Here’s Why Cars Have Stupid Designs

Here’s Why Cars Have Stupid Designs

rev up your engines,
Sebastian Dehesa says scotty why did dodge put a battery in front of the driver’s
side wheel in a Dodge Avenger, because they could, they wanted to maximize the
space for the engine inside the engine compartment, so they stuck it there,
just stupid stuff, I mean the first time I work on one of those I thought, oh man
what kind of an idiot designed this thing, that’s dodge for you, you know they
got they just want to maximize the space
they can put a big engine under the hood and then put batteries, some other
porsches are even worse, some of them you have to remove the driver’s seat in
order to replace the battery, I mean talk about a stupid design you know, but
that’s engineers for you, they don’t care you know they’re just making them so
they can fit crap in and they don’t get one hoot about how hard it is to fix them
Hail says what do you think of the honda del Sol I have a 96 I love it, yeah
you know those are interesting cars they’re basically a Honda Civic with a
different body style you know, it’s like my 94 Toyota Celica
it’s a Toyota Corolla with a different body on it basically, and your Honda does
so it’s basically a Honda Civic with a different body style, for some reason they
never hit it sales wise, they only made it for
a few years and they stopped making them, you know they’re just as reliable as the
Honda Civics, it’s the same basic vehicle engine, transmission, brakes, suspension all
that stuff, and there are well made cars and you can always get parts for them
cuz it’s basically a Honda Civic, I got customers with them that still love
the little cars you know you take care of
them, they can last a long time it’s a really well-made Honda specially they got a
standard tranny in them, fatal catcus says, I got a 98 Nissan Altima GXE
150,000 miles, the temperature gauge doesn’t work, could it be the sensor or the gauge
what do you think about the car in general, a
1998 Nissan Altima wasn’t a bad car, that was before Nissan got taken
over by Renault, the quality was much higher, got to like autozone buy the temperature
sending unit that’s it most time, when the engine is cold just unscrew it screw the
new one in and plug it in, and
that’ll probably fix the thing, but as a general vehicle, it’s a decent vehicle they
were making them better in those days, I had customers with
them they got two hundred thousand miles out of them and they were still running
pretty good, and the engines and transmissions still worked, and not so on
the newer ones, since they merged
with Renault but that 1998t one was actually a pretty good car, Josh says
is a 07 sequoia an okay car, the Toyota Sequoia are gigantic, I guess that’s
why they called them Sequoia cuz they’re like Sequoia redwood trees
you know huge things, and they’re well made vehicles there’s no arguing that,
they can last a really long time that said they’re tremendous gas hogs, most of
them when I say, you know what kind of gas mileage you get, they said no I don’t
want to figure it out because I’d be so depressed, cuz the wife uses it mainly to
take kids around town to soccer games and stuff, he says I put so much gas into the
thing I don’t want to know how low gas mileage it gets, cuz they’re huge high up
in the air vehicles with giant v8 engines in
them, it can last a really long time you know if you want that kind of vehicle go
ahead and get one, you know it will outlast a chevy suburban the newer ones a
long long time than those things will, Alberto Ramirez says greetings from
Mexico are isuzu engines good, now here’s the thing about isuzus, they pulled out
of the United States decades ago, but they sell cars trucks all over the world
still, they do make excellent diesel engines, they are excellent engines
change the oil regularly they can last a really long time, here in the United
States a lot of the little tow trucks those flatbed tow trucks, they got isuzu
engines in them and there are well-made engines they can last a really long time
now their gasoline engines, yeah not so much, when they sold those Isuzu rodeos over
here with the v6 engines the engines are always breaking down when they got older
cost a fortune to fix, they were kind of a pain, but the diesel engines were pretty
good in those things, Alberto Parreira says hey Scotty is
a 5.6 liter Nissan Titan a good truck, well it depends on what you want
to do with it and how much money you want to
spend, decent made trucks now if I was gonna get a v8 truck, hey I get a f150
or get a toyota tundra before I’d get one of those, because
they’re gonna last longer there’s no doubt that, if you’re the type of guy
that you’re gonna keep it for so many years and get rid of it, maybe you’d be
totally happy with it, but if you’re the type of guy that is going to tow a lot
of stuff, carry a lot in the bed, serious construction stuff, you would be better off
getting an f-150 than you would be getting a Nissan, that said I got some
customers with them that like them, but not for hauling really heavy stuff and for
long term reliability especially with automatic transmissions that’s the
weakest things of those louis says Scotty got a Honda
Odyssey 2010 it’s got 240,000 miles engine and tranny in good condition, is it
worth 8,000 to put money in it in case the transmission goes, no it is you
don’t want to put that kind of money in that car it’s getting to the end of its
lifespan anyways, the engine is gonna wear out, other things are gonna wear out, I
would never put $8,000 into that thing that would be foolhardy, beautiful used
Toyota Sienna’s for $8,000 and drive them for another 15 years, so there’s no way I
would put that kind of money into that Honda Odyssey, you got lucky it lasted
that long, I wouldn’t push my luck any further,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car
repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  • Scotty enjoy your information. We have a 2016 Lexus with the open front grill, first reaction was negative but after owning the new grill I found it better overall that the 2013 that we had. Because of issue with bugs and cleaning the new grill design is easier to keep the front end cleaned, in Florida. Hope this helps

