Full Car Interior Cleaning || Car Cleaning My Disgusting Minivan || Car Detailing

Full Car Interior Cleaning || Car Cleaning My Disgusting Minivan || Car Detailing

what’s up guys to another episode of stop for garage today’s video I’m going to be cleaning the minivan once again we’re going to be going through it inside and out taking everything out and cleaning it including the carpets the seats the windows you name it any of the products that I’m using today’s video are listed in the comments below so be sure to check out those links and if you haven’t subscribed already hit that subscribe button turn on notifications for new car cleaning tips and videos from yours truly and if you liked today’s video smash that like button makes me know that you guys enjoy these types of videos so with further ado let’s jump right into it first step I got to remove everything out of the vehicle because there’s crap everywhere and here’s the trunk empty full of yummy goodies there anybody wants a snack feel free to come on over to my house we got lots of snacks for you [Music] feel like it’s slightly amazing to the amount of stuff that the rear of the van collects guys this is insane I mean my kids are not the cleanest individuals obviously as you can see here we definitely got some things to work on with them but yeah let’s see we don’t eat McDonald’s were the perfect parents that’s not ours be honest guys there’s not much you can do about that especially when you got kids in the back seat in you on a road trip and you’re trying to feed them for several hours at a time it happens I’ll get comments below and I’m sure a couple of you guys will leave it that my kids are slobs but guess what your kids will be too eventually this is why whenever anybody wants to buy a kid’s car I have kids car with kids you name it leathers the only way to go because if you don’t your cloth seats are going to be destroyed but if you have cloth seats this is a shameless plug top corner check out my deep cleaning your cloth car seats video it’ll help you out too all right next up guys we are almost done excavating we call it excavating at this point there’s so much crap here I recommend pulling out all the seats especially if you have the opportunity to it makes life so much easier that way you can just kind of run through it like a train with your vacuum cleaner [Music] is this real-life only one way to do this guy’s snow shovel next recommendation I have is get some weathertech rubber floor mats for any vehicle you have even if you’re an adult especially in the winter time next step pull these out and we’re just gonna wash them off without [Music] it’s never too late for a popsicle break what I do for all my interior panels is I use this stuff called 303 aerospace protectant and I put it in my own bottles that I bought from the store but these areas right here where the seats are you can see that there is stuff down there that the vacuum can’t get pick up some toothbrushes from the dollar store for dirt cheap are the easiest thing to do or you can get more advanced detailing brushes but these work really well what you want to do is you’re going to want to spray some of that stuff in there to help you agitate some of that stuff around move it around get it out and if you guys do not have a shop vac you can pick one up for cheap from the store or if you really want to just go to one of the local car wash places they usually have vacuums available for you if you get a car wash done and that way you can get access to a more powerful vacuum than just what your typical household vacuum can do [Music] [Applause] so one tip I have for you guys as well is where do you go take your toothbrush care is one of the hardest things to get out of carpet with just a vacuum so either get a large thank you Jacob or get two toothbrushes get one of those large like Brussels scrub brushes that you can get she’s the reason see all this hair that’s why it’s in the carpet here’s a Bristol Brussels bristle and you brush the hair out of the carpet and you’ll actually get it all collected on here and you can vacuum it up makes it a lot easier next thing guys is 303 product I actually use it and spray it across all of the plastic plant panels the protectant is good for UV protectant but it is also good for cleaning too so just spray it across the whole vehicle she’s back she’s back again spray your whole vehicle with this in all your panels except for the glass and the actual screens on whatever your dashboard is just use this for all the plastic panels it’s really good at making it have a matte shine to it without being greasy like armor-all does but it also protects it and cleans it at the same time [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right so now all the panels are wiped down and the floor is completely to let vacuumed up I use this stuff called invisible glass or if your retro stoners glass cleaner but this stuff is a really good glass cleaner I’ve always been using this it’s you can pick it up pretty much anywhere Walmart any advance tile pretty much everywhere has this stuff now after you wipe down your panels I recommend wiping them down first with a 303 then clean your glass because the 303 stuff will kind of leave spots and your window if you don’t do them last so time to clean the windows [Music] when you spray it on it kind of crackles like pop rocks which is kind of neat but also it is safe for window tint which keep in mind Windex and stuff like that do not use on window tint because the ammonia it will actually kind of destroy it so if you have window tint on your car get up something that’s specific for cleaning glass in a car like this stuff [Music] our seats guys I still use my 303 aerospace protectant on all of my leather as well it will also protect it but it also does a good job of removing any stains or anything like that like right here we have a little bit probably some sort of sticky water [Music] alright guys and that is how I clean my minivan it is a disaster zone most of the time but that’s what happens when you have kids and I’m sure you guys can relate to have kids as well if you liked today’s video make sure you hit that thumbs up button I will be doing a more in depth kind of cleaning video with my Mercedes which is a non kids meeting type of car so if you guys that are more sports car enthusiasts make sure you guys look out for that video and subscribe below and I’ll see you guys next time thanks for watching bye guys [Music]

