[카가이] 쿠페형 SUV, 중국서 2천만원이면 살 수 있다는데?

[카가이] 쿠페형 SUV, 중국서 2천만원이면 살 수 있다는데?

Hi, CarGuy subscribers, I’m Ki-Yeon, the manager of Chinese content. Last year, in the Korean auto market, SUV sales reached about 40%. SUV sales in China accounted for 40 percent of all car sales. Its popularity is increasing day by day. So for today, I’d like to introducethe Coupe-type SUV in China. There is also a saying that, It has all the disadvantages of SUV and Coupe. But once you start driving it, you can’t switch to another car. This is the reason why there are so much fans for this car. A typical example is BMW’s X6. First released in 2007, This is the beginning of the Coupe type SUV. In fact, Ssangyong’s Actyon was the origin of this market. It was released in 2005 two years earlier than the X6. At the time, this steep lupine was the only way to go. It’s a bit unconventional,
and it was criticized as a ugly car. In Korea, at the 2019 Seoul Motor Show, Samsung showed XM3 on the market. It will be released as the first domestic coupe-type SUV since Actyon. The shape of the front is similar to QM3 and QM6. The whole picture is like BMW’s X4. Similar to Benz’s GLC coupe, It is highly anticipated. In fact, in China, there are already a lot of
native brands selling these designs. I’d like to introduce the three hottest cars in Chinese SUV market, in the first half of this year. From design to performance, Let’s take a look for each of the characteristics. The first one is XingYue, of Geely. Geely is a brand known for its acquisition of Volvo. With about 1.5 million cars sales in 2018, it ranked 4th among car sales in China, and this is the top among Chinese brands. And Xing-Yue, the coupe-type SUV from Geely car, had a lot of interest even before it is released. It was officially launched on May 10. It’s designed as a subcompact SUV, with CMA which is a collaboration platform with Volvo. The price is about 23 million won(KRW).
(Sold at 37 million won.) For its design, It had the spreading line shape, the family look for Geely. It’s called, “Space concept” with a design grille. Giving young and sporty feelings, the outermost part is surrounded with a red line. The grille is connected to both headlights. Attach black logo on it, that is inspired by “ego” and “self.” It was said to represent the spirit of Geely car. For the first time, it didn’t attached a traditional logo. At the side of the body, The fastback line is even more stressed out. Also, black frames are used on the windows. With a 5-spoke black tire
it looks even more fancy. The rear part is also simlilar with BMW’s X6. For sports model, it has four exhaust outlets on each side. Stressed on motility. The interior is very much different from the existing Geely cars. You can see it has changed a lot. First of all, the instrument panel will be able to stretch both sides. Based on the design Connected the instrument panel with the center display. Here, the center fascia is slightly leaned against the driver so that drvier can operate easily even while driving. and by putting shading effect on air conditioner vents, It’s has a three-dimensional visualization. You can also adjust the wind angle conveniently. The car is also capable of level 2 autonomous driving. Equipped with the smart parking system for electric vehicles, Pre-crash prevention, lane change assistance, and advanced safety specifications, including blind spot monitors. Plus, 9inch Head Up Display, Facial Recognition ID system, Adaptive Lighting Snoopy, Bose Audio, etc. It is convenient as well as a luxury import car. The power unit is equipped with Volvo’s 2.0 T5 turbo petrol engine. Full power output 238 horsepower with an 8-speed automatic transmission can exhibit maximum torque of 35.7 kg.m. Except for 2.0T there are also eco-friendly models based on a 1.5T engine. There are two versions, 48V hybrid and plug-in hybrid. This 1.5-T engine was developed by Geely and Volvo. This matches the 7 speed dual clutch transmission. The second one to introduce is the Haval F7x of the Great Wall Motors. The second one to introduce is the Haval F7x of the Great Wall Motors. At the end of November last year, the Great Wall motors, China’s top SUV maker has released “Haval Fx”. Following H6, it’s a sensational hit, sold over 57,000 cars in the first five months of its launch. Thanks to its popularity, it came out with the Coupe version of F7
: Haval F7x. By improving AI system from the H-series
gained polularity among the youngs. Especially to note, the network system in the vehicle. Like CarPlay and CarLife, It can be connected with a cell-phone. By using apps in phone, you can use navigation and voice recognition, and other variety of features. Moreover, including Level 2 self-driving function, Adaptive cruise control, lane keeping, semi-automatic parking, etc. A variety of driving aids have also been added. Overall design is similar to F7, but the back is slightly lower. This is the fastback style.
(30mm lower than F7.) The two vehicles can be also compared to BMW’s X3 and X4. If you look at the exterior design, it’s like a coupe with its dome-shaped roof design. LED lamps looks like a star in the night
have been connected to the radiator grille. Also, the fog lamp is decorated with a C-shaped chrome. Looks even more luxurious. At the sides, it is said to be designed according to the golden ratio. The interior design is not much different from the F7. Little bit more details on design by the younger trend. As with the F7, the interior is inspired by a driving seat of the plane. two-tone sheets, using red and black. Applied a dashboard of auxiliary carbon fiber, and two tone using red and black. The concept is “nebula”. The electronic gear levers and a large 9 inch center screen, with variety of colors, represent the outer rings of a planet. The F7x is a subcompact SUV. A seven speed dual clutch transmission is applied from 2.0 and 1.5 turbo engines. Max power output of 2.0T is 197 horsepower. (The maximum torque 35.2kg.m.) Even, cost-effective. The price is between 20 million won and 27 million won (KRW). Finally, the CS85 Coupe of Chang-An motors. Following Geely, Chang-An ranked the third for Chinese car sales last year. The CS Series, the SUV line, is well known for Chinese. Among them, CS85 coupe was released in March and sold at 23~28 million won (KRW). With its subcompact SUV size, Sold in two models, 1.5T and 2.0T Petrol. For 1.5T engines, the maximum power output is 178 horsepower, combined a six-speed automatic transmission. For a 2.0T engine, the maximum power output is 233. matched with Japan’s AISIN (AISIN) 8-speed automatic transmission. The exterior looks are like the latest family look of Chang-An. The shape of the grill is like a butterfly wing. Radiator grille with long horizontal chrome decorations, are connected to the front bumper and the LED light together. It’s like a giant butterfly. In fact, as you can see from the last version, They remind me of Lexus alot. Now, it seems hard to say so as it
seems to have their own style. At the side is like a coupe SUV. Features dome-shaped roof shape. Falling sharply right after the B-pillar. The loop line and the lateral line of 3D flexion, It’s quite impressive. And the penetrating lamp on the back is
designed following the latest trends. Four exhaust outlets make the car even more sporty. Inside, also the design of Chang-An’s family look. You can select black monochrome sheet or
two-tone sheets in red and black. And here’s a 10.25-inch horizontal instrument panel. Full-screen 12.3-inch central display has a buttons for convenience. Just like the vehicle mentioned before, I can see a lot of specifications. Seats and automatic parking functions with heat and ventilation. 64 color LED mood lamps, air purification systems, adaptive cruise control, etc It even created a pleasant driving environment. Plus, BOSCH’s 9th-generation ESP system and the anti-lock brake system ABS, and ASR to prevent the vehicle from spinning. In China, there’s already a lot of coupe-type SUVs. while there are no models like this at Hyundai and KIA. But according to recent news, KIA is planning to release Coupe-type crossover SUV within three years. Starting with Renault Samsung’s XM3, which going to be released next year. I am looking forward to the Coupe-type SUVs in Korea. I’ll be back with even more interesting stories. Thanks for watching 🙂

