Here’s How Car Dealerships are Scamming You

Here’s How Car Dealerships are Scamming You

rev up your engines, fun lu says do I have
to service a Corolla CVT, dealer says that has lifetime fluid, yeah you got to
change that fluid let me tell you something, ask them what they mean by
lifetime fluid and they say while the fluid is good for the lifetime of the
transmission, then ask them what’s the warranty on the transmission, if they say
it’s like a hundred thousand miles or whatever, if it breaks after that then
you gotta buy a new $5,000 transmission so I personally would change it every
sixty thousand miles or so, the lifetime fluid is a bunch of malarkey, nothing
lasts forever all fluids get dirty inside spinning gears and stuff they all
wear out, they all, there’s chains inside there the chain links wear out they get
dirty then there’s more friction, all fluid gets dirty needs to be changed
eventually and they’re just pulling the scam saying it’s a lifetime fluid
meaning the lifetime of the transmission and when it breaks out of warranty you
gotta pay for another one mr. live arrow says Scotty 1990 Honda
preludes for a fun car, yay or nay I like to style, if you like it and you can find
one that’s in really good shape it can be
a fun car but I got a customer bought that same car, he’s had nothing but
problems with it because it’s so old you’re talking about almost a thirty
year old car and here’s the thing about the preludes that a lot of people don’t
understand, the preludes are very similar to
the Honda Accords but a lot of their parts are completely different, for
example, the prelude has a different compressor than the Honda Accord back in
1990, I could get a brand new Honda Accord compressor, but I can only get
rebuilt ones for the prelude and I don’t believe in rebuilt ones, so we kept
buying rebuilt ones I kept putting them on they kept breaking, so you got to
think about that on a really old car like that the parts can be super
expensive, then again let’s say you live up north you don’t care about air
conditioning, then you don’t have to worry about that stuff the rest of the vehicles
are pretty solid oreo zero seven five says Scotty I’m
considering buying a 04 or 05 Subaru WRX is there anything to look at when
inspecting the car, now they can be fun cars but it’s a Subaru with a boxer
engine, they are notorious for blowing head gaskets, you can watch my video how
to tell if your head gasket is blown on YouTube, you can buy the kit that I have
on Amazon for like 35 bucks, so you can test
if the head gasket is blowing if it is don’t even
think about by it, now if it’s a standard transmission yeah check to see if the
clutch is slipping because they do wear out, but if it’s an automatic transmission
you really want a road test it well cuz
that’s the weakest thing in Subarus are their automatic transmissions they have
nothing but problems with them, they don’t even make the
own they buy them from Nissan jatco, so it’s not like they’re even making their
own transmission, so you’d want to check that too, Carlos says what’s up Scotty
this is the second time in one year I’ve had to replace the alternator in my Acura
MDX 2007, what underlying problem could be going on, okay first of all always
have the battery load tested too, because the battery and the alternator work together
you got a weak battery you’re gonna keep buying alternators
because it’ll make it work too hard, so have that load tested to make sure you’re
buying from a quality store that says quality part, almost all of them
are remanufactured not new, and a lot of guys
just do a crap job remanufacturing and the third thing is, you want to have a
pro like me if you keep having it over and over again, you put another one at
it lasts only a year, you check for some kind of minor
electrical shorts, because if you got bad wiring, bad wiring loose connectors that
builds up heat, then the alternator has to put out more power it stains it and it
can burn out faster, those are the three main things that will make an alternative
go bad, one broadcast I’m thinking about getting a truck should I get a 99
Chevy Silverado or a 7.3 power stroke, first you got to decide what do you want
you want, you want to have a diesel engine if
you’re towing large distances, if you’re towing heavy weights, gasoline engines
aren’t made for towing and hauling diesels are, I’d get the Ford products
anyways cuz they’re better made, but if you go back to 1999 the Silverado
v8 gas engines we’re decent pickup trucks, if you wanted a gasoline pickup
truck yeah maybe go ahead and get one of those, but if you really wanted haul a
lot of stuff get the Power Stroke, diesel engines are the way to go if you’re
going to tow stuff around Francis says Scott I got a 2013 Toyota
Corolla ninety five thousand miles and the clutch pedal sometimes squeak when I
pressed it in, I replaced the slave cylinder but doesn’t seem to fix it what could it
be okay well we’re talking about squeaking
inside the car the slave cylinder is on the transmission, it could be your clutch
master cylinder squeaking but more often if it’s coming on
the inside it’s the clutch paddle and it’s got a
spring built-in and they’re cheap bushings that are in those things, a lot
of times they just wear and then they squeak, especially when the rubber gets
worn and then the metal hits metal, with a really good spray lithium, lithium is
really good for spraying bare metal, spray the spring and all the bushings
there and then see what happens, if it goes away and you got a spray at four
or five times a year big deal a can of spray cost like seven bucks and
it’s really good for spraying any kind of bare metal, lithium that’s what the
lithium lube is really good for, so if you never want to miss another one of my
new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  • Hey Scotty, is this bad for your car? When your backing up and then while car is still slightly going back you change gear to drive and drive forward?

