BMW X5 xDrive 30d – 2019 – SUV TEST – ENG SUB – GARAZ.TV – Rasťo Chvála

BMW X5 xDrive 30d – 2019 – SUV TEST – ENG SUB – GARAZ.TV – Rasťo Chvála

Hi, you are afraid you could be eaten by these big kidneys, vrrr! These are giga kidneys and they belong to the new X5’s fourth generation which I now drive around Banska Bystrica. Or should you want to hear it in upper river Hron region: “huzam sa na motore” and do have a proper engine – 3.0d And if you asked me what have I noticed as a driver except the big kidneys I’d say it’s one thing that caught my eye immediately …not this new infotainment, but the visibility from cockpit. People, you don’t get that feeling of driving a panzer. Well, it is a panzer, in a way, but the feeling, the visibility X5 never felt this way before. Simply, this was biggest change I noticed. Now it is one lucid, family car. On the other hand it remains a big SUV and a panzer because it has almost 5 meters its wheelbase is almost 3 meters it weights 2,185 tons and same time this car is 2 meters wide. More than 220 cm with mirrors. Thus you have to be able to park it. That’s why BMW tries to make it easier. So let’s see if there are any parking spots available suitable for us I activated parking assistant but it always offers only longitudinal slots. I don’t understand, I took a long time playing with it I can’t move it this way I’m slowly causing a traffic collapse Well.. While I would get to use new technologies in this car I would be spitted on by others… I don’t like somebody taking their time too long, either… You see I like adjusting myself to new technologies but in the end I can do it better using the mirrors. Now you can see a 2 meters wide SUV in a parking box. Well I hope I won’t scratch the BMW standing next to me. Will it be enough? Ups This will be close Gonna use my hand to keep doors from scratching… You see all those plastic gadgets you stick on doors didn’t make it in automobile industry… OK, I’m out and though I didn’t know how to use parking assistant yet I know how to use this intelligent key Besides being able to check car status, range, and turning on the AC -not an auxiliary heating in this case, so you could be freezing, I can program the buttons. With the usual one I can open the upper side, I can pause opening, close it… This work really well, intuitively… and this second button I programmed opening of both parts. Ooh, and there goes 700 litres of space! How can one easily fill a 700 litres space with only pushchair chassis and the top part. Of course, they could be stacked one on another, but… at least you can see how spacious car one needs when he has a family… And same way – easy and intelligent is closing. It’s quick as well. It’s all right, I don’t mind the fact the door is split into two its something that characterizes the X5 Everything is electric in this car… You would probably like to know how much does this toy cost, wouldn’t you? I definitely don’t intend to initiate any hate on price of this particular model, because you can get a BMW X5 with a three litre diesel engine for just under 70.000 EUR which is a very good price. But to have one that drives the way you will see in this video you need to chip in at least a little. So, if I were to buy 3 litre diesel X5 I would order: M exhaust system integral active steering M sport packet, air suspension, X off road packet trunk net, tinted back windows laser headlamps, head up display, (you need to pay extra for that as well, really??) smart phone compatibility and wireless charging aaand while I’m at it let’s make it worthwhile! let’s add also “mineral white” colour. Whoops, that’s quite a bill I served myself Ok, let’s see whether are the extras I ordered worth the price. For instance, air suspension. When possible I try to make our tests as close to real life as possible and here you can experience going from city center uphill to outskirts driving over these joints where we test suspensions and did you want to know whether X5 was comfortable? So far it looks it is. Though I said to myself few times back in the city the punches car body receives could be softer especially with these tires. I intentionally drive wide here through the bumps… We’ll try to compare different drive modes how the air suspension will react. But it’s quite obvious the suspension is set “alla BMW” Rather towards precise handling than leaning and jiggling in any way. And a straight six is a straight six! No doubts about it. And let’s see how will it look when I change suspension from comfort to sport. Comfort mode went over the bump softer but with a more pronounced “echo” of wheel rebound. In sport mode the bump could be heard and felt more audibly but the rebound was a bit smaller. Comfort mode could have been more fluid. To sum up: It’s not a bone shaker but it’s a BMW. And BMW should give driving pleasure, to let you feel the road a bit, after all, it should do it every day. In real life you can find yourself on a mountain pass during damp late Autumn day, when the road is really really slippery. I can’t believe how slippery it is, there’s even fog in here, and you ask yourself a question I’m asking myself, too: whether BMW X5 is still a BMW. And how can you recognize a BMW? Well, by cornering. It shouldn’t understeer, it should be playful and should give you pleasure, it shouldn’t do you wrong. I have it in sport mode, with 3.0d xDrive drivetrain with 190 kW and