Farm Tractors Gone Wild: A Tractor Video NOT for Kids (just kidding)!

Farm Tractors Gone Wild: A Tractor Video NOT for Kids (just kidding)!

these farm tractors have gone wild so
wild that this tractor video is not for kids just kidding
this tractor video is totally for kids no adults allowed we’ve got tractors everywhere we’ve got
tractors on the dirt roads we’ve got tractors in the ditches we’ve got
tractors in the weeds the John Deere 7520 is still parked though no this is
still not a John Deere 7520 tractor video but we’ve got tractors in town
like this John Deere 9410 are who’s got places to be and people to see no time
for a burger nope no time for a burger no time for a pancake nope no time for a
pancake no time for a Slurpee what come on man tractors are out tractors are
moving tractors are hot and it’s all because last week’s forecast called for
heavy rainfall but it merely sprinkled what we received in its place with
several days of Sun and north wind a drying wind so not only did we not add
rainwater to our rice fields we added millions of little blow dryers set to
frizz blasting across our farm so with the warmer weather and the dry roads
we’ve been super productive around the rice fields this week I mean around the
rice fields literally not much in the rice fields now we haven’t started the
2019 groundwork for planting but we have been manicuring the farm we mowed all
the roads with our case 245 tractor it’s got a 17 foot mower hooked up to its
three point ran by the tractors PTO yep we were able to finally mow the roads
for the first time this year that’s good being able to see where the
edge of the road ends and the bank of the ditch begins and talking about
ditches we also called in the backhoe to clean out some silt and Slough called in
the back oh what am I saying we called in Joe the guy’s Picasso with the
backhoe cleaning out the ditch will allow water to flow faster it’s a
no-brainer when we are ready to plant rice with fertilizer on the ground
want to quit flood so we can fly our seat on as fast as possible once the
water hits the field it’s a race between our baby rice against weeds and insects
a clean ditch on our farm means quick water delivery to our fields also
backhoe Joe cleaned out some Slough from our ditch pumps we had to do a little
shovel work too but now they’re clean we know we can turn them on when the time
is right without burning them up jamed with mud bonus tractor video even the
neighbor is mowing his roads cute little John Deere tractor isn’t it
bonus backhoe video our other neighbor is laying down some gravel on his road
helping fill in some potholes tractors are going wild
am I right bullfrog am i right of course I am right back to the ditches man we
got love for all our ditches so for those impacted with weeds and in the
name of a steady water flow I did a little spring we need to kill the
aquatic weeds before irrigation water hits the ditches again ensuring that our
farm irrigation system can deliver water to our rice fields quickly can you
believe it we even got our case to 40 tractor
hooked up to our 18-foot disc disking up set aside we Dino’s we do this to kill
the weeds just to make the non production areas of the rice farm look
pretty so pretty we’re strategically starting in this area to create a
firebreak we’re disking up around the farmhouse barns equipment yard and
neighbor’s property because it’s about to get a fire break that’s right we’re
grabbing our official forestry burn cans and our burn mix because we need to rid
the levees and borders of the rice fields of dead weeds we start the burn
after checking in with our county’s air quality control board because the
conditions are right with the north wind blowing away from the towns we’ve got a
green light for red flame there are multiple benefits of burning these small
portions of our rice fields aside from burning back weeds the heat is
destroying any fungus spores many viable weed seeds and insect eggs that have
wintered over the cold months all of which could affect our rice crop this
spring we also need these dead weeds off the levees because we’re going to ridge
them once the tractor work starts with the ridger we’re gonna build the levees
back up and fill in any rat holes this all prevents leaks and help
us be extremely water proficient once the irrigation water begins to flow
across the rice field it’s a quick clean burn lots of track to work in
maintenance around the rice fields as I mentioned we were also able to do a bit
inside the rice fields remember the bank out ruts that pops put
in the fields this winter to help drain off the water well we don’t need those
ruts anymore since the fields have completely dried out so what we’re gonna
do is take that case to 40 Magnum tractor with that 18 foot disc hooked up
and we’re just gonna lightly scrape away those ruts the only use we have for the
bank out ruts now would be to create a real nice bumpy ride for someone doing
first strip with the chisel once we start groundwork and talking about
chisels man I mean dude tractors gone wild everywhere I mean we’ve pretty much
got everything up and running just about but yeah we got our case to sixty Magnum
and case three forty Magnum hooked up to our three-point chisels and we entered
the field just around the shop and started calibrating them making sure
that they’re level nice and straight meaning we’re getting an even rip
throughout the entire chisel and we’re also ensuring that we’re not going too
deep there we go I mean hey it’s a tractor video I told you guys we’re
getting started real quick I wouldn’t be surprised if next week we’re gonna be
going full force we’ll have all our tractors running ripping ground open
help it dry out guys this is the prelude to the 2019 planting
season here in the California rice fields I’m playing everyone so we’re getting started next week guys
are you excited I’m gonna bring my camera we’ll see all these tractors
running I’ll be in one of them actually I’ll be doing the chisel I’ll be in the
case 340 Magnum chiseling up first rip oh man what am I gonna pack for lunch
let me know in the comment section below what would you guys pack for lunch on
your first day of spring work I’m getting excited are you guys excited all
right all right good oh man that was kind of an intense episode there jeez
lot was going on I’m high energy I know thanks for watching hit the thumbs up if
you liked the video hit the thumbs up if you’re excited about planting 2019
hashtag plant 2019 I’m out and I gotta charge up my GoPro now and it all over
the place

