• Savannah πŸ‘πŸ’žπŸ€© SAVED THE DAY πŸŽ‰πŸ˜ WE LOVE SAVANNAH ❀️ THOSE LITTLE GIRLS WERE PERFECT FOR HER little sassy tough I love the Vlog πŸ‘ 😁🌴β™₯️ Such A Hoot !!
    If I could wish for one thing 🀯 it would be to always be around Y'all ❀️

  • Good morning, I starting watching Noah channel and I loved when you put the mouse trap in the box. I could not stop laughing. Loved it!! Thanks to your family and employees for making me laugh.


  • Busy busy day BrianπŸ’™ your so awesome with everything you do! I hope one day I can visit the reptarium!! Savannah seems cool AFπŸ€˜πŸ€™ I'd love to just spend a day with her! πŸ–€ I love watching, I watch every single day & always will 😍😜 keep doing amazing things Brian!

  • Escaping Burmese pythons in cars has saved us quite a few times from being hijacked. No joke!! We have also chased a few beggars away and people who we don't want near us away.

    Looks like you had an insane day!! Looks like a lot of fun…. and I really miss doing talks like that sometimes… and then the screaming girls… yeah, that's happened a few times too. Lol

    Take care of yourself. Much love.

  • Savannah I live in Orlando how do I get to meet you at gatorland? I've been a bunch of times and never see you. 😒😟

  • I LOVE Savannah @Gatorland VLOGS , She is a TRUE pioneer in conservation through education!! Despite her struggles in the past, she has NEVER given up pursuing her dream to do what she does, nor has she ever let it affect her attitude in and about life!! Savannah you are one of the most passionate, inspiring, uplifting, courageous, encouraging, compassionate, fearless, intelligent and beautiful woman of our times and Gatorland and the reptile/animal world is VERY fortunate to have you represent them!! Thank you for doing everything you do to make this world a better place!!

  • I wish I could visite your reptrium but I'm too far away.. from the Philippines you're fan ..can I get a ❀️

  • Brian: "what a hectic day with all these reptiles, I need a break!"
    Also Brian: takes a break to play with more reptiles…

  • Great vlog! Great to see all of the Birthday parties and everyone enjoying themselves seeing and interacting with the Animals. Hope the movie was good and everyone cheered for the Alligators and not the humans.πŸ˜† I'll have to see that film when I get the chance.

  • Hey I love your videos I wasn't able to watch you but I just started getting back to watching you and cetching up I think you amazing .πŸ‘‹πŸ€™

  • Bryan can you answer my question on last video, I asked why RJ’s teeth look so doll and way to small. Did you do something to him so he can’t really bite

  • Lmao. I have 3 girls and the scream is real!!!! How amazing to have Miss Savanna. Teach them about Gaters. I didn’t know baby Gaters were called grunts

  • Your vlog is so much fun to watch. I hope to get up to the Reptarim some day and see everything. Savannah is really cool. She seems like a fun gal to hang with.

  • I’m not good on the hole internet thing so don’t no how to send u an email but I just wanted to say thank you. I’ve been extremely terrified and literally seen snakes as evil monsters most reptiles until you. I liked the other reptiles but was still scared of them. I found your vlog about six months ago and has totally changed my perception and thoughts been thinking really hard on getting a snake. Just gotta get over the feeding thing. None the less thank you and I just recently just found a video that popped up about ppl downing you. I watched it and was amazed. Cyber bulling is ridiculous if anyone says anything negative there out of there mind. Yes you are a human and make mistakes but there is no way a person can say that your bad to animals unless there lying to there selfs. From your dogs to reptiles you have a love for animals that is heart warming I’ve always loved animals probably more then humans beside reptiles which I was scared of. But thank u for changing my mind and thoughts. Keep doing you and helping ppl like me on a daily bases

  • Chronic pain made me give up on my dreams. Now I live thru others. I had to laugh at the snake in the car. He just wanted to see what was going on, lol.

  • I’m most likely heading to gatorland in January ! From the 8th to the 12th we are spending our time in Orlando ! I’m pretty excited about it πŸ™‚

  • Man…working for brian is literally my only dream. Hes the man and working for him and with all those beautiful animals is all i want

  • Great vlog today! Would have loved to be in the car when the burm was trying to get out. Has RJ calmed down any yet? Have a great day!