  • Thanks Scotty. The new plastic bumper systems are terrible in the winter. You have to be very careful you do not anything at all especially when it is cold. The wheel wells get clogged up and you must be careful removing it when it gets cold or you could loosen the bumper because its all one big piece that wraps around from one side to the other.
    Thanks Scotty for explaining and telling the truth

  • Scotty, what's your opinion on the 92 chevy g20 van? I just bought one for $750 with 350,000 miles. what would you recommend that I check?

  • Scotty I got a 2000 Toyota Camry with blown head gasket. it has 290,000 miles on it with its original transmission. Do you think it’s worth investing in a new engine? Ran like a clock prior to the engine going out.

  • When it comes to Porsche, on some of them when it comes to changing the air filter, rear bumper has to be removed in order to access it. And for some reason that same air filter is like 6 feet long xD

  • BMW is by far the worlds worst auto manufacturer. They are junk when the leave the factory. And Nissan is a close second. Yes, even Mercedes is better than Nissan. But do not buy an F150 with a Triton 5.4. The trucks are good quality, but the engines are literally designed to fail. A first year engineering student could point out 5 or 6 serious issues with those engines.

  • I have a 2000 Pontiac Firebird Convertible with a 6 cyl engine. It only has 35,000 miles & looks like new. The oil pressure gauge stopped working years ago. The mechanic replaced the sending unit but it still doesn't function. He said the gauge must have shorted out & is very expensive to fix. I don't drive it much. Should I spend the money to get it repaired?

  • Why do u keep recommending Ford trucks now? They are pretty poorly made the last several years from what I've seen…

  • How much does Toyota pay you to speak so highly of their cars? Toyota is overrated. Most boring car money can buy..

  • my Porsche had the battery in the front. engine in the middle. easy enough to change. have to step into the front trunk to do it. my mercedes and jaguar had that battery in the trunk which is just fine. not sure why dodge didn't just put it in the trunk. having to remove the wheel or seat or anything to get to it is ridiculous. especially for us in the north. my battery died when it was well below zero. I would have been dejected and pissed if I had to remove the tire or seat in that horrible weather.

  • My first vehicle was an '82 chevette with a diesel engine made by Isuzu…that think was a tank..I ran kerosene and heating oil in it…the driver's door wouldn't stay shut so we ended up jumping it off hill climbs and tearing the hell out of it where we rode dirt bikes and quads….only thing that killed is when we pumped it full of 12 gauge slugs.

  • No Crap KIDS…My brothers old Intrepid and my friends 2014 "200", have the battery along side the engine block…My guess, is to allow other parts to fit together better FIRST, but at the expense of being a PAIN, to the customer and Tech…

  • I’m new and i feel like I’ll get murdered by him if I tell him I’d rather dig myself a hole dumping money into an old JDM car instead of getting something off the lot

  • A car I used to have had its battery in front of the right front wheelhouse. It had a panel held in by four screws removed to take the panel out.
    Oh…almost forgot: the car had to be jacked up all the way and the steering turned to the left lock then take the key out to let the steering lock.
    Now the battery cable clamps had to be reached from above down through the motor compartment.
    Next, take the battery holddown clamp off from the top. Careful! not to let it bridge the battery terminals. Best to put the little plastic caps from your new battery on the posts of the old battery.
    Slide the battery out through the wheelhouse.
    If the new battery was not an exact matching foreign battery with its posts recessed in the corners, better put those plastic caps back on at least one post. Tilt the new battery to hook the post under the edge of the access hole and slide the battery in. Tilt the battery the other way to get the other post through the access opening. Put everything back together in reverse order, connecting the negative clamp to the negative post last.
    Nevr-Seez the screws and put the access panel back in place.