thus 265 hp and 620 Nm of torque under the bonnet. I have xDrive, which seamlessly turns car into corners it does the job in a safely manner note how nicely can the car be controlled I have my boys here to show me whether we can dance around here a bit or not and we can dance around as much as we need! Back wheels steering and xDrive setting is awesome, and again pushes limits of an SUV further. At least closer to Cayenne and Stelvio. Answer to the question whether X5 stays a BMW in the steering and handling it does. It can’t be denied. It reminds me of Stelvio. Maserati Levante was more neutral. Beautiful! I recon, also if I step on it on this gravel… What is this?? People! This is something the old X5 couldn’t do it just couldn’t. This is absolutely beautiful! Good, hope didn’t undo the tires from disks. All the time we were contemplating whether the sport sound of the diesel engine is only in the speakers but listen I’ll switch it in comfort it goes also from the back I’ll switch to sport There is some rumble head after all! At least somewhere back under the car. Now let us show you what is not BMW-like in the cockpit. This enormous engagement ring, for example… and semi touch-button interface of iDrive. Out of my respect to Jozef Kaban I will not dare to claim this is the piece of Czech crystal he brought with him to BMW, but the truth is the surface doesn’t hold fingerprints. There’s one last thing to do: to open X5’s 13th gate aka Pandora’s box of off road driving. The biggest X5’s weakness so far was probably off road, xDrive was set to driving on roads and in general, competing SUV were adjusting their ride height adjusting to driving in terrain, X5 not so much, so in BMW they decided to change it. That’s why we have a special offroad mode here, which when engaged like this puts car into gravel mode electronics change behavior throttle changes response the ride height grows by 2 cm but because there are rocks on my way to cabin I switch to “rocks” in this case the car is lifted by 4 cm altogether same way throttle response changes and I hope the fancy front bumper will go over the drain and that I won’t scratch anything it is very complicated surface her good good so far there was no wheel spin now I’m deciding which way to go I could get stuck in the mud over there. I mainly want to see if the xDrive will not think twice applying torque to one wheel than another and than a third one like it used to do off road, it always had the “on road” profile. Ok, I will stop in the worse spot here, can I look around? But I see well forward, I see well… there’s should be enough space to pass next to the…. It’s wet, there are damp leaves and the car does not hesitate at all I’ll try to make it harder I’ll reverse a bit deliberately It slides, it slides, Rasto! Well, now the ride height would probably be not enough to go over that rock, so I’ll go on this side. Now my right side is probably completely in the mud oh my 🙂 When gentlemen from BMW start to elaborate off road it probably does work Now I’m curious how will it cross axles in this wet I have a spot here but on it’s muddy I don’t keep my hopes high I’m on the tires’ limit But, you can see it from outside whether the wheels hesitate, I’m curious what the xDrive does at the moment whether it spin the wheels continuously or it hesitates… But it seems it goes continuously I knew this would be a pickle here This is wet grass, one can’t do anything about it. But in my opinion this drivetrain works very differently now. It’s slippery, you know. You see the difference It is slippery, indeed. I rather turn around It works, it works hard, it does. Let’s try hill descent control I have to activate it, let’s see how will it break I’m curious how it will do on this slippery surface It break, it breaks you can hear it Ups, haha, good, good Maybe with it I will be able to go down the sliding grass, you saw it’s a hell Now it’s about the tires I’m satisfied with it Like experienced hill climbers use to say: The way up is less than 50% I hope it won’t accelerate it here by itself and I won’t go like on sled Because what I’ve done here? I slipped here over on the way up and made it slippery… The hill descent works well Now I will slide down I need to realize panicking won’t change anything now Simply, I have to give up control of the break pedal I rather have to try to steer On the way up it was easy: either it goes or it doesn’t. I want to chose this way if I’ll make it in time because overe there there’s a tree, should it go south I’m going to avoid this rock I would probably never take X5 on a place like this It does it well, even now when it kneeled down ABS set for off road should now work over 10 km/h so let me speed up Super!!! This is the coolest thing! Because they say the ABS has different setting for off road in X5 But I didn’t expect such effect! You see, it doesn’t interupt too much, just a little. It just… It leans and push the material in front of the tires It is great, I will show you how it did See? Good! I didn’t fall in love with this jewelry and neither with new face of iDrive but the fact xDrive on mud moves all wheels together right away surprised me nicely. Therefore, don’t leave out the off road packet from extras Despite big kidneys and lots of electronics there was no other BMW X5 that would give so much driving pleasure before. And let’s be honest, that’s what probably matters the most…

