Here’s Why Car Review Channels are Full of Crap, This is the Best Car

Here’s Why Car Review Channels are Full of Crap, This is the Best Car

rev up your engines today I’m gonna talk
about how the Toyota Corolla is boring and why I like it to stay that way
now the Toyota Corolla is the top-selling car in a world over 43
million of these things have been sold but people say they’re boring
they’re not like a Jaguar Mercedes or BMW that break down all the time are you
gonna pay for these expensive repairs yes they’re boring in that respect and
people say they’re boring looking cars hey today it’s hard to tell one card for
another most of them look pretty much the same and yes I have to admit these
are pretty boring interiors boring cloth seats nothing out of the ordinary
excitement this one’s got a CD player mmm and yeah the interior front and back
and it’s nothing to write home about the hood four-cylinder engine it does that
variable valve timing but it’s certainly no race car this 2010 Corolla as a 1.8
what’s on 130 horsepower no great shakes hands like many modern car lots of
plastic parts did you tend to last you can see lotsa 90s for all was still
rolling down how many 90s of other cars you see still rolling down the road and
running smooth not burning a ton of oil with air conditions it’s still below
freezing cold and there’s certainly evolved over time this one’s a lot more
legroom than the Corolla I had when my kids were growing up my sons well over
six feet tall he rolled around in it for years they got a decent sized trunk and
this one even has an auto trunk opener whoo buy space going in
nice deep trunk broken technology that works
it’s got discs in the front but it’s only got drums in the back drums in the
back are perfectly fine for a small car like this it’s not a race car no this
one’s only got 99 thousand miles on it so it’s barely broken in it’s got a very
dependable 4-speed automatic transmission including overdrive you
want Vanderbilt transportation simple and
boring is often the way to go overtime Toyota has perfected the boring Corolla
so they get better gas might have a little bit more power have a lot of room
for pulling people around what and since they’ve been making for so long there is
a plethora of aftermarket parts that work fine cost very little that you
could put on when they do finally wear out something lots of working room you
can easily do a lot of the servicing yourself and save money being a
relatively low cost low powered vehicle insurance on these things it’s also
cheaper than other vehicles so you’re not throwing a bunch of money away on
insurance and buying too much gas just don’t go too far because they were
bought one of these things and he brought it to me it’s leaking a little
bit uh he had ninety thousand miles on and I said hey how often do you change
the oil in this thing then he said I’m a Salesman Oliver taxes New Mexico
Arkansas Oklahoma he said I put on so many mileage I’d have to change it every
week so I’ve never actually changed the oil in the car and he had 90 thousand
miles on it then I said well doesn’t burn oil no he
said well you know the first sixty thousand miles he said it didn’t burn a
drop no I got to put a quarter in every four or five thousand miles now don’t
ever mistreat a car like this if you value your money but it just shows how tough
these things are I had a customer with a Chrysler once and he also never
changed as well and that they went fifteen thousand miles on the engine
pool really the Corollas offer advanced boring technology things to start every
time you turn the key get good gas much and are comfortable enough they’ve
evolved over time the one that I had hey it was a 70s Corolla it was also a
florid orbit this one has much more room the seats even though they’re kind of
cheap looking the fabric they’re much more comfortable in the old seats were
and you can’t even compare the suspension and ride the old one had a
solid axle rear wheel drive this is front wheel drive independent suspension
they really ride quite well sure then their not as luxurious as say a toyota camry but then again it cost a lot less they
can also handle quite a bit of abuse one time I was taking the kids to get some
hamburgers and two drunk lawyers wives ran a red light hit us spun the car
around the hill on the other side we’re all shook up police came gave the women
tickets and said we’ll get you tow truck I looked at it and said hey so Toyota
Corolla we drove the rest of the way to the Hamburger restaurant drop it back home then the next week I took it to my body shop and it fixed enough but they can
take quite a bit of abuse you would be surprised at what these tiny things can
take I see Toyota Corollas just like and maybe the person next door hey maybe
they weren’t the greatest looking person but they were very nice and they were
dependable might not be a bad idea to marry them instead of going after the
Porsche not being that dependable over time because I have the luxury of
hindsight now I see the old Porsche people know that I’m 66
they don’t look that good now either you know you know why the Toyota Corolla is
so boring and why I hope it stays that way, so if you never want to miss another
one of my new car repair videos remember to ring that Bell

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  • What do think about the new Cadillac XT6……engine size to weight ratio, quality vs price, transmission. Should l buy the first year of a new model vehicle or wait for the bugs to be tweeted. Love your channel, thanks in advance!

