Hi guys this is geramicc85 here for you and today i just wanna show you a lil idea i came up with maybe this might help you by organizing your truck bed i have this piece of wood here and i cut it to the same length as the truck bed is wide so now i can put it where ever i want in between the bed sides and it is going to stay there by itself because it is stuck between the sides i can put tool boxes or what ever here and they wont slide around when i hit the brakes. cuz you probably know how it is when you drive around with stuff on your bed how it is flying around and when you got somewhere and need something real quick you have to take time looking for it climbing around in your bed that wont happen with the piece of wood right there so when you get somewhere you can just take out your tool box and it doesnt slide somewhere in the front in addition to that i got a few of these pvc boxes one of them costs about 7 bucks i will use these as portable storage boxes in the back of my truck good thing is they have a lid and they are transparent so that i can see what i put in there and with my wood board there they are not going to slide anywhere so these boxes wont go anywhere if im at the grocery store i can take them out and fill my groceries in there and then drive home and they wont go anywhere you can also put tools, work clothes or whatever in there and you have your stuff with you all the time safely another good thing about these boxes is i can close my bakflip cover these boxes fit perfectly right under it im not planing to put anything on these boxes the closer they fit right under the cover, the less space i am wasting so those samla boxes fit pretty well for this purpose they come with clips that hold the lid to the box im putting them on here at the side that way the top wont fly off especially when its windy or so another good thing about the lids is when i forgot to close my cover and its raining or whatever nothing is going to get when inside these boxes but at the same time i can always see whats in there without opening them when i am looking for stuff you can put all kind of stuff in there and fluids cant leak on your bed and this is just a nice and cheap way to organize things on your truck bed and whenever you need the hole truck bed for hauling stuff you just take out the boxes and you have a free truckbed without picking up every single thing i know there are different storage systems out there but they always cost tons of money if you dont wanna spend that much, this might be a good idea i hope this little tip video helps you to keep your truck bed clean check out my channel for more helpful videos on my dodge ram please feel free to likem, comment and subscribe thank you very much for watching, this is geramicc85 signing out!


  • I like your low budget idea for simpe bed storage.  may i also add that you could use those long rectangular boxes with wheels that normally go under a bed (for sleeping) that can roll out for storing long items like golf bags snowboards ect.  

  • Where did you get your truck cover that folds away like that? Is it lockable? Pretty cool accessory!

    Nice video btw!

  • this is great.. after today I learned the pain of groceries sliding all over the bed of my new truck.. Lol gonna do this set up thanks

  • I needed an easy idea for hauling my stuff around town. This will keep my supplies organized and will be easy to see what is inside the containers. Thanks for sharing your truck bed organizing idea!

  • I just bought a diamondback cover and was thinking of something like this, since their additional storage boxes are very expensive. – so this is a great help on making it happen. Thank you sir!

  • Just a little heads up for ya. The detents in the sides of the bed and on the top of the wheel well are specifically designed from the manufacturer just for this purpose. There are vertical ones for blocking movement forward to back, just like your doing with your wedge board. They look like a pause sign right behind your wheel well, and in front of it. There are horizontal ones like in the middle on the top of the wheel well. It looks like a rounded dent. Also on the angled part just below your speakers are for laying down 2×4's on the wheel well or 2×6's in front or behind it laying flat so you can stack wide things above the wheel well. All the supports are the same height. that way you can put extra wide things above the wheel well and still put plywood or other things under it. Hope this is helpful.

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