  • My knock is the location of the brake pedal, right next to the gas pedal. As an engineer, I believe driving with both feet can shave fraction of a second off of braking time and thus avoid accidents. In 60years of driving, I estimated that about a dozen minor accidents was avoided. OK, OK nay sayers will say you may
    mix up the pedals and blah, blah, etc. But the reality is once your drive with both feet, it is fully automatic
    which feet to use in an event of an emergency.

  • I got baited when the thumbnail said my car have stupid designs, i know the grille is stupid but i still love it ;_;

  • Chevrolet made it impossible to change a burned out headlight unless you took off the front fascia…costs about $200 to get it done.

  • Surprised to hear that same unthoughtful opinion about space use from someone like Scotty. Space is not ample anymore, so options are not all convenient. Yes, some are difficult, but its victim of circumstance – not quite fair to say engineers "don't care" or are "stupid". Other circumstances may also leave the result as not exactly optimal.

  • Aw Scotty , Chrysler did make some good stuff in the old days, well up to the 60's at least, my old slant 6 Torqueflyte was practically bulletproof.

  • Hi Scotty i own a Mazda 2 DE with an auto tranny and recently is has been having problems shifting into reverse and jerky shift from 2nd to 3rd. If i shift the gear through out all the range to L before shifting into reverse and it could just shift into reverse fine. Could this be a faulty TCU, shift solenoid or could it just be a clogged tranny path? The transmission fluid is change according to owner's manual specified duration. I has done 180,000kms so far. Any advice for me as I don't intend to spend a fortune rebuilding the transmission for a minor issue. Thanks Scotty.

  • It's not the engineers fault.
    When you walk into the office and tell management, "this isn't going to work" " it's going to cause problems "down the road"
    The responses is, "don't tell me what's wrong" "tell me how you're going to make it work"
    To much time & delay would be spent on redesign & deadlines missed.
    Yes, you are right,👍 Stupid Design!!!

  • Current Lexus grille designs look like one of those airport vacuum cleaners designed to remove FOD from the runway …

  • I hate how an older car with less mileage cost less than a newer car with more mileage. i have this theory that a lot of the newer cars are just re cycled older versions of the car they didn't manage to sell.

  • I have a 2012 silverado with 158k miles. Never had a lick of trouble with it. I keep the oil changed. Battery replacement once.
    However, i cant reach the bottom radiator hose to change my coolant. Also has no petcock valve. That sucks

  • The one that gets me is why mirrors haven't migrated back to the front of the car now that nearly every mirror is controlled from the drivers seat.

    Wing mirrors at the front of the hood are about 10x more effective at eliminating blindspots in my experience (including daily driving a 66 Volvo p-1800).

    The only downside is they are a pain to adjust. With that downside moot in most cars sold, why are mirrors still outside the door windows?

  • Most stupid design I can think of is the Renault Modus. Book time to change a driver's headlamp bulb is 3.5 hrs, passenger side 4 hrs. That's approx £200 to change a £5 bulb.

  • Scotty I want to buy a 2007 Acura TL with a manual transmission that has 112,000 miles for 6000 dollars. Is that a good idea.

  • I started working for Manheim auto auctions as a driver and I drive 100 different cars a week. It's really interesting to try all those different cars. Some of the fancy cars are crap to drive and some simple types are a joy.

  • Scotty … Hmmm
    An 'o', 't', 'y', 'o'…'t'…

    Of course ! toyo… Toyota !
    'c' ?… 'C'elica

    He was Japanese in another life !

  • I'm really confused because cars have gotten much better, but the design is horrible. Like on my Rav4 (09, V6): to change the headlight assembly you have to take the front bumper off. It makes zero sense. On my 2012 Ford Focus, you can't easily jack the car up with a hydraulic jack because they put a stupid plastic trim on the sides. Same car they leave the trunk wires somewhat exposed so after time opening and closing the wires all break. And then, two of the wires in the trunk harness are black. Solid black. Both sets. So when they break, like they did in mine, you have a hell of a time trying to figure out which connects to which. I'm convinced they do these things to make you go to the dealership or a mechanic for repairs. It all looks easy enough if you have a lift and good air tools, but without that stuff, you're kinda screwed.