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  • 볼보 범용 플랫폼을 사용했을테니 기본 이상은 하겟지..볼보를 인수했으니 지리자동차가…

  • 와.. 지리 싱위에 정말 이쁘네요. 르노xm3인가? 출시되면 구입할까 대기중인데.. 이정도 차량에 2천 중반이면 이차 사고 싶긴하네요.
    볼보랑 기술공유가 되었다면 현기보다 더 믿을만 한것 같네요.

  • 이런차가 국내에들아와야지 뭐 중국에서 잘팔리지도 않는 켄보같은 차가들어오니간 안되는거아녀 가성비면 가성비 디자인 존내 맘에드네

  • 와 성장세 무섭다….디자인 보소…. 돈이 없음 이런 디자인도 못만든다…일반자동차 페이스리프트만 하는것도 상상이상의 엄청난 비용이 드는데…..

  • 근데. 싼이유. 재질이. 안좋을듯. 싼티 가.?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. 디자인은. 괜찬지만. 재질이 좀 ㅋㅋㅋ 고급재질인데. 싸게. 팔까. 적당한선에서. 팔지

  • 뭐야 이젠 중국이 차더잘만들고 싸자나
    현대는 gv80을 6천부터 팔아먹으니
    세배는 비싸네 ㅋㅋ
    도대체 얼마를 처남겨 먹는거냐 현기는

  • 중국은 그냥 가성비말곤 답없음 세금 조오오오오온 나게 붇히고 나오면
    '그가격에 국산차가 더 낳다' 이말 나올듯 ㅋ

  • 여기 글남긴 분들 우물안에 개구리군 15년에서20년전 중국 자동차 인줄 아네요 말레시아 국민차 등 프로톤 인수 그리고 로터스 주주 기술인수 쌍용 인수 미국 라밍카 인수 벤츠 다임러 지분 최대주주 기술인수 볼보 인수 등등 수많 나라 최고기술을 거이다 인수해서 기술 안정성 등등에 한국자동차 몇배는 좋타고 보면됨니다 한 2022년에서 2025년 되면 세게적인 차동차시장을 확보하겠죠

  • 그렇게 싸고 가성비가 좋으면 미국, 유럽에서 난리나지. 미국 유럽에서 마구 팔릴때쯤 관심 가지면 되는거다. ㅋㅋㅋ 중국 밖에서 안팔리면 이유가 있는거다. ㅋ

