4.0L Jeep Oil Pressure Sending Unit Replacement

4.0L Jeep Oil Pressure Sending Unit Replacement

Alright guys Brandon Irdi here with Tech Review by Irdi and today on cars and go fast by Tech Review by Irdi, we’re
going to change the oil pressure sending unit out on this 2001 jeep grand
cherokee. This is the 4.0 inline 6 so we’re gonna go ahead and do that here in
a few moments but we’re first we’re going to go through some tools that you
guys are gonna need so stay tuned okay guys well I mentioned before we
need a couple tools to do this job now with that in mind the oil sending unit
let me grab one here this one happened to be purchased off eBay but it is a
Mopar part I have a part number and everything right there stamped on the
side of it and this is an OEM anyways this one came for about twelve bucks I
was pretty shocked and happy at the same time we got once the cheap because it’s
the same prices aftermarket ones if not what the second thing you’re going to
need is at twenty seven millimeter or one in 1/16 socket deep socket wrench
this one happens to be an impact socket wrench I got this one here from Harbor
Freight for about five bucks locally can pick these up for about twelve to
nineteen dollars depending on the quality of tool now this bit on this and
the oil pressure on the side with oil filter and I’ll show you that in a
moment but it sticks out via just walk like
this over on this side here hang out like this like that actually cuz the way
the harness attaches to this this has thread lock already on it but anyways
we’re gonna set one one sixteenth or twenty seven millimeter it closes in the
gap very tightly there but it’s deep enough to where it’ll go over the
connector spot of the sending unit so go ahead and you’ll see how tight that fit
is right there and it is snug as a bug in a rug everything’s in there it
shouldn’t break or anything as long as it goes on evenly I’ll show you how far
down this enemy that is so this is a little bit of a beast to get into but it
is literally you get a good shot of it if you can see
the point of it it is literally this wire here is connected there it is so
you can see the connector right there that’s how far down it is you got to get
that socket on there take it off there’s usually a red locker pin that
goes across that you just got to push it this way and it pops out just a little
bit and then you can pull this off this one’s been damaged previously because
this is a rebuilt engine so it’s missing the locker on there and I’m not going to
go through just replacing that if I need to it’s pretty snug as it is and it
hasn’t disconnected so otherwise in that I’ll do something else to a fix it okay
so the first thing we’re going to do here and I apologize for the reflection
coming off of the transmission stick there we’re going to pull the old one
off and you actually got a deep press a button down here here we go here’s the
button here okay I got my connector often as you can see it did have space
for where the old pin was get back here a little bit where the pin was and it is
no longer there used to go right through that section there anyways don’t know
what happened that it’s just been my egg okay next we’re gonna get down in here
and use the socket to get off sending it from the block okay got the socket on
here go ahead with a small wrench see if we can get it going okay yeah I went off nicely and it would
look like it might be easy to get from the bottom but it’s really easier from
the top it looks congested but trust me once you get your arm down in here I
could probably just hand tighten this up or loosen this off now yes yeah it doesn’t really indicate too much
there but whatever I’ve been having a problem at first it used to drop down a
lot for my wife when driving and after that situation
it went from forty to eighty psi get me some light in here I can’t see the hole now you’ll want to do this finger
threading first you want to make sure this is all the way on you want you
don’t want to break the connector take your time patience slow if you feel
resistant it’s probably because the thread lock is doing its job it is a dry
thread lock so you go kind of push it away as the threads collide you don’t
want to feel as anything snap now what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna finish up
taking this and or view what we did I’ll go ahead and connect it up to the system
now at this moment here I don’t have the battery disconnected since I had the
sensor unplugged but I would behoove you to and disconnect both terminals just to
be on the safe side let the ECU and everything reset once you start idling
again alright guys unfortunately what happened was we had a bad storm right
through here at the last minute so I had to duck and cover now let’s go ahead and
reattach the battery sounds like the Halloween stuff going I
just wanted to get there that one’s very bad it’ll be a replacement later anyways
this is only get past me kind of situation and let’s go ahead and turn on
our power alright your minutes here I’ll just go ahead and
start it up for you guys all right with all said and done here let’s get inside
and start this up now before my pressure indicator would go all the way up to 80
I should have filmed that but I was in a rush to get this done before the storm
and that kind of came through anyways and it would go down to around 60 area
when I get high RPM’s going before shifting or whatnot the lack of power
was there obviously too because either pressure was really indicating too high
or just off so bad that god knows what it really was I didn’t use a mechanical
pressure to check so let’s give it a startup okay it’s a transmission that’s not good at
all but anyways looks like the pressures back to normal and I think we’re back in
operation so I’ll just take it for a little test spin here in a few minutes
let it learn it’s idling process again should be around 900 rpm on this and
that’s showing about right so this is Brennan re with tech review by RT and
just a little roadside fix real quick for the old 4.0 leaders that are out
there and although this is a 2001 this oil pressure center unit is pretty much
GM there’s a lot of vehicles out there that have this and a lot of years it’s a
very common common one out there but you always want to check because the
threading might be a little different or something like that otherwise Annette I
thank you guys for watching please subscribe and share out the video to
others so they can learn as well this has been tech review by RT with Brennan
urkki signing off