100 thoughts on “Full Car Interior Cleaning || Car Cleaning My Disgusting Minivan || Car Detailing

  • How might you go about cleaning in between the middle console, passenger, and driver seats? I have crumbs, hair and I'm sure other things stuck in those small spaces but the vacuum I use is not long or small enough; I also don't think I can remove my seats.

  • In my country a car costs almost the same as a house and it's also forbidding by law that people eats in they car's cause it's really dangerous, cops don't give you a ticket for eating tho just a speech hahaha. So we do not see cars that dirty in here, but I loved all tips and also I strangely like to watch this kind of videos hahah

  • I have 12 children and they don’t even make this amount of mess , 7 boys and 5 girls and they all clean even the youngest one that 2 years old the oldest 9 it the cleanest child in the world

  • I love this! One suggestion though would be to add an after shot when you’re done with the detail just so it can be really visually satisfying to see the end result. Other than that I love your techniques to getting it done cheaper and faster!

  • My parents kept the car clean, they said NO. Between age 6-12 survived two round trips from RI to CA. Food and drink was consumed outside the vehicle at gas or bathroom breaks. When we asked for food or drink, we were asked if we had the money for it, otherwise we waited. Depends on who's in charge.

  • I have 8 kids, my children were taught car etiquette, even on road trips. Don't be afraid to parent and teach them to clean up after themselves, consequences of their actions or the end up adults not accountable for their actions.

  • Little kids have small fingers to get into all those cracks and crevices. Sounds like some kiddies need to be put to work. Just sayin …

  • This is relaxing to watch.
    If I left a mess in my dad's car, he will yell at me, if we leave a mess in my mom's car, she bickers, I have a twin bro, my mom and dad raise two kids, how can twins make such a mess in one car, after it gets dirty enough that they say, "Go clean the van, you made the mess." And I agree with my parents, but my mom makes a mess to and I clean it, and I appreciate your work, stepping in like a brave person you are.

  • Having children, I genuinely feel bad for children that have parents that allow them to treat anything that poorly. Respect for others things and responsibility for cleaning after yourself are important lessons at any age.

  • I watch ur wife all the time ! Great video so relatable ! Glad I'm not the only one who's car looks like this and I only have 1 child Haha! Great vid 😉👍

  • How often do you actually clean your vehicle like this? Twice a year kind of thing, with general tidying throughout?

  • Okay, enough parent shaming… sure your kids are cleaner than his but it’s all about picking your battles. And having kids under the age of 5, you have to pick your battles wisely!!

  • Disclaimer “DO NOT EAT WHILE WATCHING VIDEO” btw I’m not a hater I love this guy my favorite YouTuber I do car detailing my self

  • When he took those nasty brushes that he used to scrub all of the dirt off the ground and brushed them into her hair… that’s gross. 5:07

  • A tip that might help is using a small shower caddy for the snack road trips my sister does that. And it helps a lot with crumbs and trash. The shower caddy you can get from the dollar store. 😀

  • I love your channel and your wife’s channel I’m newly subscribed to both and I have been binge watching y’alls vids

  • How can anybody let their vehicle and homes get this dirty. Parents teach your kids to pick up after themselves. Clean clean clean

  • Ok.. all your commentary in this video is priceless. Super funny. I have one kid who is now almost 13… I totally relate.

