timing belt… and that is just from seeing it in this video.

  • This makes me miss my Nissan hardbody. I had 400,000 on it when a red light runner totaled it earlier this year.

  • My wife 08 Honda Fit 1.5 liter has 320k miles and still run smooth with regular maintenances plus it’s a driving chain no need to change.

  • Am I missing the 700,000? Seems scotty you talk about everything but the advertised subject. Really think I've seen high mileage cars in your other videos.

  • I had an Acura and it was the biggest piece of junk I ever owned it was in the shop every week. I got me a Toyota and I never have any problems I got 320,000 and I still have no problems because it's a Toyota

  • I have been a mechanic for 37 years. I prefer 1960s pre emissions cars and trucks. I have a 1964 Ford Fairlane 4 door (got it really cheap) that still runs like new. Yes, the engine (a straight six) and the automatic transmission have been rebuilt. And they can be rebuilt at least twice more. All the steering, brake, and suspension parts have been replaced. But they are ridiculously cheap. This is an absolute base model car. Manual brakes, manual steering, it did not come with A/C, it has aftermarket under dash A/C. The body is completely straight and rust free. This is an original AZ car. There is no reason it can't last over 100 years unless it gets totaled. As long as parts are available, it will not be expensive or difficult to keep it going. Being a straight six, the cam is gear driven. no belts or internal chains. I can have the engine out in 2 hours. I've owned it for 19 years, and intend to keep it for the rest of my life.

  • I mean hey he’s not wrong, my parents 1999 Honda Accord has over 480,000 miles with only a few bumps in the road here and there when it comes to problems

  • My 99 accord v6 has the same motor and transmission. I love it. I can work on everything myself, and have!
    Thanks for all the help along the way!
    Don't forget to drop some at205 in it! Works great on those seals for that car.

  • Seen some cars get real close to 1M miles just depends how you take care of it and how good it was assembled that day

  • How many miles do you think you can get from a Ford Escape 6 cylinder? With regular oil changes every 3,000 MI or three months whichever comes first motorcraft oil 5/20 weight. Thanks Scotty.

  • Not watching. Because physics. Entropy rules. Stop saying, "It's how you take care of it." ANY car will "last" if you keep pouring money into the stupid thing.

  • The very first brushless motor ever built still runs flawlessly. Now that we’re finally moving to electric, we’re right on the brink of having cars that could last a lifetime.

  • So, basically, buy a 20 year old interference engine car, and take a chance that the engine will break down on the highway, putting you at risk of death or serious injury. All for the price of $1,300. What a bargain.

  • When> Until you cannot find the car spare parts in the junk yard .BTW I like the way you hang the keys to your trousers. I do that to.

  • I had purchased a 1996 Acura TL 2.5 with the 5 cylinder engine for $1100 way back in 2009 the guy I had purchased the car was the original owner and he drove the car to work and back highway miles since it was a brand new car. I bought it and the car has it's original engine/transmission almost going to reach 300k miles. The only expensive thing's I had to do is put a new alternator/front and rear shocks/ and a new brake pads. Car still runs as smooth as possible, im very impressed in this car. Before this acura I used to have another 1996 Acura TL but with the 3.2 V6. It was given to me but that car was not maintained good from it's previous owner it was blowing a head gasket so I ended up getting rid of that one to end up with my current Acura. Very very reliable car has it been to me! Goes to show how far a car can go if maintained on time and driven conservatively.

  • I had a integra with a turbocharged b18b 4 cylinder in it with 290k on it. How it survived a life of clutch dropping and redline touching I have no idea.

  • Dont buy one though the 3.0l transmissions are prone to failure i, experienced it first, hand you shouldn't have to.

  • Buy a 1st gen Toyota Tacoma or T100, change oil and filter every 5k miles, change tranny and diff oil every 30k miles, and change water pump every 100k miles.

    Do this maintenance and the above mentioned cars will last 500k+ miles, then you can sell it to a mercenary in Africa or Middle East, they will mount an M60 to flat bed and drive it in dessert for another 500k miles.

  • I like those older cars, buy them, pay a good mechanic to give it a good once over, first thing replace, cambelt, etc, all that WILL cost you less than a service for a new car at a dealership. Spend a bit, because that car will give you 300 000 miles if you drive it properly, and service it every 3000 miles. The plastics won't fall off and disintegrate like the new cars. My E30 325i has 420 000 miles
    ( 740 000 km) on the clock and the engines never been opened. Yes I've replaced, brakes, master and slave cilinders, exhaust once, idle control valve, water pipes, small things, fixed rust here and there,etc, etc, but it is still 100% reliable, and it goes well, NO plastics. That car will still go long after my Merc which is 10 years old which is already got plastics failing, you can't work on it without replacing some broken plastic cover. As I'm saying you can spend a bit off money respraying that Accura because you'll drive it for another 15 years atleast.

  • He Scotty! Please help!!!! My 2009 Subaru Impreza ac fan keeps running after I switch the car off. What could be the problem?

  • I well maintained gasoline car or truck realistically can last 500,000 miles with good driving habits. A diesel car or truck can realistically last one million miles if well maintained and with a good driving habits. I own a 1986 Mercedes 300 turbo diesel it has over 300,000 miles and is arguably the best engine ever built.

  • Scotty, I've had a 1999 Mazda Protege 1.6 (ZM-DE Engine) and I drove it for 386.000 km's (~240.000 miles) and sold it at April 2012 with zero problems.
    At 210.000 km needed to replace the radiator + hoses + cooling pump with brand new original Mazda parts – upon my mechanic's recommendation.
    Japanese are reliable. and even much much more reliable if you have a good mechanic that helps you to keep things in good condition.

  • Scotty, I’m looking into getting a new car and I’m choosing between 2015-2017 mustang GT or 2018-2019 Honda Accord. What’s the most reliable choice pertaining engine and transmission?

  • I drive a 01 acura tl v6 auto, its up to 261,000, if she makes 300 im gonna throw a timing belt on it and go for the gold

  • rather have 20 old cars that only last 1 year each than a new one that only lasts 10 years. math doesnt lie when you find out which is the crappier deal!

  • I used to drive a 97 Mirage. Had over 180k miles. Rusted all over. Had lots of problems. Did some repairs so I can drive it from my house to work. Drove it for 5 years before selling it. Was gonna go for a new Mirage Hatchback, but after watching your videos, I went with a new Yaris Hatchback.

  • Scotty I know you're discrete .. bbbuuuttt I was wondering if over the years have you found some…odd items in people's cars?

  • It's depend on the car, but over a Century for sure, maybe more. For the question which should've been asked in the first place, That is how long the best car can be economically kept roadworthy, the answer is probably 20-25 years. Oh yeah, don't expect modern cars ever last that long. The winners were those who kept their cars from the '90s in good shape, they still can drive it and not yet cost them and arm and a leg.

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