  • My maroon 5 speed 89 has about 140k on it, one owner, immaculate interior and only a little rust on the rocker ends. Best 1500 bucks Ive ever spent, and I absolutely love how boring it is. But, I do make up for it with my 88 aw11 B)

    Keep em rolling Scotty!

  • Another great video, thanks Scotty. Owned four corollas myself, three new, one used. Corollas were my kids’ first cars. Never anything other than normal repair and maintenance, even on the one that was abused before I got it. The only one not still running was totaled in a bad wreck… that I walked away from with no injuries. Best cars ever made.

  • Let the whole world drive A Toyota Corolla what a depressing thought . I take the point about reliability no argument there. But car ownership is more than than the sum of its parts. It’s a purchase of the heart more than the brain . Would you rather drive a twisty road through the Italian Alps in an Alpha Romeo or Lancia with their fantastic handling and engine noise background or a bleeding boring Corolla . Cars are like humans some brilliant but flawed some dependable but boring. It’s what makes the world go round 😊

  • My mom's friend had an old Cressida. She owned it for 5 years when all of the sudden it seized up. When she took it to the mechanic, they took off the valve cover and the whole thing was sludged over. The goop in the pan was like mud. Turned out she never changed the oil during those 5 years

  • Sorry, Scotty… glad you like it, but we spend WAY too much of our lives driving to justify boring cars! Life is short and we need to have a little fun every day.

  • Dad had a 2000 Corolla. He barely kept up with maintenence and never got the oil change on time, but had near 300,000 km and still ran like a charm.

  • I have a 2010 silver Toyota Corolla and it’s the best car I’ve owned ( and I’ve owned many). This car is reliable, low cost to maintain, low cost insurance, low cost depreciation ; economical; plenty of spare parts; you can take it to any mechanic unlike prestige cars; doesn’t show dirt ( due to being silver in colour); has never had any part replaced besides normal replacement oil/ oil filter, tyres, breaks etc; all parts inside cabin show no sign of wear.
    I’ve noticed a lot of Mercedes and BMW four wheel drive cars broken down and other luxury cars with their bonnet up at the side of the road while I drive past them.

  • Toyota always last forever. My 96 Toyota Camry V6 has over 193,000 miles and still drives really smooth. And it's not really boring cuz the V6 is more fun to drive and I got the luxury edition which included a good bass 🤘🏻

  • Can you make video over Jack's how bleed them and oil them right way …to many videos and comments always negative also opinions of how or what not

  • Have a 2001 Pontiac sunfire handed down to me, that went 40k miles without an oil change when I got it. It's still purring like a kitty at 191k miles

  • I’ve had my 2010 for 10 years now great car. Bearly ever had a problem with it when I do, I can do the work myself they are very easy to work on. I drive like a f1 driver almost all the time and still get 26 mpg. I’ve used the car to go cross country I’ve used the car for Uber if used the car for construction and it’s still going strong 160k miles all this thing needs is gas and it’s regular oil change. This has been the best car I’ve ever owned.

  • My 2006 Matrix is boring as hell , but looks cool and actually handles really well with AWD and nice wide Premiere A/S tires. Kick It in the pants and it's pretty quick. Has 135k and has never, ever stranded me.

  • Hey @Scottykilmer I have a 16 mustang v6 manual with 3.55 final drive gears, my trans is made in china🤣 but I will say I have 173k miles on my car with very minimal issues, example a premature wheel bearing at like 15k miles and a lower control arm. Other then that it's been a beast. Good gas looks good and 300 hp 0-60 in the 5 seconds I cant complain lol
    I do change the oils regularly meaning differential, trans and motor oil, and seems to be going strong. Believe me I ain't easy to it either. Been through Houston omw to New Orleans before heading up to Minnesota. Plan to have the highest mileage mustang by the time I'm your age 🤣🤣 I'm 23

  • I drive an 03 4runner. It has the v8 and has 218k miles. Its not boring but it is dependable. I have put 13k miles on it and unfortunately haven't had the chance to change the oil. The oil still looks brand new and hasnt used a drop.

  • I know Scotty doesn’t care about my kind but my 1.4t Jetta has broken less than my grandparent’s Camry and their tundra before it was totaled, in fact I’ve only had to replace a battery in the past 100,000 miles and they couldn’t do that In the same mileage, are there good and bad Toyota’s? Yes, and there do happen to be good vw’s and bad ones too, let’s stop the vw hate train and forget about the awful 2000’s era vw.

  • Sometimes a car is just transportation, in my later years and after other people totaling 3 of my nice trucks, i gave up on shining and polishing.