100 thoughts on “Farm Tractors Gone Wild: A Tractor Video NOT for Kids (just kidding)!

  • Hi Matt, I am a rice farmer and a rice miller from India. We double crop rice with winter wheat, even triple cropping wheat + early maturing pulses + late rice varieties ( e.g. Basmati). I enjoy watching your videos and have a query which I always wanted to ask you about. Are there any farmers who practice multicropping rice with other crops on the same field after harvesting rice ? If yes, how do they manage the rice straw ? We have been experimenting with straw management after imposition of a ban on straw burning but haven't succeeded in coming up with a solution which is as practical, convenient and economical as the straw burning. It will be a great help if you can post a video about the rice straw handling techniques, technologies and tools used by the farmers in US.

  • Good luck this spring!!! Hope all goes smooth. We started our ground work last Tuesday in Maxwell and itโ€™s been great so far!

  • Corn Season I bring along a can of heat to eat soup and put it against the engine block, About a half hour or an hour is enough to heat it through. Avoid exhaust parts unless you really like the smell of burnt soup . Subway made the other half. A 12 inch sandwich was enough for 2 meals.

  • Forget the money. The two main reasons to be a rice farmer for me would be to burn stuff (safely) and drive a tractor. I'd be having too much fun to eat lunch.

  • My classic lunch Ham and cheese with Doritos and P.B.J. for later in the day & water jug & some rice crispy treats!

  • Itโ€™s so disappointed you paint a Case Magnum green and called it something like John animal or something like that ๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿฅด๐Ÿ˜‚ Thank for sharing your excitement. God bless you and your family. I see you painted your Case Magnum red again, so sorry for my first sentence ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • What a wonderful video. What's for lunch. Sandwich, chips thermos of ice something. Snack. chips, fruit, and granola bars. Let the season begin. What was wrong with the John Deer tractor?

  • Wow, mower-envy. This is what my life has come to. LOL!! Thanks for the great tractor vid! Looking forward to the season…

  • thanks for the video dude. I will watch your clips. hello from Ukraine.

  • Iโ€™m so excited for the next video! It will be go time in the rice fields and IT WILL BE MATTโ€™S 100th VIDEO!!!!!! I canโ€™t wait! Great job as always Matt

  • Matt! I been very distracted by the tires on your tractor! Are those special tires just for rice farming along? Or are they just worn out? Thanks for the vid, and keep up the good work!

  • Lunch….egg salad on sourdough, chips, celery with peanut butter, mother's iced animal cookies, unsweetened pure leaf tea .

  • Happy weekend before Easter Matthew! Along with the onslaught of tractor fever, have you caught any sight of that elusive Easter Rabbit? In these parts anymore it seems the Jack-A-Lope keeps that Easter Rabbit at bay. Piece of grilled chick steak or roast, spud salad, pudding if not too hot out, plenty of water always -Bob…

  • Gotta love that north wind I hope the rain we are going to get Monday is very lite need to get that rice in the ground

  • Got 1' of snow on Thursday(April 11)so no field work for 2 weeks
    But you got excited when you talked about my lunch pale
    The topical lunch is PB&J,apple,and soda…and what my friend calls"man cookies"
    The cheapest sandwich cookie out there(of course not Oreos)
    What good about these treats is you can only eat one,because they tasted soo bad.
    If you have Oreos,you would eat all of them the 1st time you open up your lunch pale

  • For lunch in the tractor I would have Barbeque Ribs, Texas Potato Salad and Cole Slaw and wash it down with tall, cold, glass of water! What a great way to start the planting days!

