Why Not to Buy a Diesel Car (Diesel vs Gasoline Engine)

rev up your engines! today I’m going to talk about diesel versus gasoline engines in your car, now in the United States, diesel engines generally have been used with big diesel trucks for quite a few reasons, they put on a tremendous amount of torque, so they’re great for pulling things and when they’re added […]

Guess the Shadow – Garbage Truck, SUV, Electric Car – Video for Children

”Guess the Shadow” What is it? Let’s choose the right vehicle. That’s right! SUV Let’s find the right truck. Of course, Garbage truck What is it? Yes, it is! Electromobile

Game Truck Atlanta Video Game Truck Party

What you are about to see is real

Reviewing Sema Cars

– What is going on, guys? Joseph from Fitment Industries, and I’m here with– – Dakota from Fitment Industries – We are roaming around SEMA 2019, and we decided – It’s amazing. – What better way to go and look at some cars first-hand and give them a quick rating. Because there are some absolutely […]

How to buy the best child car seat – Which? guide

A child car seat is one of the most important purchases you’ll make for your baby to keep them safe, so it’s crucial that you get the right one.So keep watching for everything you need before heading out to the shops. Children’s’ bodies are different than adults and far less force is need to cause […]

8802 33 Hello Kitty White 12V SUV Product Video

– Hi, I’m Lauren and this is the Hello Kitty 12-volt SUV from Dynacraft. It’s designed for kids ages three years and older, and can support two riders with a maximum weight of 130 pounds. Your little gal will feel every bit as fabulous as her favorite feline when she cruises around in this delightful […]

CDL-A Professional Truck Driving

CDL is a commercial driver’s license, and you need it in order to drive commercial vehicles. Any of the goods that you purchase anywhere in the country were brought there from a truck driver, so there’s always a demand for truck drivers. St. Louis Community College truck driving program is great. It’s probably one of […]

Truck Jokes- The Ski Jump-Ep4

There was a silence on the Hill. Like it was bad. They thought somebody died. They thought they just watched a death. Ooooh, oooh. We go do the first run and we spot this jump from the from the chairlift, and Paul’s, like I want to do that jump. And I’m like, I don’t know. […]