  • I gotta 2012 corolla I brought with 24629 miles back in 2015 forward to 2019 I got 69417 miles on it still running strong

  • I have a 1999 Corolla, it has the same engine as Scotty's Celica 4A-FE they are bullet proof. Boring yeah but very reliable and that is what I need. The fancy car is in the garage and only comes out in the summer time.

  • VW Golf sold 30 million. Not expensive. Loved in multiple continents.
    Not that powerful. Plenty after market parts. Easy to maintain.

  • Scotty hey love u r Videos.. I have a question about a 07 Tahoe with 5.3 when I tow up a hill the temp goes up a 245 degrees. The owners manual says its normal.. what r u r thoughts ?

  • I have a question. I’m thinking of getting my first car. What is the best vehicle I could get for $5000 that has enough headroom for a 6’6” driver?

  • I'm not knocking Toyota I would definitely love to be able to afford one but hey I have a 1991 Buick century 2.5 four cylinder 3 speed automatic with a 156000 miles and all I ever had to do is change the oil tranny fluid and a radiator flush tires and brakes. That's literally it nothing else at all besides gas every once in a while no plugs no wires not even a battery it's a Die hard gold. I have had it for 25 years maybe more. Love Scotty and his videos if the old girl ever dies I will definitely need your videos 😁

  • Scotty made the same analogy I was about to make. 😂

    OMG I don't like that person… They're too boring. I need someone who's ready to blow $500 every weekend. Forget that person who lives frugal planning for the future.

  • Bought my brother a '95 Corolla with 105000 km (65000± miles) on the clock about 4 months ago. Was a one owner car, and never did more than 20 km (12+ miles) in a single trip. I actually wanted it for myself, but he needed a good reliable car, and he got just that.

    Here in South Africa a Corolla is a very sought after vehicle (and also one of the vehicles that are stolen the most – no matter which year model it is).

  • Scotty Kilmer spokes man for Toyota! To bad Toyota does not know it so Scotty is out of luck. So much for 40 million in sales.

  • I bought a 08 brand new changed oil twice a year about 15000 miles it finally broke down at 197000. I hated that boring car. Now I drive a mustang and exploded the clutch at 6000 rpms in 6 months. Most fun ever

  • My father bought a 1994 Land Cruiser new. The car now has more than 530.000 miles on the odometer and still in a perfect condition. Best cars ever made

  • I once had a '09 corolla. True they are dependable. But Toyota skimped on the cosmetics on that car. The paint on the inside door pillars and the trunk had not been thoroughly painted. I could see the underspray whenever I opened the doors and trunk

  • I drive a 2001 Toyota Camry V6 and a Rihanna car 1991 Lexus LS400 the best two cars I've ever owned next to my Nissan Versa which was a 2015

  • I don't know, Scotty, but my wife's '16 Corolla S is a cool looking car for it's size……nice factory wheels and a spoiler in the back make it look very sporty…….Not boring to her for sure….

  • I have both, I daily drive my Honda Civic and I drive the Porsche 911 on the weekends with the targa top off (⌐■_■)

  • The Civic is simple and reliable but it still manages not to be boring. The Corolla is just boring you can't put any fun in it except for the ae86.

  • My 2019 370Z with 11K miles burns no discernable oil between its 3K mile oil changes and I intend to keep it that way.

  • The important parts are good but the other stuff is cheaply made. They are built to a price. My 2006 Corolla has brittle plastic pieces. Almost every little plastic door hinge is broken. Console lid, map pocket door, sunglass pocket. All plastic, all broken.

  • I bought a brand new corolla S back in 2013 and never plan on getting rid of it I’ve taken it all the way to Idaho and Florida I live in Michigan 😄 definitely a gas saver and has never given me any issues at all but then again I only got 40,000 miles on it 😂

  • Are ford focus cars any good? If so what year. I have ford focus se 08. Around 200,000 miles going strong so far. Thinking of getting another one soon. Is that a hood idea?

  • Great for getting around so good for the missus , I'd contemplate suicide having it, even thinking about it makes me want to put myself out of my misery so I'll stick to the Barra powered Ford.

  • i dont like how they made the corolla so big and bulky. The ones from the 1990s were the best and perfect size. Know they made them too big.

  • The Corvette is my car, and the Toyota is my moms car, all that said the Toyota runs forever, but i will take my Corvette any time driving around in South Florida.

  • This kind of review definitely would make me not like them too, car reviews are only good on newer cars or comparing cars.

  • They need to make a Toyota Corolla Coupe to compete with the Honda Civic Coupe. The Civic is the only car in the segment that is still offered in coupe form. I think Toyota needs to bring the Scion brand back and put the tC back into production. Rev up your Toyota Corolla. Lol!!!!!!

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