Cross Jeep of the Week| 2020 Jeep Gladiator Overland

Cross Jeep of the Week|  2020 Jeep Gladiator Overland

hey guys I’m Austin Luckett new to the
cross cheap YouTube page I just wanted to introduce the Jeep of the week
it’s a 2020 gladiator on one with the JT level one package across that Cross Jeep puts on
here. This one in particular has got a big ring wheels great look that’s
the new wheel too and announce off side of the wheel is a 35 inch BFG all-terrain
tire very popular tire that everyone seems to like this one isn’t Overland so
it’s got some features inside that are nice it does have cloth seats but with
those cloth seats it’s got heated seats heated steering wheel come standard with
Bluetooth and backup camera and this one’s got the slush mats as well this is
my favorite color scheme great awesome color really really stands out
especially when you put the black wheels on it you can see it’s nifty too it’s
got a two inch Mopar suspension lift really really really capable you can see
you’ve got the Overland badge over here this one in particular also has a
factory tow package and if I open up the tailgate it’s got a bed liner in this
one’s actually already sold and we’ve got plenty more so come on down to cross
feet if you got any questions give us a call at five oh two four five nine
ninety nine hundred thanks

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