29 thoughts on “4.0L Jeep Oil Pressure Sending Unit Replacement

  • Would this cause the gas mileage to drop ? My check gauge light has come on n off recently and ,y mileage keeps dropping, code is coming up p0523

  • Thanks a bunch saved me a lot of money. 37 for the Mopar part, 15 for the socket and 1/2 to 3/8 adaptor and made the clip easy as I couldn't see what was going on as mine was upside down. 🙂

  • So I have a question, I have a 1 1/16 socket and it fits the NEW sensor perfectly but isn't snug enough for the current one. Any idea what size it might be? A size lower?

  • As your description indicated this is a switch (at 50 sec. in your video). I suppose to fool the public auto manufacturers put a fake gauge on the dash and a switch on the engine. A true pressure sending unit will read true pressure if attached to a real gauge. My 2010 F150 has the same type of setup. It could as easily be hooked to an idiot light. Hard to believe but check it out.
    A real sending unit and gauge with very all over the place when the engine is at different temperatures and RPMs.

  • My sister has a 2001 Grand Cherokee and she has low to almost no oil pressure when idling. Could you do an oil pump video?

  • I have this jeep and I just started having oil pressure issues after my oil change and whenever I start her up for the first timd (trying out Rotella T6, lot of Jeep owners seem to run this oil in the 4.0L) at first I thought the heavier weight oil was causing the oil pressure to peg at 80 since I switched from 10w30 to 5w40. But if anything my pressure should have been lower on first start up because its thinner in the cold than the 10w30. Then I would turn her off and start her up again and she idled right at 40psi no issue and only rises to 60 when accelerating. This video was really helpful and will help me replace my likely faulty pressure sensor. Thank you sir

  • I got a 96 cherokee 4.0, sometimes the oil pressure randomly drops to 20 psi at idle, not that worried because it goes back up to 40 when the rpm increases, i changed the sending unit and oil pump, but no luck, do you think the bearings are just worn? it’s got 164k miles

  • This video was a life saver. Lost seal nearly completely in auto parts store parking lot. Watched this video, swap out was a breeze. Thank you so much!

  • Thank you! I looked up so many that offered a how to on this, but they were a let down. Your video definitely gave me the right ability to do it myself. Thank you!!

  • It is NOT 27mm socket buddy, it's 26. Thank you for the video, but you made me get the wrong one and had to go through sweat and tears to screw it in.

  • Hi Ernie…NOW I Know WHERE the Oil Sensor IS Located…Could NOT had Found IT Without THIS: "Video of Yours'…Good Health to You and Your Family…Respectfully…Ted K..

  • Advice to YouTube shade tree mechanics. Just get to the point. We don't need a detail of everything you've done the last week to take a part off. If people aren't smart enough to locate the kind of tools they need, then they should not be working on their own machine.

  • Serious situation. Due to all kinds of BS, I live in my Jeep Grand Cherokee. I'm overheating & my oil pressure drops to nothing while idling. My oil looks normal on the dipstick, but the coolant is frothy with orange chunks. I can still start & drive short distances but restarting it when it is still hot is rough & it runs horrible until it gets it's juices flowing. I'm about totally broke. So when I drive this thing into the lake should I rig it to blow up before I hit the water or after? And how many shots do I take to go asleep without knowing what happened before I arrive in Hell? Some people say Lucas Oil in the oil will save me. It should be noted, I also have almost no mechanical ability and no tools.

  • I replaced the oil sensor but my gauge still drops to zero sometimes or shows maxed out. Not sure what to try next. Should I have cleaned out the plug-in side somehow?

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