  • I have anxiety and depression disorder. Going into my snake room and looking at all my animals always helps me feel better.

  • Good Morning Brian What An Epic Video This was kids say hi to us and kids so happy too Yes Watch Savannah vlogs epic.. Thanks so much for bring us along eppic epic video .. Thanks oxoxoxox

  • Hi Brain Penny From Maine Have a few questions for you has any one breed a ball python in cow. And has any one breed a ball python in the makings like Jeffery

  • Hi Brian, Iv'e been watching your vlogs for the last two years and enjoy them every day. please don't ever stop or skip a day, you are awesome. Since I bought my Cal King my wife [that never liked snakes] and son has fallen in love with all the snakes you show. Thanks Brian, keep up the good work. Magnus from South Africa

  • Savannah is just so awesome love her. How do you get around selling tickets to see a copyrighted movie without getting any issues?

  • I died when the Burmese python came to say "hello Dad" πŸ˜‚ such a sweetheart β™₯️ and the little girls freaking out with the tarantula it's me, I hope one day I have the opportunity to hold one to conquer my fear!

  • Hello from the Philippines! Sir, what breed of snake that doesn’t grow too long and easy to handle? By the way my name is Adelle, im really scared of house lizards and tokey geckos but i love to look at a leopard gecko specially the yellow ones that looks like smiling. Been searching here for sellers and im shocked with the price for a 6weeks old leopard gecko its 7,000.00 almost $140😭😭😭😭😭

  • Brian,I can’t wait to come for a tour. Really love everything y’all do at the Rapterium. Just amazing πŸ˜‰

  • Need to be a octopus to catch all of those escaping babies!!! LOVE the babies!!! I bet the space station could hear the girls scream!!! Glad you are teaching kids that reptiles and such aren't to be feared and killed just because thay are what they are…. every creature is here for a purpose…. crazy "normal" day for you!!!! LOL

  • Hey Brain love your πŸ’“ videos and you and Savannah and your made my day 😘 thanks this video was πŸ’― awesome thanks you'll up my spirits on my birthday today thanks so much I've learn alot from watching your videos β€οΈπŸ’™

  • Brian! I was watching the video before this one and you should put a fog machine in bowsers tank so the fog rests on the surface of the water! That would be awesome effect for halloween

  • its because of brian i was able to get my 3 ball pythons and now 2 boas! truly changing peoples perspectives on snakes, and all animals. love it

  • just ordered 3 geckos from you last night Im so happy and love your videos! im so glad you have inspired me so much

  • Hope your busy day is going good Brian!!Just wanted to stop by and shoot some positive vibes your way!!I just got a suggested video of Brian Kusko telling his truth about you and your character.The story he told about his sick snake and your response to him was amazing!!Always remember that haters are going to hate!!!Just keep doing you brother.Your attitude towards life and your passion for animals is infectious in the most positive of ways.Love ya brother!!!

  • You have patience Brian for those little girls. Wow. The heavy set little girl was very rude to Savannah. No reason to say "Excuse you". The unnecessary screaming. Gosh.

  • What a small world Brian. I used to listen to Savannah on the radio a few years back and now she pops up on one of my favorite vlogs on the internet, wow. I just love the ball pythons with the dark colors. Take care til next time. πŸπŸŠπŸ¦ŽπŸ‘

  • Brian! The Crawl movie night was the most fun ever!!! Cheering for gators + Savannah cheering for the gators made for an extremely fun evening. Your staff is just amazing at answering all our questions and helping us hold them and feeding those little gators just made our day! Feeding Elvis was super fun. He is really amazing! Watching you and Savannah with Lucy just goes to show how much power she has and how strong they are. Love your vlogs and we will be back! Thanks for another great visit!

  • Hi Brian….hope RJ has started to calm down and you can have some fun time with him 🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊

  • Jesus I'm glad I didn't have little girls! Those kids was kinda rude if you ask me! Excuse you!!! I wanted to slap that kid

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