    Should I be coming to a complete stop from reverse before going into drive?

    Thank you!

  • its complete BS that a lot of transmissions in new cars dont even have a dip stick. just a cap. you have to buy a dipstick and look up a chart for your vehicle to figure out if you have enough fluid.

  • My cousin is getting rid of her 09 Mitsubishi Galant, has 150,xxx miles and she’s selling it for $2,500. What do you think?

  • Do you recommend a transmission flush? The Toyota dealership recommended getting my transmission flushed on my Corolla.

  • Hey Scotty, thanks for all your amazing info/content! I have a 2013 Nissan Versa SV with a CVT (80k miles). I am the second owner and bought it at two years old with 30k miles. Since buying it I have maintained it well, replacing all fluids including CVT fluid. Should I keep it and hope to get 150K+ miles or should I get rid of it and buy a used toyota corolla/camry (2007-2009)?

  • Have owned many Subaru’s, 4 cyl hd gaskets are really bad. The 6 cyl is much better, not common for 6 cyl to fail.

  • My VW Passat wasn't starting and no lights came on and it was during a really cold winter, so I bought and installed a BRAND NEW battery. The next day the car was dead again, so I had it towed (no charge with my warranty) to the dealership. After an hour, the dealer told me I need a NEW battery(about US $250 – double what I paid at the retailer)!!! When I told him the battery was less than 24 hours old, he told me he'd need to do some more tests – two hours worth, which is almost the price of a new battery! I told him something is OBVIOUSLY draining the battery even when the car is off.

    I'll let you know when I hear back tomorrow isa

  • How many times I took a vehicle to a dealership for an oil change. I supplied the oil & filter. Sometimes they "forgot" to change the filter or grease the grease fittings. I always wondered if they used the oil that I supplied. I don't trust them at all. Never will.

  • That's interesting scotty. Toyota owns Subaru but subarus use jatco and Toyotas use the superior asin transmissions… wonder why they wouldn't stick with what they make.

  • "If you want to haul a heavy load, get yourself a Chevy. If you want to swallow a heavy load, get yourself a Ford"

  • Congratulations on 2mil❣️….. your videos are top notch. I'd love to have you work on my car,I'm in Galveston but it would be worth it😁

  • I didn't go T-IV and went Valvoline Maxlife, but I will definitely say that there was a noticeable positive difference in changing the transmission fluid… over 300k club member, I doubt the fluid had ever been changed; I plan to do the strainer too at some point(it's on a shelf waiting:P) but I'm definitely convinced the fluid should be changed

  • Can you do a video about oil pressure. What’s normal what’s not? Would be cool to know about my 09 Silverado 5.3. Thanks!

  • I have a 2004 Audi A4 1.8t 6 speed that I picked up used , i believe that it has a oil sludging issue which I know is common on that engine , how do I go about making the problem better , oil change was done 3k miles ago and it’s alreadt all dirty and gritty to the touch. 5w40 full synthetic should go much longer without having to be changed .

  • Scotty, I need something that is large enough to carry several people and their camping gear. We'll drive thru some off-road locations and some snow. We may need to drag a tree out of our path, haul a lot of firewood, or pull a trailer. Doesn't matter if it is pretty, in fact, bland would be preferred. What should I be looking at?

  • Throwing this out there with my fingers crossed. I am someone who began doing my own work on my car (basic stuff:; brakes, tune ups etc.) not too long ago and have had great success and been very proud of myself. Recently on my 2010 Grand caravan, because I had snoozed, I had to do the plugs, wires etc as I got a misfire code. All was well for a while but then got a random misfire code so went over what I had done then all was good again. However, a week or so after I got a P1128 code and real rough idle / shifting and an occasional stall. Checked for obvious vacuume leaks, looked at what I had done before then I replaced my crankshaft positioning sensor (fun) and now the CEL has been gone since but still have some rough idle and shifting strange at times. No extra money so avoiding a mechanic. Any thoughts or am I just going to have to bite the bullet? Thanx from beautiful B.C. and congrats on 2 million subs.

  • Scotty, are you really out here recommending powerstroke diesels from Ford? With all the promlems Ford has been producing for over a decade? Damn Scotty you have been misinformed on this one! Cummings (Dodge) is the way to Go Scotty!

  • My Mazda dealership takes really good care of me. Free rentals for anything. Even an oil change. 38$ oil changes. Free water snacks popcorn and coffee hot chocolate ECT. And i have gotten several expensive things done for free including 2 years of oil changes. Its ridiculous how well they take care of me. I wont go anywhere else.

  • Scotty! I'm looking at a 2006 Chrysler 300 C with 76,000. I hear of you replace the suspension with the SRT-8 parts the car will last forever. Help me

  • About the alternator question I have a 06 Hyundai Tucson alternator kept going out I figured out my valve cover gaskets were leaking oil into my alternator and destroying it

  • My 4 months old infant goes absolutely crazy when we watch Scotty's videos together. Babies know when they see a great mechanic !!!