  • When you have a growing family it is hard work. I was married with three young kids driving a Ford Expedition. I understand what you are dealing with! Then there is having your kid's young cousins. Soon you are driving the "Magic School Bus".

  • I dont have kids but my car has gotten pretty messy as well! Also the word "messy" is relative. I am sure some people see this and think "oh, I would never!!!" and some people would see it and say "this is clean compared to what my kids do". As long as you clean it up shrugs doesnt really matter much to me! Thanks for the video!

  • Do you have an exterior detail clean of the mini van? The exterior areas around the back hatch and around the gas get grimy and I forget to clean those. 🙈 What do you recommend to clean those areas?

  • Gives me motivation to clean my car! My 4 year old brings so many toys and random stuff in the car. We also have some food wrappers in there. It’s real life people!

  • In your videos you spray a lot of cleaner on your windows. When you have spray a lot does that help with not leaving streaks or what? Sorry if it’s confusing I’m just trying to find out the perfect way not to get streaks on my customers cars

  • 🤣 exactly. When you have kids in the car the only way to make them quite is food or a movie in the car. I Love this video. Great Job, I took many many many notes. Thanks👍

  • I’m in Ohio and want my car cleaned like this. No it’s no where near this bad. But I do have a question. Can you dye the top of my convertible? Or at least clean it very very good?

  • Good tip: after using your solution, spray everything with some simple medical alcohol. It evaporates quickly, kills bacteria and takes away/doesn’t leave any stinks or smells, and its especially good to spray the areas that little kids or animals might touch, because they’re not gonna get any of the chemical toxins left over by the solution on them. I recommend this to everyone on almost anything from hairbrushes and make up brushes, to the insides of shoes, to carpets, to cars, to towels and pillows. Medical alcohol is a savior sometimes, and it’s not toxic to us in small-medium quantities.

  • ما شاء الله.
    قناتك جداً رائعة ومفيدة ومحتواها جميل.
    تستحق كل الدعم يا صديقي.

  • Can't believe some kids actually do this. When I was a child I was a straight up neat freak, even at 2 years old. Holy crap…

  • I just cleaned out my car recently and found fries under the seat that were like 1000years old.. Lol. My kids are really messy, but it's a work in progress. My car is always awful tho.. Things happen!

  • My mom and I are raising my 5 nieces and nephews we use the car seat covers made for under the kids! They have been life saving

  • You’d think as a person who routinely cleans cars you wouldn’t let it get to this point. No judgment of course but I know with my car I never let it get this dirty.

  • I've always wanted those weather tech mats, but were out of my price range. I recently bought a used 2015 honda pilot and I was delighted to find that it came with 2 weather tech mats for the front. I didnt have to pay extra for the vehicle either (if thats even something a dealership would do). It has a leather interior and I have only 1 child. Hes pretty clean. I'd say, aside from the dirt, grass and debris he brings in (normal stuff), he leaves torn bottle labels everywhere. Easy clean up, but never understood why he tears the labels to begin with. 🤷‍♀️

  • On road trips, I take a 13 gallon trash bag for every day we're on the road and I designate whoever is sitting in the middle seat as the trash collector and the kids in the 3rd row still manage to make a massive trash pile back there. My other rule is that if they want soda while we're on the road, we're going into the restaurant, otherwise it's water only. I've had so many sticky soda spills in the car before I started enforcing that one.

    Now I must go tame the beast that is my minivan.

  • My family’s cars never looked like this. They were always clean?? My parents just tought me and my sister to clean up messes we made. Kids are only messy if you let them be shrugs
    (the saying doesnt work for babies but it does for kids that are a like 3 and up)

  • How about enforcing a no eating in the car rule? I never ate anything in the car. Then again eating in car would always make me carsick….

  • My daughter is definitely messier than my son! My son's side of the car is clean, and my daughters side is like a tornado of food!

  • Love this, and family apearing, what song is that at 6:30? Love vacuuming scenes, hope yohcan make some headcam takes and real time.

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