  • wow, a dance to tractors. very enjoyable. for lunch I think you'd like italian sub of some sort because you'll be hungry right? along with a cowboy cookie and a thermos of ice tea. By the way could we talk about lunch baskets, whats your style, old school roy rogers, coolers, brown paper bag or what?

  • You had me till you started spraying the weeds.. Hope your not using "Roundup" If you are I and everyone I know will be boycotting your rice.. I was greatly surprised when I saw that.. because in all your other videos I saw a considerate person.. Where do you suppose all that chemical goes?? lol. into your rice when water fills those channels.. bad juju..

  • Happy Harvest there Mathew…sorry I can't come help you break some ground but come Harvest time I'd better get that call to come drive the harvester. Like I offered ..I'll let you drive my car if you let me drive the harvester..would make for some great content..enjoy. you might want to check out my birthday burnout video first though. Just in case your a little apprehensive.

  • Lunch will be the same as always here on the farm pbj ,banana ,apple ,chips ,elk jerky Dr.P and yoohoo with a gal of water on the side. Yes thatโ€™s everyday because we are creatures of habit. Sometime there are more bananas or deer jerky. Farm on๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  • Here's a good, high-protein lunch that my son LOVES when he's working at the Sunsweet dryer: Egg salad sandwich for morning break, ham and cheese or pastrami or salami sandwich, hummus with baby carrots and cucumber sticks and pita chips, some fruit and something sweet to finish that he can put in his pocket and eat when he has a bit of wait time like Werther's caramels or Coffee Nips. Then for his afternoon break he likes a Gatorade and a goat cheese and honey sandwich on raisin toast. Sometimes he switches the egg salad and the goat cheese, depending on if he wants something sweet for morning break. That's his favorite (12 hour) workday lunch box.

    He's worked out at Sunsweet for years now and some years there will be a guy on the crew that never seems to have a lunch. When he notices, he starts taking extra sandwiches and making things like big bowls of pico de gallo to share with the crew. (Even the Latino guys LOVE his salsa!) The guys with no lunch really appreciate that he notices them and fixes their problem.

  • I'd pack a brisket/top sirloin hamburger with lettuce and sweet mustard, on a sourdough bun; ice packs a drink and Rice Krispy treats. And sanitizing wipes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Turkey sandwich w spinach tomato and cucumber. Jalapeno baked chips and a chocolate brownie Clif bar. Sunflower seeds to keep me busy during the day.

  • Hi Matt, great video by the way… Lot's of enthusiasm and excitement going on..๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜…
    We are about to start our 2019 harvest season in about two weeks time and on our farm were pretty much in the same mood…
    Best of luck with your up and comming ground work for 2019..
    Keep in farming..๐ŸŒพ๐ŸŒฑ๐Ÿ’š

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  • All excited to sit for weeks in a tractor? Easily entertained! I see why you make videos on the side. Lots of crunchy veggies to snack on, stay crop-fit.

  • A very large water jug filled with ice water a few baloney & cheese sandwiches some patota chips a fruit cup and maybe some cheader cheeses squares for a late afternoon snack

  • I'm so excited for the fire burn on non production area but in Africa we use to burn the whole field. I learnย  a lot things though thank you

  • Pastrami on rye. No 'kraut. Extra crunchy garlic dill on the side. chocolate layer cake ( or chewy brownie) tall glass of milk.

  • It is always a delight to see a new rice farming TV video! Glad to see things are progressing well in your neck of the woods.

  • Hello. I see lots of burning in the fields today. Around perimeters mostly. I am curious what this does and is for ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I would drive down to lockford and get some beef jerky. Maybe even some landjackets sticks. OBTW looks like that caseih 340 could use some more power lol. I know my 8370r donโ€™t spin like that with a 9 shank ripper 24in in the ground lol. Jk we know how you red guys get your pantys in a bunch lol.

  • I hope you have a safe and successful planting season, Matthew. Cool video. Do you mind telling me the artist of the song?

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