  • 중국차 무섭게 발전하는건 맞는데 울나라에선 팔아먹긴 아직 멀은듯.. 켄보만봐도 싼타페급이 2천만원인데 ㅋㅋㅋ망하고 단종

  • 좀알고 애기하세요 르노삼성은 프랑스르노자동차 회사입니다
    삼성자동차을 르노가 인수하면서
    한국시장 정착을 위해 삼성이라는
    이름을 로얄티을 주면서 쓰는거고요
    그 계약도이제 얼마안나마서 제계약을 할지 아니면 르노자동차로
    갈지 모름 우리나라 자동차는 아니에요 알고좀애기하세요
    이분 두산도우리나라 회사지
    아는거아냐? 대주주가일본인대

  • 설마여기 댓글다시는분들 르노삼성이
    우리나라자동차 회사로 알고있는건

  • ㅋㅋㅋ 이젠 흉기차가 중국차를 라이벌로 봐야한다 독일차가 옆집 친구니.!? 흉기차는 딱 중국 차랑 동급임 ㅋㅋㅋ 크기 옵션만 보는.호구들 중국 보고 가성비 타령하며 부심부리며 구입하것내 ㅋㅋ

  • 우리나라에서 저게 먹힐것같은가.. 안먹히니까 안만들지.. 쿠페형 suv를 살사람은 돈많은 중산층 30대 정도일텐데 서민층은 차량 한대로 모든걸 만족시켜야 되는데.. 저렇게 뒤를 깎아 버리면 아무래도 물건이 적게 들어가는거야 뻔하고 그냥 모양이 이쁘다는것빼고는 뭐가 한국 소비자 마음에 들수가 있겠냐 이말이야.. 한국 서민 소비자는 모아니면도 세단 아니면 suv다.. 해치백도 안팔리는데 무슨..

  • 모델도 좋지만 내구성과 안전.제일 중요한 as가 관건일텐데 마냥 디자인만 좋다고 광고만 전하는게 보기 않좋네.

  • 중국인데요,星越(씽위에) 실제로 매장서 봤는데
    좋은차에요~가격대비 가성비좋고 디자인 죽입니다, 그리고 하발은 중국에서 인기 좋은차인건 맞는데 잔고장이 조금 있는편이라
    서민층 아니면 비추천 하는차입니다,
    같은계열 회사차로 WEY라는 차가 있는데 디자인은 정말 이쁜데요 고장으로 워낙 유명하고 중고매물이 엄청나게 나오는 중입니다
    그리고 창안에 cs시리즈도 요즘 잘 나오는
    차이기는 한데요 지리와 창청(하발)에 비해서는
    아직 디자인 면에서나 여러가지로 뒤처져있는
    차입니다,요즘 중국차 수준 엄청나게 높아졌답니다, 한국에서는 상상도 못할 옵션이나 디자인이 난무합니다 ㅎ

  • 미국의 JD 파워품질조사표에 보면 중국산 자동차 브랜드 대부분은 품질 순위가 하위권입니다. 만드는거 자체야 요즘 상향 평준화 되어서 겉모습은 어떤 개발도상국가에서 돈주고 디자인해도 저정도 퀄은 나옵니다. 베트남도 자국브랜드 자동차도 디자인꽤 준수합니다.
    결국 차량내부 알맹이의 품질이 얼마나 가느냐인데.. 차량들 판매가격을 따져보면 왜 그차들이 가격이 싼지 알수 있습니다 제아무리 인건비가 싸다고 해도 결국 내부 품질이 아직 한국차의 수준을 따라가기는 어렵다고 보는게 현실적입니다. 애초에 품질관리가 잘안되는 중국인데.. 그럴싸한 차량이 나와도 믿을수 없는건 변하지 않죠.

  • 차라리 일본은 설쳐봤자 미국 때문에 입으로만 설치고 말지 중국 자동차 회사에 간 돈은 결국 미사일이 되어 돌아오게 되어있음

  • 현기 이거보고 긴장좀하자 요즘 가격만 엄청올리기만 하고
    세컨카로 중국차 타기시작하면 현기 차가 필요없어질듯 한다
    본차는 외제차에 세컨은 중국차로 갈듯

  • 이 차 타보면 정말 놀랍습니다, 개조시킨 볼보의 T5엔진과 아이신의 8단 변속기의 조합이 정말 좋더라고요

  • 자국에 차량제조하는회사가 있다는건 기술도 경재력도 높게평가할 수있다
    하지만 하자 책임부분 즉 A/S 에프터서비스가 아주 폭망은아니더라도 자국과 외국에서 차이가심해 불신이 쌓이면 당연히 자연스럽게 밀릴수밖에없다
    중국차가 안전등급(실제 현실박치기)이 잘나온다면 또한 A/S마저 국내기업보다 좋다면……게임은 끝났다고 봐야죠

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