  • How are dealers scamming you? By making you pay 5 grand for a 1400 dollar car. Making you pay 10 grand for a TWENTY YEAR OLD 4WD truck. Making you buy a 6k for 12k. No reason why a 95 Corolla should ever sell for almost 4 large ones unless it's been factory restored, everything rebuilt.

  • It's funny that people hate going to dealerships to buy cars. It's fun if you know what you are doing. With all this information out there why be timid? You can go to places like Carmax with their no haggle price and overpay for the executives at the top. In a free market, dealers have a right to make a profit like your home builders, House Sales people or any commodity being sold. If not, then pay the listed price and no back and forth.

  • Man… You gotta lose the David Lettermans Bandmans glasses.. And youre really not Joe Pecsi…Funny little man.

  • Do I need to change Transmission Fluid for 2018 Ram 1500 SLT with 5.7 L hemi? manual did not mention to change it. How often do I need to change?

  • 4:01 I have a squeak in my clutch. It ended up being due to the manufacturer's weld not holding up. I got it welded and it still squeaks.

  • Hey Scotty! I bought a '94 dodge ram with 159k miles. Do you recommend I use synthetic oil on this truck?

  • Hey Scotty 👋
    I have Land cruiser 2009 on ~240 thousands km, automatic transmission and never changed the transmission fluid, one time I've asked a mechanic and he told me it's sealed and you don't have to change. I'm confused 💀 Thank you ❤️

  • How to tell when a car dealership serviceman is scamming you: their mouth is moving. Nice use of the word "malarkey" at 0:31. 😉

  • A powerstroke vs a chevy anything, that's a joke. 7.3 powerstroke are the best diesel engines ever made, and it's a ford. No comparison

  • how to buy used Toyota car? Carmax or do you used certified toyotas from dealerships? Where you think one should go to buy a used toyota?

  • I just had a shop tell me I have to replace the whole tranny and get a new onef. Its bumping in 2nd gear, other than that, it cycles good on the road no problems. I went to another shop, this guy tells me its good for awhile then just needs overhaul and he topped off fluid. How could you have so different diagnostic on same tranny?

  • Love listening to your channel Scotty. You say it like it is, no bullshit. And you have the decades of experience to back it up.

  • Scotty I have a 1999 camaro with only 7k miles I brought the car brand new back then and I have not had the tranny fuild yet is it ok if I change the tranny fuild or have it flushed out ? Thanks

  • A few years ago before I moved away, I always used to see this really old guy driving an Oldsmobile, maybe a 1953 or 1954 model, obviously original with it's small bit of rust and faded paint. Looks like this guy just bought his favorite car and made it last for the rest of his life. Not so good for the car companies, but I'm thinking of doing the same thing with a car I really like.


  • Prelude for the win! My SH is one of the most fun, most reliable cars I have ever owned. 200,000 miles and still going strong.

  • You said that you “Don’t believe in rebuilt compressors for the Prelude.” Do you feel that way about all rebuilt parts, across the board, for all brands?

  • Hey Scotty I have a 2003 honda accord v6 automatic with 240k miles. Where is a good place to find trans fluid? I hate dealer prices!

  • Recently the local toyota dealer quoted $450 to replace the trunk latch on my 2009 camry.
    Happily, I found the same latch on AMZN for $30 and replaced it myself.
    During the same visit, they wanted $75 to replace 1 faulty TPS. I went around the corner to the local tire shop and they replaced 3 for the same price.
    Lesson learned, dealers are for warranty work, nothing else.

  • Hello Scotty can you talk me more about 2014 Fiat 500L Easy manual transmission 48,000 miles do you think that’s a good car thank you 👍

  • Scotty you rock man!! What about a 2005 to 2007 toyota yaris? Are there parts for manual transmission? (European Union)

  • You really can’t win as a dealer service writer. You either sell the fluids and are scamming the customer or you don’t sell the fluids and are scamming the customer. I worked with a mechanic that retired from rebuilding differentials and transmissions, and he suggested replacing all the oils within 30k. He said he had seen lifetime transmission oils destroyed in 30k. People think because they spent 40k in a car there should be no maintenance. With today’s 9 speed and CVT transmissions, it’s an ounce of prevention doing maintenance.

  • Best way , do your homework before and know what car you want before walking in a stealership, you will avoid a lot of head ache and marketing tricks 👍👍

  • I went to see a dealership last week , the guy asked me 100 bucks just to see if my credit can be approve . fucking rats.

  • why aren't gas engines designed to tow? My 5.7 liter tundra has 100k on it and 40k are miles i've towed a boat. the thing runs like new still.

  • Just bought my wife a 2018 AlfaRomeo Giulia with 11k miles. Dealership says chage oil every 10k miles or once a year. What are your thoughts on that?

  • I NEED A MECHANIC IN THE ATLANTA GA AREA for my 2000 Nissan Altima gxe 5spd. Crank NO START condition.

  • Scotty can you please make a video on how to change transmission fluid on nissan qashqai. Thank you very much.

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