BIG BUD Tractor 🚜 Restoration – Part 4

BIG BUD Tractor 🚜 Restoration – Part 4

welcome back guys this is part four of
the big blood restoration series we’re making good progress there’s still a ton
to do so sit back enjoy the ride find out what leg arms is up to he’s
been working his cow why don’t we doing basically we have a mess
I’m organizing doesn’t look like it but trust me it’s organizing I’m cutting out
a whole bunch of wiring that’s been put in here throughout the years we don’t
need anymore or three soldering or fixing connectors or hanging it all up
so you don’t really see it it’s tucked underneath there as long as it works I’m
happy well I’ve been walking around for the
past five minutes trying to find every excuse I can’t not do this hood but it’s
time so I’m gonna take all the decals off and start sanding this baby down and
it’s gonna be fun does this look faded to you guys by any
chance look at that that’s the original color I took a bracket off that was
original and that’s what it is now Wow yep
nothing’s lightning Shaw I took a while that’s fun or what I’m glad that’s over
now just needs washed couple holes patch it’ll be good to go we got new hydraulic
filters flag arms are still working hard on the hydraulics underneath here he’s
getting close we’re wrapping it up and I got the new screen we’re gonna put it on
but it’s two and a half inch diameter and the original threads in there are 2
and 3/4 so we gotta get an adapter to reduce that down so when that happens I
can put screen in there okay filter is on good go so something
we do with all of our hydraulic tanks after we’re done cleaning it and putting
oil in and changing screen always put a magnet in the area that the flow happens
to return catch any filings that might be coming around because contaminants
destroy hydraulic pumps hydraulic pumps can run between two and five thousand
dollars it’s a system that you don’t want to destroy so I’m gonna mount this
little guy when I say little guy is a 200-pound neodymium magnet it’s got
quite a bit of force to it you can see so I use these for my cameras they’re
crazy I’m gonna put this in there that’s gonna protect that pump police keep
stuffing on the screen it’s a good failsafe okay magnets installed I’m gonna vacuum
out that tank again wipe it down one more time put the screen in and then I
can fill it up with some oil okay it’s time for oil alright guys I got 40 gallons in there
so far she still needs more so I’m getting this tank once closer to 60
gallons but we’re gonna keep putting buckets in I’ll get it pretty full got
to leave some room in there because there’s always time when it gets warm
and expands and you fold up your implement and oils got to go somewhere
and it’s gotta go back to the tank so you got to keep room I don’t know what
he’s doing No that’s how you guys put hands on
hydraulic hoses it’s got to have a crimper like that all right there we are
I think this is the last bucket this makes sixty gallons so we’ll go a
sixty there’s still a little bit of room in here you could probably put 65
gallons in this tank maybe even 70 if you wanted to I decided one more that’s
65 gallons about 450 dollars worth of oil 70 70 gallons that’s what we put in
it I think it could take another 10 actually but uh that’s full enough the
one thing we’ve been trying to do if these tractors is put hydraulic
temperature gauge for the oil because our demand for oil is a lot more which
generates a lot more heat and heat is bad
so the tractors then originally have hydraulic oil temperature gauges so leg
arms has been working on an adapter here we’re putting the mechanical gauge
that’s why we chopped a hole in the lid there no idea is he’s making here out of
a old spent pipe bottom line is it’ll be able to take it out without taking a
whole lid off yeah we’ll see I am sure it’ll work we’re to a point where we need to wash
this thing again it’s got oil on it so we’re gonna wheel it out there and then
we can bring it back inside Jack it up take the wheels off finish sanding and
prep in the inside of the wheel wells as well as the side of this tech needs done
the cab and then next week paint come on there goes there that ought to work now to wash it all right there we go I think I got it
as good as I can get it we still got some more sand than I do but I go to
some of the oil painters like oil we’re still gonna wipe it down by hand whoa it’s empty in here well we’ll bring
it back in once it dries off we’re getting this much closer this much
closer so thanks for watching guys god bless it makes you subscribe like the
video and stay tuned for episode 5 coming your way you

100 thoughts on “BIG BUD Tractor 🚜 Restoration – Part 4

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  • Bro, magnets in oil tanks are great ideas, but would you believe the neodymium variety is your worst choice? It will work like normal until the fluid gets up to full temperature, then it will shed almost everything at once because neodymium magnets lose most of their magnetic ability suddenly at temperatures lower than normal magnets and definitely below normal oil and hydraulic fluid temperatures. The flat cheap frige magnet is probably best, it has plenty of surface area and you don’t need lots of pull to hold on to the tiny stuff your trying to grab with it, manufacturers use them still to this day because their magnet strength has such little fluctuation over a large temperature range. I’m sure you seen em in tranny pans before. Just food for thought.

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