  • There is a high level scan tool that gives color coded diagnostic results (red bad, yellow needs attention, green is good). Scotty Kilmer and others talk about it, but do not give specifics on make/model of scan tool. Do you know which one it is? Autel? It's not a simple code reader, but compares vehicle PIDs to average vehicle PIDs to tell you problems before codes are triggered.

  • Car battery placement is weird to get more points on safety test. Not in the usual place ??? – the car is a deathtrap.

  • Scotty, I always wondered why Dodge/Chrysler did that! I mean, what idiotic set of mechanical engineer teams would design a vehicle and place the battery inside the Left Fender Well of their cars! It's an absolute pain in the butt to get that thing out and replace the battery without taking the Left Front Wheel off and undoing the splash shield before you even get to the thing! Worse than when Cadillac would put their battery underneath the back seat of their early 2000s DeVille using the Northstar Engine! It's amazing.

  • The best place for the battery is in the trunk. There is nothing worse for a battery than heat. The trunk is nice and cool.

  • Scottie…. ah man, sorry to have to correct you. but i gotta say something about your Isuzu comment. the Rodeo's, Trooper's where equipt with excellent engines. Actually the 3.5lt, and the more importantly the 3.2lt where a HONDA designed engine, if you rememmber the honda passport was just a rebadged rodeo with the 3.2lt v6. and the 3.5lt in the Troopers where the same engine with just a lil more bore. but, i will agree there where issues with them…. the issues with all of them, the Rodeo, the Trooper, the Passport, and there was even a acura in there…. the Issue was the General Motors 4L30E transmission…. a real POS. and as far as the deisels go, yes their deseil engines where and are good… pre DEF generation…. i use to be a mechanic at a Isuzu truck dealer, and the DEF equipted engines are nothing but problems.

  • my battery in my 08 avenger is still going strong yes a hard place to get to but it stays cool making it why it last long.. an not really bad to change can be jump started from the top

  • "Why did Dodge put a battery in front of the wheel on the Avenger?" "Because it was better than putting the battery under the seat on the pan of the old 60s VW where it would rust thru the pan. The rear seat springs would sag and short out the battery terminals and cause your VW to go up in flames!"

  • take my transport 3800 over any import rust bucket van…in ohio hondas an toyes are gone in 10 years an the frames break on their trucks maybe ok in the south not when the weather gets rough got to have a ford or gm

  • The brand new Nissan Titan XD with the Cummings diesel now comes with an Aisin transmission, so it should be a pretty reliable truck but not sure how well the engines will hold up overtime. I think Cummings in general are pretty good though.

  • Probably the most ridiculed car ever was the Russian Lada. You you could disassemble the entire car with a basic tool kit and the engine could be removed without even putting it on a hoist. Each component was easy to reach and if you needed to replace it you did not have to remove 5 other things first. For the money there is no question it was hands down the most economical and reliable vehicle I have ever owned. The heater was outstanding. They were loud cramped and a bit crude, but I wish I still had mine.

  • Scotty, what do you think about the new toyota 2.5L i4 engine with dual port injection? used in the 2018 toyota camry and other models.

  • Cars, Trucks, SUVs that have stupid designs: Nissan Juke, Honda Ridgeline, Second Gen Nissan Pathfinder, Toyota Prius (Current Gen), 2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD because the front looks like that station wagon National Lampoon's Vacation and I seen a picture of it that looks like it and that, 2020 Ford F-250 because they lowered the ride height, Lincoln Mark LT, Hyundai Genesis Coupe, Honda Pilot (Current Gen), Honda Civic (Current Gen), Especially this car seen in the picture/thumbnail, Toyota RAV4 (Previous Gen) Nissan Leaf, All the ugly cars seen in Minds Eye Design's videos, 2019 RAM, Subaru Baja, Hudson Hornet because it has no speedometer just a clock,

  • That twin screw flatbed with the Fisher-Price toy car strapped to the back just cracked me up! (4:05)
    Scotty your the best! Definitely must spend a lot of time on little things to make us laugh.

  • I bought a 2002 Sequoia new. I traded it two years ago and have always regretted it. Even with bad gas mileage, it ranks as my #1 vehicle that I've owned.

  • VW sedans (i.e REAL Volkswagens) had their battery under the back seat on the passenger side. The only problem was when the battery leaked acid, which would eat through the chassis pan. And that's the first thing to look out for when buying a classic VW.

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