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  • SUPER VIDEO! Parádna kára! Určite dalsie auto.
    S tým váhaním xDrive, pri E70 X5 som skoro takto zapadol v zime po ceste z lesa 😀 Nebolo mi všetko jedno.
    Inak čo sa týka motora, 30d je fajn, ale po 140kmh potom uz je to take nemastne neslane. Odporúčam aspon 40d

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    Tiez ma mrzi ze ste uplne rezignovali na porovnavanie aut. Mate skusenosti s novym Touaregom, Q8, Q7 ale ani zaboha ich ani slovne neporovnate, aby ste si nedajboze niektoreho importera nepohnevali. Mna napr. zaujima ci ma X5 podobny problem s odozvou na plyn ako novy Touareg ci Q8. Namiesto toho tvori polovicu testu donemoty sa opakujuce krizenie naprav a terenne vlozky u aut, ktore v terene nepreziju ani 1% svojho zivota. Robite testy, alebo len show?

    Prihovaram sa tiez za navrat odporucania na konci testu kupujem-nekupujem. A idealne by bolo keby ste v pripade verdiktu nekupujem vysvetlili ktore auto v danej triede by ste kupili. Dakujem.

  • Za mě test naprosto o ničem! Dozvěděl jsem se, že to auto jezdí do kopce, z kopce a jde s ním udělat smyk. Pokud bych si chtěl novou X5 porovnat s ostatními konkurenty na trhu, tak jsem se vůbec nic nedozvěděl. Zlatý!

  • trochu ma ten test sklamal. 99 zo 100 majitelov nikdy nepojde na tom aute do takeho terenu. skor by ma zaujimali “obycajnejsie” veci, ako jazda mestom, jazda po dialnici, co to ohladne servisnych intervalov, kvalita zakladnych sedaciek, co janv zaklade, na com bmw setrilo … skratka prakticke veci. na x5 asi iba malo kto pojde driftovat v zakrutach … pacil sa mi postreh o vyhlade a ukazanie rozmerov auta na parkingu. rasto, mal si ho dat soferovat zene, co jazdi na starsom modeli x5 aby povedala svoje laicke postrehy …

  • 🙂 nie je to až také zlé 🙂 no vrchol krásy, elegancie a technických vymoženosti to zrovna nie je, ale svoje kritéria splna 🙂

  • Rasto hezke svatky, tobe, a cele tve rodine.hodne moc zdravi, stesti a do noveho roku zase poradny kary do super testu, ktere umis udelat jen ty a samozrejme Šulko! ste borci!

  • Auto super, test uplna tragedia, sorry ale tento chlap to robi dost dlhy cas na to aby to malo ako taku uroven. Evidentne sa snazi robit videa formou "live freestyle" ale aj to sa da robit uplne inak.. fakt sa divim ze ho chce niekto do tych aut posadit a spolupracovat s nim. S kratkou pripravou by som to urobil 10x lepsie a zaujimavejsie

  • Dobrý deň, Rasto, akú hĺbku brodenia vo vode vyhlasuje BMW za X5? Je to lepšie ako Q8, Q7 na off road X5? S pozdravom, dobrým videom testom, super robotom, lajamským a subscribe.

  • šířka 2m bez zrcátek je akorát pro tažení vleku i když karavan ma 2,2cm tak zrcátka tak jako tak potreba. 13:30 tady mět obuté hruhé gumy napr BFG KO2 tak se vyhrabe o mnoho s vetsi rezervou.

  • aky ma zmysel priplacat za exhaust system ked tam je zakladny diesel? Tie zadne cierne okna tiez ako taxikar… ach boze..da sa povedat, ze s normalnymi vecami sa da auto kupit za cca 75tisic.

  • Je logicke, ze kazde jedno testovane auto je vychvalene oproti predoslej generacii, no mna by zaujimalo v takom pripade aj porovnanie face to face. Ak by sa stara X5 nevystverala na zablateny kopec, preco si to neoverit? Dajte obom modelom rovnake pneu, pod pionierskym slubom rovnako narabajte plynom a volantom, a potom hodnotte, ci je realny rozdiel na trati v zmene systemu. Toto nie je myslene v zmysle ze neverim Rastovym skusenostiam, ale porovnat sa da iba vtedy, ak maju obaja rovnake podmienky, toboz ak ide o udavanu zmenu neviditelnej elektroniky. A k ostatnym castiam testu, klasika, viac show s cielom uputat zabavou jazdenim ako recenzovat auto samotne. Nevytykam, kazdy ma svoj styl, no tento je pre oddych a pobavenie, neposluzi ako rada pred kupou. A mimochodom, ano, na podvozku je reproduktor 🙂

  • To je jako test toto ? To s toho sudim ze to je auto na piču velka kurva co zere jak tang a ked od toho neco v terene chces ani kokot za mna jednoducho povedane na piču

  • close to an audi Q8, that offers the same trunk and more space on the rear seats, the X5 looks 5-7 years older to the audi. Also, the bmw is likely more expensive to run because the mild hybrid Q8 offers a great MPG on this category (also offers, dual pane glasses, B&0 3d hi-fi and a lot more features than this X5).

  • Rasťo ten asisten zjazdu pouzivat pri manuali so zaradenou jednotoku alebo nechat neutral. Funguje aj pri neutrali…

  • Ja kedže nemám 70 000 na túto krásku, tak som si zadovážil X5 E53 síce so slabším motorom, ale tiež vie v športovom móde čarovať na ceste. Veľmi pekný test a dúfam, že raz aj táto nová X5 bude parkovať popri tej už pomaličky dôchodkyni.

    P.S. tie tvoje hodiny by mali dať do reklám na novú X5… 😀

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